(Closed) What motivates you to not eat junk food all the time?

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ETA: It’s saying something when the mods have to come in and close out the majority of your threads lately. Stop, just stop. Once upon a time, I felt sorry for you but I just can’t anymore. 

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MRSsrm85:  +1 seriously. You also know it is bad when one of the sweetest people on this site (@barbiestylez) is fed up. 

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Jacqui90:  you did the right thing by telling your parents… And honestly if I were in a room with them right now I would smack them For patting you on the head and saying, “there, there.”  You fucked up. You know it, I know it, and the whole darn bee know it… But they do not seem to realize that by protecting you from the consequences of your actions, they are really truly doing you no favours.  Emotionally and financially, you are about at the same maturity level as a twelve year old! Or younger! In fact, I would rather trust most of the little kids I know with my money. What is worse, you will never get better with responsibility and impulse control while your parents keep making all the problems disappear. if you spend too much money on junk food, that means you don’t have enough to pay your phone bill. If there is not that consequence, there is nothing keeping you from doing it again and again.  Your parents and Fiance don’t seem to think you can handle the consequences, and are not respecting your need to face them in order to help you grow as an adult.

I am not saying you deserve to spiral into terror and self hatred, but you NEED the consequences to kick you in the ass and drive through to you why it is such a crappy idea to take money that is not fully yours and spend it. You need to work to raise money, you need to work towards your goals, and you need to have a BUDGET. I don’t care if you are only earning $10 per week, you need to have a plan for how you will spend it on your needs. If that involves keeping all your money in jars for each expense category and only keeping as much with you in a day as you plan on spending, so be it. In some ways budgets are way more important when you don’t have enough money. 


All your problems seem to stem from the fact that nobody in your life trusts you to be a responsible adult, and let you get away with acting like a child and having no responsibility. Of course that is going to mess you up. I think you should sit down with your mom and let her read your threads – first off, as barbiestylez said some of the mean things people have said would make anyone upset and I think someone IRL should help you talk through your feelings on it… And second off, I think she loves you too much to see that the decisions she and your father have made about how they treat you and let you off the hook financially are truly the opposite of helping you grow as a person. Short term “help” in this case is really putting a band-aid on the true problems at hand. You need to take control of your money and your life, and you need your parents and fiancé to stop rushing in to rescue you so you have the ability to learn how to rescue yourself.


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Quote from Jacqui90: “I don’t agree about provoking, that isn’t why I keep creating threads. I create threads to get advice, and I update to share the changes I have made, and yes somewhat to change people’s view of me.


And therein lies the crux of the matter. All these threads, the constant replying and bumping of them, the need to ask a question about EVERY single facet of your life …all of it comes back to those highlighted words. You are desperately seeking validation, you want people to like you and tell you you’re doing the right thing and it’s a never-ending cycle. At some point, you’re going to have to accept yourself and responsbility of your life and WAKE UP.

Jacqui, you have already been banned from one internet forum despite you being told off for your behaviour many times there. You refused to leave and banning was the only thing to stop you. And the sad thing is you still read their posts about you. It’s obvious in the way you respond to threads here, almost like you’re replying to posters here and *there* e.g. clarifying the cross-trainer is an elliptical and mentioning Jane Austen. WHY in the world is being liked so important to you,particularly by internet strangers? I’m a people pleaser too but I as sure as hell wouldn’t be caught up in an internet double-world, trying to please random posters, when my life is a mess of my own making at the moment.

WAKE UP girl. Do you think by requiring validation from others, you can project blame onto them if you are not successful at your attempts at something (based on the fact that they may have encouraged your efforts)? I just don’t get it. You desperately need help and fast. Your life is frittering away and every new thread further underlines that fact. I feel sorry for you Jacqui. For your own good, get off the internet, cut the junk and get a new counsellor. 



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Hey all! Lots of flags are coming in and it’s clear this thread isn’t going in a good direction, so I am going to close for review. Thanks!

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