What made you realize he was the ONE?

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Buzzing bee
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My fiance is also very sweet. I think I knew we had something special when I had a skin cancer spot removed just after we met and I let him put whatever cream on my boo-boo I needed. I felt very comfortable around him. He is always there when I need him (my aunt passed away recently and he simply hugged me and let me cry). We also have a lot of fun together and are both goofs. 

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Sugar bee

I’m an intuitive person and just had a feeling in my gut from the moment I met him – I knew we would play a role in each others lives. As I said to him, it’s not often that you meet someone, be they friend or romantic partner, that you click with.

Also he’s proven what an amazing support he is even more since my mother passed away.

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I think for me it’s the little things he does for me, loving my dog as much as I do, supporting everything I do, and thinking I’m beautiful even in the “ugly” moments. Someone was going through my honeymoon photos and noticed several photos where Darling Husband took photos of me taking photos and I laughed because he loves when I get excited over little things!

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Cmsatx2014:  He fixed my toilet seat. It hit me like a ton of bricks Lol. HE’S the ONE 😉 There’s a longer story but that’s the crux. He’s an amazing man!

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My fiancé is so sweet and loving. He very much balances me out. He calls me out on my bullshit and celebrates my good qualities! I realized he was the one when we were talking about my daughter going to soccer or cheer and how he didn’t have to come if he didnt want to. He just looked at me and said of course I will be there she is my daughter! I always said all I wanted was someone who makes me smile and treats my daughter as his own….and I found him 🙂

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Bumble bee

Cmsatx2014:  Aww! He sounds like my hubby! Loves me for all my faults and flaws!

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It was the weirdest thing with my guy. We met when I moved to a new city. He was neighbours with my friend. 

I didn’t think he was my type at all, skinny, geeky,  and he seemed kind of a bum (lol!). No but really, it didn’t sound like he had traveled much, his friend mentioned he worked in a kitchen (turns out that was a long time ago) and he was riding a bike, so I thought he didn’t even have a car! And trust me, you NEED a car in this city. 

So despite all that, I had a sex dream about him that night. I NEVER have sex dreams. Ever. 

He asked my friend for my number and kept hanging out around her trying to see me more. It was cute, but when he asked me out, I didn’t say yes. 

But I saw him a few more times, realized he’s just incredibly modest (read: smart, well traveled and motivated) and sweet, and began thinking about him a lot. We finally went out a couple weeks later, and I was in love with him already.

I knew this was it when a week into our relationship, I told him about a disease that I have. He told me it doesn’t change anything and held me while I cried. 

And he claims it was love at first sight for him! 

its the craziest thing to experience that feeling where you just “know” like they always say in the movies. So glad im lucky enough to have that with him 🙂 

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It was just so easy. We both made each other happy. We made each other’s lives better.  

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I knew it after a few months of being together. I was VERY ill with stomach flu and usually I need to go to the hospital for rehydration when that happens. He took such good care of me. He didn’t care about the mess that was coming out of me, he called an ambulance, helped me get dressed, cleaned me up and held my hand all the way to the hospital. That’s love. 

As for him, he told me he knew I was the one when he came over and I had baked him cookies and DVR-ed a wrestling show that he wasn’t able to watch because he had to work late. LOL. 

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Bumble bee

I was in an abusive realtionship before him. I realized he was the one when we started dating and he said that he would wait as long as it took for me to be ready for what ever the next step in the relationship was. He just wanted me to know that I had someone who cared (other than friends and parents) on my side and that he was willing to get me through the hard parts. 

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Blushing bee

I’m not sure! Haha, I barely remember him NOT being a part of my life. I was very persistent (annoying) with him and he wasn’t into me at ALL at first. I’ve never been any sort of chaser, ever! I was typically the one who would get bored of guys or shut them down. I think I just felt comfortable with him from the beginning, even as just online penpals. He’s been my “one” since the moment we established daily contact, I think.

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Early on, he just felt like he could be part of my family! I think I really knew because I feel more MYSELF around him than I have around anyone else before. How refreshing, to be able to be myself 100% – weirdness and all and have that person completely accept me. 

It seems like the goofier I act or the times when I feel like I’m saying something super dorky or awkward, he loves me even more. That is a good feeling.

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This may seem silly. Lol but he looks at me like Derek Shepard looks at Meredith Grey. So much love in his eyes! Even when I am fresh out of bed, hair all over the place, or sick…Doesn’t matter! He looks at me with that look on his face, and I just know, all over again!

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When I realised that when I picture anything in the future (kids, growing old…) he is the one I imagine it with.

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