(Closed) What prevents yoy from working out?

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Helper bee
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I generally work out pretty often, but when I don’t want to, or can’t, its generally because I prefer to work out in the morning, but I have to be at work by 8am, with a fairly long commute. I rather get extra sleep then workout sometimes. Hahaha. I don’t think thats something that will help you though. I am a Zumba instructor for a community center. They do free classes 3 nights a week (I volunteer the time) and I’ve noticed that all different types of people can get into Zumba. Even with zero rhythm, its gets them moving, and sweating and they have a blast. And I was an extremely active child. Hope this helps.

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I was a very active kid. I was in Soccer for years, I later took up archery, then horseback riding. My parents and I often rode bikes down our rura streets. I became a soccer coach and (very briefly) taught kids to ride horses. I later then had a very active job (running around a warehouse) and maintained myself pretty well. Running a 5 acre farm and rescue does that to you!<br /><br />Now that I’m married, I live in a very suburban neighborhood on a postage stamp with no rescue and no livestock to take care of.<br /><br />The reason I don’t work out, is because I am lazy. I am a few pounds (<15) overweight that I have lost before. But I’m just lazy. I prefer sitting and playing video games over getting up and moving. When my husband is home (and he rarely is) I have motivation to work out with him, but on my own I have zero motivation. I do go on walks on nice days when the weather isn’t too unbearable (Too hot or more accurately, too humid) and we haven’t been able to find a treadmill we like and is reasonably priced. We do use the Wii Fit but it’s been collecting dust for a little while since again, working out alone is a drag.

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Well I like to workout, so not sure if that’s important to you.  Are you looking for reasons or for people who don’t workout at all?  I still manage to workout some, but I just can’t do it as often as I like right now.  Recently when I haven’t been able to workout it’s because my Darling Husband has meetings or other things he needs to get done in the evenings so I have to watch the baby.  She is almost 6 months so thinking of going in the jogging stroller soon but before that I was basically stuck at home because all I can do with her is walk and I don’t consider that a workout.  It’s hard to go workout sometimes when I only get to see her 3 hours a day (she goes to bed at 8) and there is so much else to do like dinner or cleaning.  And after that it’s dark out and I just want to relax.  There is zero chance of me working out in the mornings right now lol.

My parents had us do sports and we did something like bike rides so I guess we were somewhat active.

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Worker bee
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I started really working out 3 weeks ago. I now get the craving to work out. They say anything done longer than 3 weeks is a habit. So hopefully this is now my habit. I actually feel the need to work out. Before that I hated it! I was lazy and found any excuse to not do it. I think laziness may be like smoking cigarettes. The only way to quit is cold turkey. 

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I was an extremely active child. I played tons of sports and was always outside playing with my friends. I stopped playing sports pretty much when I got to high school. My sheer laziness prevents me from working out right now. By the time I get home from work I just don’t want to work out. I just want to cook dinner, eat, and relax. I convince myself I don’t have time, but I really do if I wanted to bad enough. I lack motivation so I would need a personal trainer or something but I don’t really have the money for that right now.

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Bumble bee

For me theres a few reasons and maybe they all just chalk up to me being lazy but i’l give them anyway! I was a very active child, and a competitive cheerleader for 8 years. I also did gymnastics. Then I moved for college and I didnt join a team, lost a ton of muscle and most gymnastic skills. In general I struggle to find a sport that suits me now. I’m way too old for cheer and gymnastics again and couldn’t afford the fees even if I wanted to. I was good at those sports because of my flexibility and strength. I’m all core power muscles and I’m built an hourglass shape with a big chest, huge hips and tiny waist – think Kim Kardashian. I have no stamina, flat feet and am not built for running and I dont even want to try because it hurts so much. Ive tried tennis and badminton but I just dont enjoy them so I can’t keep it up. I’d love to do exercise if I could just find the right sport for me. Ive always wanted to try Yoga but theres no classes near my town. Swimming is my best bet, I quite enjoy it but the pool is an hour walk each way and by the time I get there I dont fancy swimming anymore (I dont have a car). I do walk a fair bit as a result of no car though so I suppose thats the bulk of my exercise. 

In general I think that for most people they need to find the right sport or exercise for them. Not everyone can run or go to the gym but unfortunately thats the majority of exercise on offer. If there was more variety I think maybe more people would be inspired.

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Busy bee
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i think it’s great that you are trying to get something active started in your community. we need people like you in all of our communities. it’s something that’s so important, especially for kids. we can avoid or at least manage a wealth of common problems: obesity (particularly in kids), weight-related health problems, self esteem issues, nutrition, etc. so so great.

usually if i don’t work out it’s because i meant to do my usual a.m. workout, but i either intentionally or unintentionally slept too late, and then by the time i got home i was just like, meh. lol. 

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Buzzing bee
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Im super active, but the days I don’t work out its because it requires effort and I don’t want to expend that effort. Being lazy is my biggest downfall. But, I still work out 3-5 days a week and enjoy doing it. I’m just lazy

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oh and i was an active kid- I played soccer, vollyball, cross country, field hockey, basketball, and rugby at different points as a kid, and played semi pro soccer for a few years as an adult. So I was very, very active. All of my siblings were. My mom put us in sports really young because she was worried about our health. We also did things as a family once a week. My mom made an effort for Saturday to be “Out and About”. Be it going for a picnic, going swimming, biking, or even walking a farmers market or something. We always did something as a famil once a week.

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Sugar bee
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I’m not a morning person, so I have zero motivation to work out in the AM.  I live in the outskirts of a city, so there’s no gym closer than 20 minutes from home & I can’t afford home equipment right now.  By the time I get off work and cook dinner, I’m tired and don’t want to do anything.  

All that being said, I use to go to the gym all the time when I lived in town.  Now, I do the workout videos on the XboxOne fitness thing every now and then.  Any other activity I do is like yard work, cleaning the pool, swimming, or cleaning the house.

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Sugar bee
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Growing up, I was the only kid in my family who was not in a sport. I had zero interest in chasing or catching a ball. My parents weren’t active until I was a teenager. They run marathons now. I’m proud of them, but I also think I’d have to go crazy before I decided to run like that. Running sucks.

I don’t go to gyms because I’m self-conscious and memberships are expensive. I occasionally work out at home, but my stamina is not so great so I get discouraged and quit. Circle of life. I also hate sweating.

I was also always underweight growing up. It wasn’t until my twenties that I started packing on the pounds. I think growing up thinner than everyone else made me feel like exercise was unnecessary. Now I’m stuck on diets.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I was not an active kid/teen/adult…Reasons I never wanted to workout…

  • Gyms are expensive, and I don’t want to pay for it if I probably wont go
  • Time, there arent enough hours in a day, I rather relax
  • Excuses, I’m hungry, I’m tired, I have to do laundry, I just want to relax
  • Self conscience.  I’m too embarrassed to just step foot into a gym and try to use the machines and not knowing what to do
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Busy Beekeeper
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I do step aerobics in my house nearly every day. I am a Stay-At-Home Mom, so my exercise needs to be at home or briskly walking pushing a stroller etc. I was a pretty active kid- gymnastics, bike riding, roller blading. For whatever it’s worth, I encourage my kids to be active. Older daughter plays soccer, and my toddler takes swimming lessons. I really think it needs to be a family-lifestyle thing where you get up and MOVE!

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Helper bee

My honest answer.. Laziness.  When I finish working I just want to relax and I rarely feel like exercising.  I mean I walk my dog, but I don’t really consider that a work out, just a necessity for his well-being.  

My only other halfway legit excuse is my immune disorder.  When it is acting up I am so tired I can hardly function, but I don’t use that excuse since I rarely work out when it isn’t acting up.  

I don’t know where my motivation went.  I was a major athelete through my childhood and teen years.  Even in college I was active, but once I got out of college and started working, I lost interest.  

I think if I actually joined a gym I’d be a lot more interested, but it isn’t something I can realistically afford right now.  

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