(Closed) What physical attribute do you LOVE about yourself?

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Bumble bee

My eyes (a little girl once told me they’re “Disney Princess eyes” lol) and I love my lips! Oh and my complexion. OH and my boobs are awesome too LOL

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Bee Keeper
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Great thread πŸ™‚

Though they can make shopping really hard sometimes, I do like my breasts πŸ™‚  My favorite part of me is my waist – even if I gain weight, it is always there, and I always have coke bottle curves. 

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@HeatherMM:  I am the most jealous of your nicely tanning skin – mine ONLY burns, and if I am lucky it’ll fade into a tan instead of peeling off lol. 

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Bumble bee

I love my ginger hair

I love being tall

I love my freckles

I love my hipbones and collar bone (weird I know but I love em’)

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Buzzing bee
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This is a great thread!  I know I spend way too much time focusing on the negatives…

I like my eyes–they change color in the summer from brownish-green to really green, and I have long lashes.

My boobies πŸ™‚

And my hair!  It’s not easy maintaining long, thick, blond hair, but it’s worth it to me and my hubby loves it.  If only I could have Real Housewives of OC hair… (sigh)

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Bee Keeper
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I love my face πŸ™‚

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I love my boobs.  They’re the one body part that I dont mind showing off.

I love my eyes. They’re a very vivid green/honey/blue color. I get tons of compliments on them. The first time my Fiance saw me up close without my glasses on, he seriously stopped and went “WOAH.” And then just stared at me.

I also like my lips.

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Busy bee
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Cool thread.

I love my arms/shoulders. They’re not super crazy buff, but they’re kind of muscular and I have somewhat wide shoulders for a girl. They feel strong and I love it.

I love my boobs! They’re not particularly large, but they’re a great size for me and I think they’re a fantastic shape, and they don’t really need a bra except to keep the nips from saying hi to the world. My sister once, jokingly, asked me if I “got them on the internet”. Nobody quite knows what that means, I guess like they were custom-ordered?

My butt is great. It’s arguably a little large, but on a tall girl like myself, it looks just right, it’s perky, and dang it, it keeps my pants on!

Apparently I have really nice smooth skin? Not really a thing I feel one way or another about, but Fiance is hilariously attracted to… my skin. Since it’s the largest organ on the human body, I guess that’s a good thing.

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Bumble bee
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ha!! Thanks!!!! Laughing


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Bumble bee


  • I like being all legs.


  • I’m 5’8 and love being tall, and even wish I was taller. I love the presence. 


  • I love my tiny waist and flat stomach, though it definitely needs some definition. Working on it. 


  • I really like my breasts. I’m a C and they’re really round and perky. 


  • I love my dark skin. I spend a lot of time money and effort to make sure it glows. 


  • I love that I’m thin. It’s something I really struggled with as a teenager and ive now come to accept and love my body, as all women should. 


  • I love my full lips and their shape


  • I love my eyes. I love how my brown eyes are a really golden color and how long and curly my eyelashes are. 


  • I like my general bone structure. I think I have a pretty and striking face.


I love this thread and wish more women would talk so positively about themselves! I love seeing this. There is no shame in knowing that you are all beautiful! Acknowledge and embrace it!

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Buzzing bee
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I love the general shape of my body – hourglass.  I don’t love the size though – so am working on that. 

I love my nails – they are naturally very strong and start long in the finger and even when they’re trimmed short they look long – I once had somone shaking my nail insisting they were fake.

I love my pale skin.  I don’t tan easily and have a lot of freckes and moles.  My Mum is a tanorexic and is always at me to get more colour, but I love that I have the peaches and cream complexin.

I love how my eyes seem to change colour depending on the light and my moods.  I don’t particularly love the fact that I am so short sighted that I have to have my nose touching the bedside table to find my glasses!  Haha! 

I remember when I was young I’d gone to a village pub with my parents (in the UK this is perfectly normal – they serve food have play areas etc), there was a man who was a bit drunk, but he gave me one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received after I’d told him I liked drawing in school but was really really bad at it.  He said to me “Other people will be more than ready to point out your faults, because people are nasty creatures – you just make sure you have a long list in your head about what makes you the great little lady that you are.  There’s nothing wrong in believing in yourself!” 

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Bee Keeper

It’s funny, it took me being pregnant to appreciate some of the things that I had. My boobs are something that I used to hate, but apprecaited so much more now that I’m pregnant and they grew to watermelons. I wish I had my “tiny” 34Ds back! 

I also have some pretty cute dimples if I do say so myself! Haha…other than that, I have a love/hate relationship with my body. Some days I’m on, and some days I just feel blah!

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Busy bee

I love my eyes. They’re large, brown, and almond-shaped.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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– My eyes! Like a pp, I have central heterochromia (eyes that are one color with a second color around the pupil)–blue eyes and green rings. I also have naturally long, thick, and curly eye lashes.

– My boobs. Hey, I’ve got a nice rack.

– My height. I’m 5’1″ and some change and being short is awesome.

– My general body shape. I have a bottom-heavy hourglass figure, and it’s nice. I like having curves, especially for being petite. 

– My hair! It is a pain in the ass sometimes, but I think I’ve got styling it efficiently down pretty well. My natural hair color is a golden/auburn brown, and my hair is long, thick, and there’s a lot of it.

– I look younger. I still get carded almost everywhere (I’m 26 almost 27) and most people peg me around 21-22.

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Helper bee
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There is not much I don’t like to be honest! I know that sounds braggy, but I think I was blessed with some good genetics. ahaha. Trust me, in real life I’m not this into myself, I swear πŸ˜› 

  • I’m 5’9 and 140 lbs, size 6


  • Athletic build, but still have hips and a butt, and smallish boobs (B cup)


  • I love my flat stomach


  • Reddish brown hair and blue/green eyes


  • Olive skin that tans really easily


  • Clear complexion, I really don’t need to wear makeup


  • I love my teeth now that I’ve had invisalign

Sorry sorry I’ll stop. But I really had to think about things I don’t like, and I can’t really think of anything.

ETA: I don’t like that my hair is thin and baby fine. It makes it really hard to style and it doesn’t hold a curl. It’s really frustrating. 

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Busy bee
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Know what’s sad? I sat here for 5 minutes and couldn’t think of a damn thing. 


I guess my tattoos, but I mean, I had them put on my body, of course I like them…

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