(Closed) What ruins a wedding photo?

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  • Wedding: May 2013 - Pavilion overlooking golf course scenery, reception at banquet hall

Sometimes in photos I get a lazy eye, and also squint one of my eyes slightly (unconsciously of course). I completely trust my photographer’s ability but I don’t trust my ability to pose my own face! My self esteem is fine (I think I’m pretty when I smile in the mirror) but sometimes photos just make me look dumb. My big wedding fear is not having any photos of myself that I like! Is that narcissistic? Lol.

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  • Wedding: May 2013

Guests with iphones, cameras, ipads, giant honking cameras, etc. jumping into a perfect shot or trying to hang around and steal shots from the photographer. It slows down family photos immensely if you allow family to hijack the posed shots. Family members or the bridal party trying to direct the poses or keep offering suggestions. Pictures of the dances with everyone staring at their device screens instead of actually watching the couple in the moment.




Kids in the bridal party who refuse to have their picture taken. I photographed a wedding where the only way we could get the flower girl in was to have her aunt drag her over and hold her while she scowled at the camera after throwing a temper tantrum, and the only way we got the ring bearer in the photo was by allowing him to hold his stuffed mickey mouse toy. I think that if the children’s mother had left the area, it would have gone better. Before we even tried a photo, she was there going “okay, they are going to fight you on this. Now, so-and-so, remember I told you that you HAVE to take a photo…”


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  • Wedding: August 2014

Oh I have a big list:

  • blurriness

  • dark pics

  • photobombing

  • overly posed pics (sorry there’s nothing natural about that)

  • wardrobe malfunction (boob popped out, zip undone)

  • special effects like color spotting (wow ruin a good pic by doing that?)

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  • Wedding: January 2013

I tossed the most photos for the following two reasons –

1. The photographer posed everyone awkwardly. Hello, we don’t all stand in a line and peak out our heads. It’s awkward.

2. Someone was making a stupid face. That was probably me…


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Busy bee

1st – If it’s not technically correct – Focus, lighting, composition

2nd – Gimmick editing – colorized/spot color is the worst, bad or over use of actions.

3rd – Bad posing – unflattering poses, over done posses like the jump, or badly executed props.

4th – Guest-ographres – #1 thing that ruins photos of good/great photographers is guests with their devices with what my hubby calls ‘dumb gadget face’ emotionless holding up their phones or sitting looking at them. You will always have better photos when the guests are engaged in what is happening or with each other.

5th – Back to Guest-ographres – that stupid, stupid red or green beam of light that is on the new point and shoots for face finder. Let me tell you what that does to a beautiful white dress. It is also very difficult to edit out and keep any detail in the dress. Also, I will only edit it out of album selects because it literally takes hours to do each photo. Not to mention if I drag my shutter a little said guest looks like an alien robot with a laser coming out of their face.

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Totally forgot to add Russian angle/tilted photos!! Drives me nuts, I mean when the horizon is at an angle it looks like they are falling off earth!!

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  • Wedding: October 2014

Aside from guest interference or unintentional technical error, I think that the biggest thing that ruins wedding photos is trendy photography. For example:

Sepia Toned Photos – Don’t get me wrong, I think they can be really beautiful. However, I think it’s important that the photographer shoots in proper color and saves the sepia for the editing room. Eventually the trend will pass and I think a lot of brides will want their photos reprinted in full color and if the photos were taken in a sepia setting rather than edited to be that way, it may not be possible.

Detail Photos – When photographers are so bent on blog worthy detail shots that they miss out on the emotions of the day. I love details shots, but I think sometimes brides look at how bloggable a photographer’s work is as opposed to will grandma tearing up at the ceremony be captured properly.



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  • Wedding: August 2012

Pee colored sky.

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It was very cringe-worthy. Be yourself! Don’t overdo it on the makeup or tanning or bronzer or whatever else .

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The title of this thread immediately made me think of the poor bee whose mother or Mother-In-Law bombed all of her photos with a weird creepy doll. I would be so upset!

But otherwise, I would think most of what PPs have said, such as bad lighting, angles, editing, or posing. Guests jumping into the aisle to get photos and blocking the photographer with their cameras or bodies. Sometimes you also can’t see somebody’s face because of light or something being in front of them, like flower petals.

Quantity with photos is also really important, since if you have a lot of photos to choose from, there will usually be one that works out when all of the others have something a little wrong with them.

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bad lighting,weird effects .

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  • Wedding: April 2015

Vignetting. Blurring effects. Soft focus. Dark photos. Oversharpened photos.

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@anemonie:  Yes, I too was reminded of her. I wonder how her pro pics turned out in the end.

For me, too many b&w photos, NO spot colouring thank you, someone in the photo looking away/not looking happy is very distracting for me, accidental photobombing.


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  • Wedding: August 2012

Anything with heavy editing, I prefer natural, crisp photos.

This is a personal peeve: pictures where you can see guests texting or playing on their cell phones. We had one guest do this at our wedding and every single ceremony picture she’s in, she’s looking down at her phone. Seriously? You can’t put your cell phone down for 7 minutes while we exchange vows?? That’s just rude. It doesn’t really bother me because she’s someone we only see once or twice per year, but it was annoying to see that in every ceremony photo. 

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