What mystery would you most like to see solved?

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DoubleD :  I have actually researched the case online, looked at the autopsy report, testimony from family members, all kinds of other things. It SEEMED obvious that surely Michael Peterson must be guilty – that just didn’t look like a fall down the stairs, and those scalp lacerations?? But a few things still bother me, both for AND against his innocence:

– did he really have enough room to strike her so forcefully as to cause those injuries in that short, cramped, twisty staircase? I’d say, not with the type of weapon the prosecution described 

-why didn’t the police ever explore any theories about an intruder?? It seems logical they’d at least have brought this up – instead, there’s wild theories floating around about OWLS. It didn’t seem like they ever looked at anyone else.

-the coincidences in Kathleen’s death with the near parallel case from the family friend in Germany whose girls he adopted seems insane, and beyond belief  

-Kathleen was working for a company that was having trouble, and she had been looked at to be “downsized” from the company. This def would’ve caused major financial hardships to their lifestyle. Especially because he didn’t work.

-she could easily have found out he was having affairs with men, confronted him, and been murdered

The single most convincing thing AGAINST his guilt, in my mind, was the completely unwavering support of his children. They lived in that home day in and day out, and they all described an idyllic marriage. Kids def know when there’s tension between their parents, even if nothing is said aloud. They supported him 100% and you could see the toll it had on them. I found them remarkably well adjusted and intelligent. 

So…. I just don’t know. I think we’ll never know if he killed Kathleen Peterson. What do you think??

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Springfield Three. I hope some resolution to that case occurs in my lifetime. I’d also like to see some proof in the Brittanee Drexel case. 

If anyone likes missing persons stories, Disappeared on ID will long be one of my favorite TV shows. 


whytneynicole :  Not giving any kind of opinions on 9/11 being an inside job or occurring exactly as the government said, but Loose Change faces some serious criticism for its shoddy reporting and questionable conclusions. There’s a lot of material out there debunking most of the claims made. 


And yes, Wikipedia is rarely a great source, but the Loose Change Wiki page has a lot of links to other sources examining problems with the fear-mongering in that documentary: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loose_Change#Criticism

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