What physical activity do you love?

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I’m in a similar situation – been kind of an activity-free lump for a couple years, and I’m just now trying to start moving and exercising again!

I swam for a while, which was great, but the chlorine was starting to dry out my skin so I stopped going often. (I have sensitive dry skin anyway, so this probably isn’t a problem for “normal” people.)

I absolutely love rock climbing, but I don’t have anyone local to go with and the auto-belays at the gym aren’t super challenging.

Pole fitness is a heck of a workout. My cousin used to teach it, so I took a class when I was visiting her and I was so sore! It was fun, but the classes in my city are out of my price range.

Martial arts can be great and there’s a big variety, so you can get as hardcore as you want. I took Jeet Kune Do and only quit because the instructor stopped offering classes. Tae Kwon Do was what I took when I was younger and I loved it. I had knee issues crop up, though, and had to stop for a while, then just never started back up. I thought about getting back into it, but I had a lot of anxiety about sparring and belt testing, so if I ever get back into martial arts, it’ll be something that doesn’t test. I tried Hap Ki Do but was struggling with neck problems at the time, so grappling was kind of dangerous and I stopped going.

I just joined a gym today and plan on working out 3 times a week. I’m dreading it, but I figure if I want to do any other activities, I’ll need to build muscle first, so the gym is a good place to start. I may hate it, but it’ll give me the satisfaction of being active and help to boost my confidence. I fell off a horse a couple years ago and that triggered a string of issues, including a herniated disc, so I’ve been sedentary and lost a lot of muscle mass, and I’ve lost a lot of confidence in myself as a result.

But yeah, highly recommend swimming, martial arts, rock climbing, and pole fitness!

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I definitely am more the type to find something I enjoy that’s good for my well being, not necessarily what helps me lost weight. 

I love yoga and for someone who is athletic, I would recommend Vinyasa yoga. It’s more strength based so it really makes you sweat! 

I also played tennis in high school and love playing doubles or singles whenever I can. I used to live in an area that had a MeetUp (an app) group that met at a local high school 3 or 4 times a week. Other than buying a racket and balls, it’s free. And tennis is so good for you! 

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Yoga and HIIT are my absolute favorite workouts. But sometimes there are months when I cannot make it to the gym or studio at all so I blast music and dance my a** off while cleaning the house. November and December have definitely been one of those months. 

Also, I when I adopted my dog, I intentionally picked an active breed so that I have to go for a run with him every other day. That keeps me running. 🙂

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witchypoo13 :  Just curious, but was the 90 mile hike the Wonderland trail? 

OP- I am another vote for both hiking and rock climbing. I’ve always hated lifting weights because it felt so pointless. With rock climbing, I can tell I’m getting stronger, but there’s also a feeling of accomplishment anytime I get to the top of a route. It gives your body opportunities to stretch, strengthen, and move in ways that maximize its potential. And since every route is different, you get to try new things all the time. It’s even better when you take that skill outside, but indoor rock climbing is still tons of fun. I also love the climbing community. Both at the gym and outside, it feels like people are always encouraging one another. When I used to lift weights at a traditional gym, and some guy was curling 50 lb weights while I had 10 lb ones, I felt lame. With climbing, I never feel intimidated but rather in awe of the people who can do extremely challenging routes. My husband and I climb together, and it’s so wonderful as a partner workout and as a time where we are totally focused on this one thing. It’s helped cement an incredible level of trust since, especially if we’re lead climbing and outside, I am very literally trusting him with my life, and vice versa. Climbing requires a level of presence that is almost meditative, and I cannot recommend it enough. 

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I love pilates, barre and I also lift weights (not sure if I would say love.) I’ve been trying out different yogas recently too. I love going swimming at the beach too.

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I love walking

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Another vote for rock climbing, though I recommend indoor bouldering so you can go by yourself. Say goodbye to nice hands if you go as often as I do, and be prepared for some mansplaining and weird flirtation if you start getting really good. 🙄🙄

I used to have a really solid yoga practice (solo practice for 1-1.5 hrs every day) but fell out of that once I got into climbing and loved the feeling of being stronger in a different way.

Aside from climbing, I love weights (legs only, my arms get enough pull from climbing) and do jump rope, bike, or stairclimber for cardio because I ran competitively for 6 years and hated it the whole time. Over the next month I’ll probably start doing outdoor hikes again.

I also started boxing with my SO in the beginning of the year which has been really fun!

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I was also a D1 athlete and being active is a part of who I am.  True to my name, I love yoga in all its forms; from the more traditional like vinyasa and hatha to the tredny like aerial and sculpt.  I also belong to a Functional Fitness Training gym and combines HIIT and Crossfit into a fun team atmosphere. 

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hikingbride :  I feel the same for swimming! I wish I could swim all year as much as I want too, not only during summer when I can go on our local beach.

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Tennis! I’ve been playing since I was a kid but my husband, a former D1 athlete like OP, is an adult beginner and he loves it, too. 

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Badminton, tennis, hiking, biking and weights at the gym. Next sport I really want to get into is archery. I am also thinking of giving salsa dancing a go sometime in the near future and would love it if I could get my husband to go with me but I think I may be barking up the wrong tree with that one…

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I play roller derby and am a competitive powerlifter. I need competition and sports to keep myself sane. I am often injured and also have anxiety so yoga is a big part of my life too. 

I am dying to take pole or silks class and learn more about dance. Can’t get enough of all the hip hop dance videos in YouTube! 

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I wasn’t interested in physical activities and even hated them for a long time mostly because of my negative experience with physical culture lessons in school. But later during my student years I changed my opinion towards them and now sport is an important part of my life smile
I really found pleasure in this and understood how good this for my health and beauty, now I make physical exercises regurarly and practise yoga several times a week. I also like running and swimming in addition during summer (going to gym the whole year isn’t convinient for me at all).
And I liked some sport games too, tennis and football the most of all, it was a great influence of my husband. We play them rather often too as also with some of our friends, that’s very fun! And I even liked to watched football matches, cheer for my favourite teams (they’re Santos FC from Brazil and Arsenal from England) and make bets https://188bet-br.com/ on them.

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graduatebride :  I enjoy weightlighting, but I like to mix it up. I do the same split each week (legs, back, shoulders, legs/abs, chest, arms), but try to do a different type of workout each week (high rep lower weight 1 week, low rep high weight one week, a mix one week, and different movements). 

I also really hate running, and really wish I was one of those people that love it. For cardio, I prefer LISS – either the stairmaster or walking on the treadmill on an incline. I normally take my ipad with me and watch a show to help the time go by quicker.

I’ve also recently started doing some group classes with my boss over my lunch break. I originally started it just to hang out with her some and help her stay motivated, but we’ve both gotten to where we really enojoy the classes. TRX is my favorite class. It’s crazy how much you can do with TRX. I suggest you try and find a TRX class or research TRX workouts and try them at the gym!

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