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In my opinion I think you should avoid exercise, but you could go for walks. You can also try eating more fruits and vegetables and avoiding foods high in fat and high in salt

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princessbride2017 :  The general rule of thumb of starting a workout routine while pregnant is to make sure you can still talk through your exercises. Eat healthy, exercise, but don’t start lifting if you don’t lift or putting yourself through any strenuous cardio or HIIT routines. It’s okay to lose weight… Just do so and be healthy. Don’t cut calories, either. Take in what you need for you and the baby. Definitely bring this up to your doctor at your next appt. If you have a PCP, you can also call them to ask for advice.

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My cousin was obese when she got pregnant. By the time she gave birth to her 8 pound healthy baby girl she was 10 pounds less than her pre-pregnancy weight and she looked great

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Former OB nurse here. The rule of thumb is not to initiate any new high intensity workouts. You can do what you were doing prior to pregnancy. Jogs and walks are fine, biking is not recommended. Anything that is going to double your resting heart rate or bring your core temp over 102 is to be avoided. I would ask your OB for a nutritionist consult in regards to calorie recommendation. You should not restrict calories for the sake of weight loss while pregnant.

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Your doc will be able to advise the best. But ask about what you should focus on nutritionally. Even if you can’t lose as much weight as you would like during your pregnancy, you’ll have time to lose weight after you give birth. And if you practice great nutrition during your pregnancy then both you and your baby will be so healthy! Not saying scale back calories, but cut fat and sugar and increase fruits and veggies. 

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Actually cycling can be an excellent form of exercise during pregnancy and it is perfectly healthy to exercise throughout the nine months. I cycled and walked daily until the day I went to the hospital. All of the OBs I saw were very pleased with my exercise regimen and encouraged me to keep it up. Obviously you should consult with your OB but don’t be scared of getting real exercise – it’s good for both you and the baby. *I chose a stationary bike as the only real safety concern my doctors had was not accidentally falling off of a bicycle 

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princessbride2017 :  I was about 20-30 pounds overweight when I got pregnant and I just kept up walking/light exercise and focused on healthy eating. Luckily for me I craved cucumbers so healthy eating was easy. Because I had some extra pounds my midwife said she’d be happy to see me keep my weight gain to about 15 pounds and that’s what I did. Good luck and congrats!

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First I would specifically speak with your doctors office to see what exersise would be cleared for you by  them. They’ll know you best. 

For my pregnancy I also started out overweight. Got married overweight too. We didn’t realise I was pregnant though until 8 weeks. My prior tests had been negative so I assumed I was in the clear and I had what seemed like a light period so when we found out I was the doctor told me mostly to watch what I eat and to walk and do light exersise so that I can try to only gain 20 to 25 pounds by the end. Sadly the exersise has not happened because of my constant nausea and inability to do anything but that may not happen to you. 

I try mainly to have copious amounts of vegetables and portions of protein with every meal and mostly avoid the breads. I posted in another thread that if I eat breakfast (Not much of a breakfast eater) its usually eggs with a cheese slice and sweet peppers.

Lunch is usually a large salad with lettuce, tomato, spinach, and either tuna or chicken salad acting as my dressing. I like to put veggies in my chickens and tuna like onions. Celery and carrots are delicious in it too. 

Dinner is usually a chicken or a fish with half a plate of steamed veggies and I split a baked potato with a butter pat with my husband since we both loooove potatoes. If I’m bored with that once in awhile I’ll make some noodles and put a fajita veggie pack in it with shredded chicken and make a filling soup like thing and find it quite delicious. I do have GD now with this baby  though so like I said earlier I mostly just tend to avoid the breads and sweets 95 percent of the time. You may not need to be so extreme though with the carbs. Your doctor will know best what you should be eating. 

If I have a snack it’s usually a whole piece of fruit like an orange. 

I get around my extreme nausea by doing a meal prep on weekends so all I have to do is put my dinners in the oven and plop the meat salads on top of the salad. Makes it much easier for me to eat healthily even though I’m so sick still.

Could your doctor send you to a nutritionist to get a bit of help on the food front? 

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princessbride2017 :  Speak with your OB to get advice tailored to you. I’m in what you would consider a “normal” weight range. My doctor told me to drink 64 ounces per day and she wants me walking 3 days per week for 30 minutes to excercise.


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Walking is great. So is swimming. There are many water based exercises that would be great too! No stress on the joints or growing bump.

With regards to eating, don’t diet but do make healthier choices. Try smaller portions but more frequent meals. (this can also help with morning sickness if you get it). Try foods that are full of fibre and protein as they are more filling. Lots of fruit and veg! You can eat more of these things than other foods which is great!

You will crave things and it is okay to give in a few times, but also try and substitute it for healthier options. Fresh fruit is great for sweet cravings, especially berries! If you crave a takeaway, see if you can make the same thing at home! Less grease and added unnecessary extras.

You may also have days when you want nothing but crackers and that’s fine! It will pass! 

Try and cut things into sticks or have easy ready to eat healthy snacks around. Nothing hinders healthy eating more than being too tired to sort out food! 

Drink lots of water!

Dont forget your vitamins.

The goal isn’t to lose weight, its to not gain over a certain amount (your doc will tell you how much). 

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