What part of wedding planning was most stressful to you?

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  • poll: What was most stressful?
    Booking vendors : (8 votes)
    9 %
    Getting the nitty gritty details in order : (23 votes)
    26 %
    Making any type of decision : (9 votes)
    10 %
    Bridal party : (3 votes)
    3 %
    Any type of family issues : (28 votes)
    31 %
    Other ! : (19 votes)
    21 %
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    Helper bee
    • Wedding: August 2017

    namsayin :  Where is the “All of the above” option???? Hahaha As excited as I am for our wedding, I cannot wait for the planning to be over! If it’s not family drama, it’s being overwhelmed with all the little details or stressing about $$$$ or Fiance not being able to make a decision to save his life! LOL But every once in a while I get super geeked about it all and realize it will all be worth it when I say “I do” to the man of my dreams!!! Hang in there, Bee! You got lots of time! 

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    Busy bee
    • Wedding: December 2017 - Lake Louise Canada

    Having an outdoor wedding with an indoor backup is the only thing I have worried about so far, and I’m almost totally done booking and buying everything. We spent nearly $1000 on things to make people comfy during an outdoor ceremony and if it gets too cold or windy we’ll be indoors not using any of it! No idea what I’ll do with 50 furry blankets. Try to sell them? Return them? Who knows.

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    Buzzing bee
    • Wedding: April 2018

    I think it’s going to be the little details. I am also a April 2018 bride. I have all vendors booked. That was all fine. None of it bothered me at all. I think making sure the little things are in place, listening to others try to give their opinions on my wedding will get to me. 

    Not a single member of my family will be at my wedding. So win on that front. 

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    Sugar bee
    • Wedding: September 2017

    The only part I’m stressing about is creating the timeline. Want to make sure we have enough time for everything, not rushed, not waiting around, etc.

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    Sugar bee
    • Wedding: April 2017 - City, State

    Little details. Mainly decor. I have no idea how to decorate anything and I’m trying to sort out all those details now. Time crunch is on, though.

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    Bumble bee
    • Wedding: September 2017

    So far it was finding a venue!  Anything will be easier than that lol

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    Bumble bee
    • Wedding: October 2016

    Hiring the caterer. Either a more expensive one with amazing food or a cheaper one with meh food. It was hard to justify the extra money but my husband wanted the nicer one and his parents chipped in money. 

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    Busy bee

    namsayin :  I LOVE planning, and the wedding was no exception. (I also had a 20 month engagement)… BUT the ONLY thing that stressed me out was the guest list. My family is paying 100%, and my Fiance, my family and I were all on the same page as far as guest count…. but Future In-Laws disagreed. They wanted to invite 150 people and I was not comfortable having that large of a wedding or spending that much. They would make comments allllllll the time how “we should have the wedding we can afford to be able to invite all of their friends” because Fiance told them it was too exspensive to invite that many people and they would be limited to 75 guests. UGH. 

    The little details are actually my favorite part! I get joy from researching every vendor, making spreadsheets, and choosing the best option. 

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    Buzzing Beekeeper
    • Wedding: August 2016

    Dealing with my husband’s side of the guest list. His extended family was a being a pain in the ass and really annoying. People started booking flights and hotels before Save-The-Date Cards even went out, just assuming they were invited. And there was some other drama with them as well. Then at the wedding they were really rude and when we did table visits to thank people for coming they just stared at us and didn’t say anything so we just like “um, okay then” and walked away.

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    Blushing bee
    • Wedding: April 2017

    Wedding planning sucks and I’ve been dreading every minute of it.  It probably hasn’t been as bad as I was worried about, but it definitely hasn’t been fun.  At all.  Constant worry about whether or not you’ve forgotten something.  Didn’t get the bridesmaid dresses ordered in time, even though they were picked out a year ago.  People saying they can go and then changing their mind. People not RSVPing.  Dress shopping.  Weight loss stress.  Trying to figure out when to get your dress altered if you’re losing weight.  Trying to decide what size of dress to order.  Bridal dress shop going out of business before receiving dress.  


    Guest list stuff probably stressed me out the most…from who to invite, to who will come, to unnecessary “don’t invite your cousin, because some_dumb_reason”

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    Blushing bee
    • Wedding: June 2017

    So, I have to preface this by saying I have a full-service wedding planner for my first wedding. So a lot of booking vendors, etc. I didn’t really have to deal with on my own. I don’t think I ever could have done all of that on my own… But I’m a generally anxious person so certain parts of it all are really getting to me. Plus, we’re also planning our second wedding (the celebration in Uruguay where my Fiance is from and where we live and where EVERYTHING is so different), so it’s a lot to deal with.

    The guest list and choosing the date/venue (which is this strange circle of venue, dates available, budget, setting everything really big picture al up front) were really stressful for me! It felt like I had to make all these huge decisions about the whole wedding before I was ready to. And all the factors were so variable and constantly changing. I was so relieved when we finally had that done. But now we’re in that process again for the second wedding. I can’t wait to finish it and have a date/place!

    Also, I am sending out invitations right now and gathering everyone’s full names and names of partners and spelling them correctly and addresses, etc. is a reallll pain in the you know what! Start this process EARLY!

    In general, though, I just stress about it all getting done and being on budget and having everything in line the day of. I’m hoping I can calm down closer to the date!

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    Busy bee
    • Wedding: October 2016

    To me it was family drama all the way. We had all of the following issues with our guest list and family:

    – Future Sister-In-Law was not talking to bride and groom, she was almost not invited until MOG insisted she be invited for family’s sake

    – Husbands aunt and uncle flew in from Germany and were furious that Future Sister-In-Law was not invited to the rehearsal dinner but they were, and tried to invite her the night before when she had not spoken to me in 1+ year, the answer was a big NO

    – My moms two sisters were not / are still not speaking and only one attended, but not without tons of drama on who would go, who wouldn’t go, and where they would sit, and if they would go just to confront the other

    – Drama with my moms sisters gave my mom an ulcer before the wedding and she was damn near pulling her hair out

    – Cousin could not attend as she was in the hospital with diabetes complications, and another cousin was in rehab

    – My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer and another uncle diagnosed with ALS within 2 weeks before the wedding, luckily they were both well enough at the time to attend

    – Two friends that live together / have dated for 10 years / were invited together broke up, and the girl thought it meant she can bring her “new boyfriend as her plus one instead”, while the old boyfriend was rightfully invited and wanted to attend. On top of an invitation for 2 turning into an RSVP for 3, it would have been so weird for her to be there with both her new bf and ex, so I just said we had no room to accommodate the extra guest and the original invitation stands.

    Most of these were not wedding related, but it all added up to be enough for me to have a mini mental breakdown. People kept calling me and my mom asking about things and attendance and we were ready to say to hell with everyone lets elope, and would have if things weren’t paid for. It was mine and my husbands day, and while I do understand we want to accommodate our guests, the guests shouldn’t be making the mother of the bride have an ulcer. 🙁

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    Sugar bee
    • Wedding: September 2017 - Poppy Ridge Golf Course

    So far its been minor family issues which I wisely learned to ignore and having to nearly strangle Fiance to collect addresses for the stupid save the dates. Literally took him from early January until yesterday to get this done and all he did was send a few text msgs back to back. 😤 Also a bit frustrating waiting to hear back from equipment rental companies, especially since its over something that only a couple seem to offer in my area. Bugs me to submit an inquiry on their website then have no one contact me for weeks.

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