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Worker bee

A good boss is invested in your career development and helps you grow your career. It’s good for the company as well as your industry, not to mention you. I work in the tech industry. For me, my job requires constant additional training to keep up with the pace of industry changes, so we have dedicated time at work to continue our training, and dedicated meetings where my peers and I discuss topics that improve either our learning or our workflow. 

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The number one thing for me is confrontation. I’m not talking about people who aruge about everything, but people who handle a situation openly and bluntly… They don’t wiggle around it.

My current boss screwed up the hiring process because they don’t take the time with my unit as it’s not hte most profitable. So technically, I get paid more than I should.

What happened was they put me in a temporary shift until they filled it and then I’d go to the other shift. The temporary shift is technically the managerial role so they get paid more than the other shift. It was out there in the open. I knew it, but I didn’t care. I never wanted the managerial role even it it was paid 2.50 more/hour. Anyway, they accidentally paid me the wrong wage. For a year. It took them way too long (the year) to fill the shift so I was doing the work of two people. When they hired the second staff they told me not to tell her I get paid more because they hired her in the wage of the other shift  – the wage I was supposed to get paid.

So, my manager gets paid less than me.

Not sure if that’s legal. Or, if it’s because I was technically the manager of the unit for a year and they can’t demote me when all I’m doing now is what I originally signed for.

I just thought it was super shifty the way my boss had that verbal agreement with me. THat’s when I knew I wouldn’t trust management.

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Helper bee

One that leads by example. 

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Busy bee

I believe all bosses should be leaders. I’m fortunate in that 2/3 of my supervisors have been good leaders. To me, a good supervisor is willing to help you with your work and is concerned about helping you grow in your career. 

My first supervisor was never shy about picking up the slack. If work was busy and we were struggling to finish, he used to do the miscellaneous undesirable work so we wouldn’t have to worry about it. And if we were struggling, he’d always ask what he could do to help. My only issue with him now looking back is that he was so focused on the now that he didn’t promote growth for his team. 

My second supervisor wasn’t a good supervisor. He was too buddy buddy with everybody to make sure everybody did their work. As a result, I was stuck with a really lazy work partner. 

My current supervisor is a decent even though he’s not a strong leader. It used to really weird me out how often my current supervisor wanted to talk about how I feel about my current projects and what I want to do for the future. Because of him, I was able to reprioritize my work to take all of the training I wanted to. It helps me with my current work but also will help me in moving up and away in the future. I think his willingness to do this makes him a decent leader. The only problem with him is that he’s a weak personality. He’s buddy buddy with my new trainee and I predict that once the newness of the job wears off, my trainee will start slacking. I’m not sure that my supervisor will have the gumption to deal with a bad employee. 

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Sugar bee

IMO, a good boss gives the appropriate level of direction and makes her expectations clear instead of expecting you to read her mind; strikes the appropriate balance between being a micromanager and throwing you to the wolves; keeps things professional at all times, including when she’s upset or frustrated, instead of yelling or being snarky; and is respectful of employees’ lives outside of work, barring a tight deadline or fire drill. I don’t think I’ve ever had one.

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bridesoon2 :  I teach this for a living to executives. Read everything you can on Leadership. Open door policy and get to know your staff.  Pm me if you want resources. I love this stuff. Hope this helps. 😉

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Bumble bee

I wanted to describe her by writing her name, but that’s not very helpful lol.

She lives and breathes the company; her enthusiasm is catching. She has your back. Sure you might get a bollocking behind closed doors, but in front of the customer she’s behind you every step of the way. She’s open and honest; you never feel like she’s hiding something or that there’s an ulterior motive. She’s approachable although I wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of her. She leads the company by example and she works very hard to look after us and make us feel appreciated.

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Busy bee
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A good boss to me is one who hires people to do the job excellently and allows them the freedom to do what is expected of them without breathing down their necks. Also, being approachable, direct, and transparent are good qualities as well. Oh, and understanding proper work/life boundaries!!!

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Worker bee

A good boss:

– is capabable, smart and sharp

– develops your talents

– is compassionate and encouraging 

– gives you constructive criticism 

– is never patronising, never condescending, always respectful

– cares about your wellbeing

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Worker bee

Also just wanted to add that there is a podcast called Manager Tools which has some insightful thoughts on good leadership.

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Helper bee

I agree with all of these!  One thing I also like in a boss is when he/she takes the time to get to know and understand the employees (personality, strengths and weeknesses).  Not only can this be helpful for the development of individual employees, but it is also helpful to the entire team of people when delegating tasks.  From my experience, bosses who make an effort to do this usually seem to make better workplace decisions and be more respected by their employees.  Obviously you don’t wanna be too buddy-buddy with everyone where they don’t see you as a leader, but you know, it helps when you need to be able to determine who would be the best to work on a particular project or train a new employee…or when you need to determine whether an employee needs guidance/advice vs. just is having an “off” day or frustrated and needs to be left alone.  

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bridesoon2 :  Good question!  I think a good boss leads from the front, in that they behave the way they expect you to behave.

I also think that a good boss will not ask you to do something they wouldn’t do themselves eg. work ridiculous overtime.

My last point would be that they have to be approachable.  My current boss isn’t in charge of many people, but he is always out of the office and doesn’t reply to emails if it doesn’t suit him.  Really annoying! 

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Blushing bee

I am a boss, and I often wonder if I’m a good one.  Based on these replies, I’d like to think I am! 


I can be challenging to please, because I’m really looking for employees who put in the effort.  IE if I have people on my team who slack off, browse the internet, and sneak out early/come in late, I’m going to slowly phase them out.  Fortunately, we work on short term contracts, so though I do give warnings of this bad behavior, it’s quite easy to phase you out if you don’t improve.  This is probably my weakness, because I really get fed up of lazy types quickly.  

ON THE FLIP SIDE, I love love love hard working employees.  And I do fight for them behind closed doors and out in the open.  I have a current go-getter, who works like a champ to always go above and beyond.  I’ve had talks with him about his career path goals, and I do what I can to get him training sessions with people when they’re free so he can learn more about the path he wants to take.  I’m making sure to keep his gig running long, and I’m working out a plan for his promotion.  

I do try to ask everyone their intended paths, to help move them towards it. 


I also, like to be on time and stay late.  I recall having bosses that strolled in later and left early, and while that may be a perk of moving up, it annoyed me as an employee.  I like to show my team I’m there with them in the trenches, working hard to get to the finish line.  

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