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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2013

The first time I ever saw him, the first day we met, I thought to myself, “that is the kind of guy I could marry, too bad he is not my type…”. Lol. Little did I know I just met my soul mate.  We were made for each other in every way.  I was not ready for a relationship when we met but he was very persistent.  After a year he asked me to marry him.  He asked me at least once a day, every day.  I always said “not yet”.  I knew we would get married but just wasn’t ready.  After asking me every day for about a year, I answered with yes.  He said, “seriously?!?”.  I said yes, I’m ready. 🙂

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: May 2009

I had dated a number of guys when I was younger and had even been engaged once before to a truly wonderful guy.  However, none of those guys turned out to be “the one” for a variety of reasons.


After I ended my first engagement, I didn’t even want to date anyone who I did not think could be the right man, because I didn’t want to waste any more of my time or anyone else’s. By that point in my life, I only wanted God’s perfect will for my life, and I knew that I could only marry the man that God had chosen for me.


Over a period of years, God began to reveal to my heart a detailed list of characteristics that I truly wanted my future husband to have, including the fact that my FH would have to love God more than he would love me, and he had to be someone whom I could trust to lead me and our future family spiritually, someone who possessed strong character and integrity, someone who had learned how to have healthy relationships with his family and friends, someone who was a strong communicator with both the spoken and written word, someone whom I would find mentally stimulating and whom I would find very attractive, and someone who had a very strong sense of humor, among other things.


When I met my Darling Husband, I quickly realized that he was the only man I had ever dated who lived up to all of those characteristics. 


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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: September 2015

Fiance and I had broken up because we had communication problems that led to other issues. A few months later, we’d had the time to get to know ourselves outside of being a couple and focus on ourselves. We began casually dating again, getting to know each other and we fell back in love. The big moment was when he came over and just hung out with my family. He’d never done that before even though I’d always wanted him to. It may seem silly, but that’s when I knew I wanted to marry him.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: November 1999

What made me know he was the one was the fact that I prayed and waited 5 years before he came into my life. My oldest daughter said to me “ma God is not going to send him to the front door”. So I sign up for a plus size dating website because I love my curves and I had no intention of trying to lose weight because the man I met wasnt happy with all of me.

Long story short, I sign up and I noticed this man had viewed my profile 3xs and I sent him a polite emailing asking him why didnt he say hi considering he did look at my profile several times.

He responded right away and he said”I was nervous because I didnt want to be rejected, he asked if I was single because I think you are too attractive to be on this website”. He thought I was on the website to amuse (bored) myself. I told him that I was single and we email each other all day and I asked if we could move to yahoo.

When we moved to yahoo we really opened up and what he said to me was exactly what I prayed my future husband would say. We had some very deep conversations and after months of talking he confessed that he knew I was going to be his wife after our first real conversation because what I said was everything he prayed his wife would say.

He proposed 1 month after that and our relationship has only gotten stronger from then to now. Our birthdays and one day apart and we have so much in common we finish each other sentences and have the same thoughts. I could send him an email and he will send me one at the same time saying the exact same thing.





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  • Wedding: August 2014

It was just a feeling the first time we met! It was if I had known him forever 

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: December 2013

Ive been in a long distance thing with my SO for a while. We skype every single day, and when we arent skyping were messaging eachother with Skype’s IM. Well, one day not too long ago, I wanted to go back to the beginning and re-read all our conversations to figure out just how we got to where we are at right now. And as I was reading I noticed something. That ever since the very first day we started talking, he has felt the exact same about me as he always has. He has always treated me with respect. He never said one unkind thing to me, always made it a point to mention how beautiful he thought I was, and was always completely sure about the fact that he loved me. Even from very early on, he knew. He never said it. But looking back, I think I always kind of knew he did. And the realization kind of struck me all at once. Ive been with my fair share of people. And never has anyone had such conviction when it came to how they felt about me. But he always has. Every time I told him about how unsure I was that this whole thing would work out, he always always said he knew it would. He told me that he was made for me. And thats when I knew.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2013

@princess-pea:  I never believed in love at first sight or soul mates until I met him.  He really does complete me.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: October 2015

Before I started dating my Fiance I was dating a very abusive man. Let’s call him Jay. I had just graduated high school and a year before had been diagnosed with clinical depression. Jay convinced me to go off of my medication (I realize now that it was a ploy to control me) and once I gave into that demand, he started pushing me in other ways. He wouldn’t let me hang out with friends without him, and then not at all. I couldn’t go to school. I had to come over to his house after work/school every day. I had to stay up late and watch the sunrise with him all the time. J was just overtaking my life and I didn’t realize it.

Four months later I met my now Fiance while at work. When Jay heard about him, he immediatly tried to get me to quit. I refused, and Fiance and I started getting closer and hanging out more often. Things with Jay and I were unwraveling quickly as I was beginning to realize how f’d up our entrie relationship was.

To make a very long, sad story relatively short, Fiance ended up kissing me in his car one night after taking me home from a work event. I told Jay and he totally flipped out. He threw me, threatened me with a chair, and stole my phone to call Fiance.

I was crying my heart out, stuck at his house (he had picked me up, another one of his manipulation tactics), he was being violent and now he was sceaming at Fiance over the phone. Suddenly I hear FI’s voice come through the line saying, “Jay, look at HER. She is CRYING. Stop worrying about me and take care of HER!”

I fell in love with him at that moment. I knew he was the man I wanted to, I deserved to, be with for the rest of my life.

Phew. Now I’m crying, lol.

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: October 2015

I think it was several weeks in when I had a HORRIFIC day. At the time we were in a short-distance relationship– usually a 90 minute drive w/o traffic. Well… LA being as it is, when I got a late start one Friday it ended up taking me 2.5 hours to get to his place. Then I had to carry all this crap up to his apartment because it was near Thanksgiving and I was going to cook. 

So… I got up the stairs carrying at least 50 pounds worth of crap and I was SOOO mad. Not at him… just at life. I was cold and annoyed and he was being clingy and so freaking sweet. I hated him. LOL 

We sat on the couch and after about 20 minutes of silence and cuddling I felt SO good. It felt totally different and I realized every other man I’d ever dated would have started a fight. He would have seen me being cold & bitchy, said something rude and a fight would have broken out. But SO is so kind and sweet and loving… he never gives me a chance to be a bitch! 🙂 I used to think “He makes me want to be a better person” was just a stupid saying… but I am and continue to strive to be better because of him.

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