What no-no foods did you continue eating while pregnant?

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I cut out unpasteurized cheeses (which in the states pretty much means I didn’t eat crema or cojita when eating mexican, and double checked the fancy cheeses i was purchasing were pasteurized.  Very very rarely did I actually have to give something up as a result.)

I drink a whole lot less alcohol… like I’ll have a sip here or there, but overall it was down to almost nothing.

For the person who asked is sushi really that unsafe: you’re WAY more likely to get food poisoning from chicken than sushi.  Like, order(s) of magnitude different.  Just stick to sushi from restaurants with good/excellent health ratings and you’re fine.  Raw bivalves are an exception–raw oysters and clams should generally be avoided.  NGL I had a few oysters anyway.. but way, way, fewer than I do typically.

I try to nuke cold cuts before eating them, if I have the option.. but honestly if its whats was available I just shrug and eat it.

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Bumble bee
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I’ve eaten a ton of raw salmon throughout my pregnancy so far. I stopped eating tuna because of the mercury.

I haven’t had soft cheeses, but may indulge in some baked Brie at Thanksgiving and Christmas 😊

Never drank soda anyway. But I do always have 1 cup of coffee. Occasionally I’ll have a 2nd later on in the afternoon but that’s rare.

Ive had one sandwich (deli meats). 

I LOVE poached eggs, but I’ve limited it to only when we go out for Sunday brunch about once a month.

I had one sip of champagne at a wedding recently and felt so guilty 😳 but it was so so good

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Blushing bee
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I have heard you’re way more likely to get sick from chicken or beef than sushi! The one time I got sick at 14 weeks was from cold chicken on my Panera salad :/. As long as it’s fresh and the place is reputable. I tried to avoid all you can eats and grocery store rolls.

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Blushing bee
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Most of it is hype and stressing about it is way worse for the baby. If something is bad for you, your body will tell you. Example, I drank a glass of wine and felt so terrible, I figured maybe some preggo women can handle occasional alcohol, but not me. Eggs Benedict? You should be 100% fine  the egg still gets cooked. Smoked salmon ?  That is cured meat so I don’t see a problem. Personally for me here’s a brief rundown of ways I do not give an f:

Drink as much coffee as I want 


Deli meat

Runny eggs all the time 

Rare steak

Soft cheese 

Hot baths (I just get out when I feel uncomfortable)

Rules I actually obey:

Avoid Raw fish and raw meat (such as tartar)

I’m wary for some reason of bouillabaisse and stuff with a bunch of shellfish etc

Tuna (mercury is a neurotoxin so for now I can live without it)

Things they say are ok that I avoid:


Pretty much any medications aside my medication I have to take due to thyroid condition 


Instead of mindlessly adhering to stupid, over the top rules, just listen to your body and follow your intuition. There are plenty of things they say are safe that probably are not, like tylenol, which is obviously toxic to a grown adult liver let alone a little baby liver. I would sooner take baby aspirin even though they stupidly claim that isn’t safe ( because no studies have been done on it!) Basically I just live my pregnancy as I live my entire life, not listening to anyone but myself and following my own rules. Works great for me!

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Sugar bee
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I ate hot dogs/deli meat sandwiches when I was pregnant with my son because i honestly didn’t really know any better lol! I stayed away from raw fish and obviously alcohol but other than that I pretty much ate what I wanted 

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Busy bee
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lindsayE :  I read that too! My takeaway was that sushi and caffeine are OK, but deli turkey and unwashed veggies really should be treated with caution. Apparently limited alcohol is OK too, but I’m not a big drinker so it was easy to stay away from that.

I can handle my normal amount of caffeine until 38 weeks or so (then it starts giving me heart palpitations), eat sushi now and then, eat a lot of smoked fish, and used to eat deli meat but cut back after reading that book. I only got food poisoning once, from store bought herring – baby was fine, but neither me nor my husband can even think of buying the same kind of herring, and it’s been a few years.

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Blushing bee
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AnonBee2019 :  yes, they just eat the stuff!



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Honey bee
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Subway was my biggest craving, so lots of cold cuts.

Also, runny eggs, although i actually didn’t know they were a no no for pretty much my whole first pregnancy. Oops.

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Sugar bee
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The rules are different in all countries. In Europe we have very different food hygenie standards than in the US so some things that are out for the US are in for us. I’ve already mentioned lion marked eggs but there are other things too. 

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AnonBee2019 :  

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Busy Beekeeper
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The only thing I cut was caffinated coffee. I switched to decaf while trying to get pregnant and just stuck with it – although I did still drink coke from time to time.

Other than that I continued to eat all the things, including raw sushi, I just did that in moderation. I also continued to eat regular deli sandwiches because hot deli meat is gross. :/

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Bumble bee

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lunation :  you wanted to avoid tylenol since its toxic to an adult liver but so is alcohol, so I’m curious why you were okay with drinking a glass of wine?

 I have been pretty careful since it took us so long to conceive. I had veegatarian sushi a few weeks ago and runny eggs once. 

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Helper bee
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Currently pregnant. The only changes I’ve made are cutting down on coffee and no alcohol. Agree with PP who recommended the book Expecting Better. So many of these recommendations are based on a few (not very good) studies.

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Busy bee

I really don’t think there’s anything that WILL harm your baby, only that there’s a risk of harm, so you’re free to eat at your own discretion. I ate fish (including tuna and salmon), deli meat (although I nuked it and then cooled it if I was feeling paranoid), coffee, tea, would often take a few sips from hubby’s beer and had a glass of wine at the holidays…I had taken quite a few Tylenols during early pregnancy before I was aware that it can be harmful. Had a perfectly healthy pregnancy, labor, and baby…been almost a full year now and she hasn’t even caught as much of a cold yet. 

Not saying you should throw caution into the wind, but you don’t need to make yourself miserable 🙂 

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I had raw salmon rolls several times through my pregnancy.  My OB advised me to only eat farm raised salmon as there is a much lower chance of them having parasites.


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Busy bee

Thanks for the clarification all! One of my besties is pregnant right now and we went out to eat and she was asking a bunch of questions about the ricotta cheese with an appetizer, and my FH was like, “So if you can’t eat Ricotta, what do women in Italy do?” I was like, “huh good point!” lol! 

I just have to imagine that a lot of this is totally overblown!

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