(Closed) what makes you crazy? lets face it, we all have a bag of crazy….

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Bumble bee

I can’t drink milk out of a glass or cup that’s had anything else (tea, juice, etc) in it, no matter how many times it’s been rinsed out. And I also can’t drink anything out of a glass that’s had milk in it, again, no matter how many times it’s been rinsed out. ETA: Once it’s been washed, though, that’s fine. I don’t have specific “milk only” glasses, it’s just re-using one that weirds me out.  

I count random items. Windows on a building, sections in a fence, letters and words on signs, ceiling tiles, etc etc, the list goes on and on. 

Things have to be balanced and even, and not off center. The coffee table has to be centerd in front of the couch. Candles on the mantle must be evenly spaced and grouped appropriately so that they balance one another in number, size or color, depending on the most applicable. Five pillows on the bed? Two stacked on each side, and one in the middle. Tall plant on one side of the entertainment center? There must be another, equally tall item (preferably a plant) on the other side, too. And on and on. 

I HATE a dirty and/or cluttered counter. Cleaned, wiped and dried, and everything in its place, please. 

I load my dishwasher a certain way. Specific items go in a certain place, at a very specific angle, and utensils are grouped together (knives w/ knives, forks w/ forks).

Umm, that’s about all the crazy I can think of right now, lol. 


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Buzzing bee
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Oh God, where to begin??? We have the door thing and the hair-in-the-bathroom thing in common for sure but you clean waaaay more than I do and I thought I was a neat freak. lol

Anyway, I am more obsessive than compulsive.  Things that drive me crazy are people wearing shoes in my house.  I can’t help but picture all the dog shit/piss/spit they walked through and then all those disgusting germs being deposited on my clean floor.  Also, to ward off any stray germs, I will not walk anywhere in my house, even to the bathroom in the middle of the night without my slippers.

I don’t vaccuum every day but I always bend over to pick up lint or any stray crumb off the floor.

I think that if I don’t do things in exactly the same order every morning (i.e. brush my teeth, dress, eat breakfast), something will go wrong with my day. I have to put sheets on my bed in the same order too (right and corner first and so on)

I have to pick up any penny I find (head up or not) and deposit into whatever purse I have at the time and they have to stay there or I won’t have good luck.

If I see even the tiniest thread hanging off my clothes, I have to cut it before I can leave the house and if I notice it when I’m out, I use my Swiss Army Scissors.

Every single thing has its place in the house and if I see even a coaster slightly out of place, I HAVE to fix it before I can relax. Same with every room in the house. Books are stacked a certain way too.  We had our house on the market and I could tell in an instant that someone had picked a book up and put it back only slightly wrong.

I could go on and on, of course, but really it’s all the same.  And if you’re not this way, you can never understand and vice-versa. lol

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Busy bee
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I can’t think of anything like that for my house- I just don’t have the time for it. At work? Everything has to be done in a certain order at a certain time or I get really stressed.

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@stardustintheeyes: I think if you saw my bathrooms, you would vomit and/or faint. Not that they are really dirty,  but I only do the floors once a week, and that includes picking up my hair, or the hubs if he doesnt’ get it all when he shaves.  We both hate cleanig, so its reserved for a couple hours every weekend, but that’s usually it (except doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen).

Umm, I honestly wish i was OCD with organization. I leave stuff everywhere, have months of mail that needs to be shredded/burned, and still have a couple boxes from moving in a year ago that we haven’t gone through.  I do need to organize my home office so badly, but just looking at it makes me just close the door and forget about it…

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I’ll try to think of some Crazy to post later, but I just wanted to say I’m TOTALLY with you on the bathing suit thing… and also can you come live with me? I hate hate hate cleaning the bathroom. 

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Bee Keeper
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I hate coming home to a dirty kitchen.  If I’m going to be gone all day, or on a trip, I try to always leave it clean and hope that Fiance keeps it that way!  For some reason it just stresses me out to come home to a sink full of dirty dishes.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Wow, are these considered crazys??  I thought a lot of this was totally common! 

I totally cannot put on a damp bathing suit.
I love vaccuuming and seeing the carpet lines.
I dont drink a different thing from a cup, even from like apple juice to cranberry that would go ok together.  Milk after or before anythign else??  Forget it!
If I find myself tapping my feet or fingers, I do the same on the other foot, or other hand witht the same finger the same amount of times.
I remember licences plates when I drive, and will notice when I’ve passed the same car before.
I spot vaccuum everyday if I see a single piece of dust, or crumb, or debris on the floor.

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Buzzing bee

@mightywombat: me too!!! Coming home to a dirty sink or full trashcan will automatically send me into the crazy zone.

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My Darling Husband is OCD about neatness, so I actually understand a lot of your crazy because I live with it. If I want a happy husband, I reorganize an already organized part of our apartment. He always notices immediately and gets so excited. Now that I’ve taught him how to clean, he has become OCD about cleaning too. Which is good for me because I get help cleaning without having to ask.

I’m crazy about other things. Like for example, my heart rate rises when I’m out to eat and the waitress doesn’t bring everyone’s dish all at once. I have to stop myself from walking out in a fit of rage, I get so angry because why am I paying so darn much for the ‘experience’ if they make it awkward? How hard is it to hold of on bringing out the food until all the plates are ready?

I’m also really weird about salespeople. I get super defensive and almost shut down completely when anyone tries to sell me anything. My sister used to point this out to me and now my Husband does. It’s something I’m working on, because I don’t want to be weird and scare the poor person trying to make a living.

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Bumble bee
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I’m currently trying to not freak out about the state of our apt. (SO MESSY) pre-wedding and post-dog-adoption (HAIR EVERYWHERE). I thought I’d be clever and hold off buying a vaccuum until I see if we get one as a wedding gift, but I am seriously about to break down and buy one this. weekend. because I can’t stand all the dog hair–it’s everywhere! I usually clean/dust 1x a week but I haven’t because of @^#&$ wedding stuff…the clutter is piling up…*breathe*

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Buzzing bee
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I have to say, my Fiance is waaaay more OCD than I am. He’s a clean freak. I’m embarrassed to say that he cleans more than I do! But I cook and he doesn’t so I think that makes us even 😉

I used to check and re-check my alarm clock on my phone 8 million times before I went to bed, but that’s the only crazy thing I do that I can think of right now.

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