What mystery would you most like to see solved?

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des- :  Omg that series irked me so badly! I truly don’t believe that much blood would come from a fall but the investigation and evidence was all over the place. I definitely think she was killed and it wasn’t  an accident but it’s so hard to be sure. Even throughout the series they didn’t tell us all of the info that was presented in court.  Things would come up way later on that weren’t mentioned before. Do you think he did it? 

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9/11 is the big one for me.

Based on the documentary Loose Change, there are so many things that don’t add up. I don’t want to say I think it was an inside job, but sadly all signs are pointing to that. I hope the truth comes out one day. Not that it would actually help anyone much at this point, I don’t think. 

Some others already mentioned: 

  • Area 51 / Roswell / aliens generally
  • Bermuda Triangle 
  • Madeleine McCann 
  • How ancient monuments were built thousands of years ago, without modern technology 
  • MH370
  • Why Donald Trump always looks orange 


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The Lochness monster. Is it a thing?! I went to Scotland as a child with my grandma and stared at the lake for a whole day, sitting on a rug with snacks and my Polaroid camera waiting for it to appear. 

Clearly, years later I still have no closure and i need to move on


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Is Steven Avery innocent?

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The Princes in the Tower.  But I don’t think that one is likely to be solved.

Also, for all you true crime fans, check out a podcast called Casefile – it’s narrated by an unnamed Aussie guy and discusses murders (solved and unsolved) from around the world – it’s really good.

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hikingbride :  Sister Cathy was definitely murdered by the preist. But it’s a crazy story. In other Netflix news, the Making a Murderer mystery is fascinating to me too. And The Staircase! Netflix has some really interesting true-crime series out right now. 

This is a really long read, but so fascinating that I couldn’t stop reading: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/christinekenneally/orphanage-death-catholic-abuse-nuns-st-josephs 


And this is another one that has stuck with me for a long time: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/10/28/world/europe/tuam-ireland-babies-children.html

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Another for the Princes in the tower. Queen Elizabeth didn’t allow those bones they found to be tested so we don’t even know if that was actually them. I personally think it was Richard though. People loved his brother and the only sure way to be king was to get rid of them. But I do also wonder about Henry’s mom, she was very vindictive. 

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This thread is so interesting! I have repeats of many of these and researching others I never heard of has been a great way to procrastinate schoolwork 😂

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Where’s baby Joe?


Local to me because I live in the same TN county. Parents are in jail and refuse to say where his body is. 

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jellybellynelly :  dang 😩 Looks like maybe it was just updated yesterday?? Lmao i thought i was onto some new info!

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I know I’m kind of late to the game but…the Sodder Children Disapperances really mess with me. 

Christmas Eve 1945 George and Jeanie and their 9 kids are home. 5 of the kids are up in the attic

Around midnight the mother answers a phone call, a woman’s voice she doesn’t recognize and laughter. 

At 1 AM she wakes up to the sounds of something hitting the roof and rolling off. She goes back to sleep. 

1:30(ish) she wakes up to the smell of smoke. Her, her husband and 4 of their children escape the fire. 

The eldest runs off to the neighbor to call the fire department and they can’t be reached. The rest of the family attempts to save the 5 kids in the attics. Their ladder, normally leaning against the house, is MIA (it’s latter found 75 feet away, tossed down an embankment), their cars that had worked perfectly before don’t start and they are forced to watch the fire burn down their house with their kids inside. 

Except the bodies are never found. People report seeing the children after the fire. In 1967 the family recieces a picture of a man, 30 years old, who strongly resembles one of the missing children. 

There’s just so much to the case! Everything from the fire marshal trying to pass off a beef liver as a heart he pulled from the fire to the bones found at the site that have never been through a fire and don’t really match with any of the children. 

The offcial cause of the fire was electrical issues–though the Christmas lights stayed lit until the fire reached them, the families electrical system had just been updated and evulated, the phone lines were found to be cut, not ruined by the fire.

It’s not uncommon for people to think the kids really did die in the fire and the orginal fireman didn’t know what they were looking for–but there’s just so much weirdness about the whole thing. The more you look into it the less sense it makes. 


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Who killed Baby Julie Valentine, and who was her mother?

That story haunts me. 

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