(Closed) What size should your ring be (not carats, actual size)

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Busy bee

sizing up a 1/4 size will help it fit more comfortably and shouldn’t cause a problem with falling off or spinning on your finger.  if you feel like your fingers will swell even more in the upcoming summer, I’d go for it

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Honey Beekeeper
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Its whatever is comfortable without it falling off.  Sometimes that means it’ll spin, sometimes that means it’ll be very snug.  My hand usually swells about quarter to half size.. there just no ‘right’ size as long as it wont slide off your knuckle easily and fall off.

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Busy bee
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I have 2 bands that are 5’s and a 3rd band that is 5.25. I would say stick with the smaller size. I keep the bigger band closest to my hand. I notice that it spins more and when my hands get cold I’m pretty sure it would fling off if I put it on the end! The 5 gets a little snug but nothing unbearable. I have to give it a little pull over my knuckles but thats it. Unless its cutting off your circulation or giving you sausage fingers I’d go smaller.

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Helper bee
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When I got measured at Tiffany & Co, the lady advised that I should be getting size 4 but I find it too snug for me as I had a bit of difficulty getting the ring off. The size which I ended up getting is 4.25 which I feel much more comfortable in even during the summer. It may get slightly loose during cooler times but I know it won’t be that loose that it would slip past the nuckle. Utimately, it is still your preference. 

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Bumble bee
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Sizes change from situation to situation so go with whatever fits you comfortable most I the time, atleast that’s what I’m going to try to do, seems practical. Also, sizes can vary up to half a size from jeweller to jeweller. I have big fingers, 8.5 was snug according to the jeweller and he said I should go 8.75, but when I do it hurts my neighboring fingers so even if it’s snug I’m going with slightler smaller because overall it’s more comfortable.

I’d compare with a sizer or sample rings before changing anything, just in case you have a “neighbor finger” problem too.

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Bumble bee
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Maybe see how you feel once the weather gets warmer and test out the size you have before getting it resized.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: January 2012

My promise ring is a 7, and it fell off once in 4 years of everyday wear (luckily, at home).

My e-ring is a 6.5, and I was worried when we got it that it was a little too big, but it’s never even slipped.

My wedding band is a 6, and it’s fairly snug in the heat, fits nicely in the winter. But I haven’t had a problem with it. I’ve even considered sizing the e-ring down to a 6.25 since the 6 is doing so well.

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Bee Keeper
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It varies. They say it should go on in one second, and take 3 to take off (need a little twisting and tugging to get off). Jewelers seem to sometimes like it even tighter than that. I never go by the jeweler’s recommendation as they seem to really like muffin top looks. Some seem to also think you should HAVE to always need to take it off with soap and water.

I have been sized anywhere from a 5 to a 5.5. However, I have a larger knuckle and I HATE the feeling of a ring dragging across it. I take them off for the gym, running, sleeping, housework, going into water, etc so it is important they feel okay coming off.  I hate having to “tug” a ring off. I despise muffin top or feeling like my circulation is cut off. I can get crazy swelling – like after a run (I don’t wear my rings running, but when I put them on after), overnight, and in the summer. I swear my finger swells up a whole size.  I have never had my finger sized when it is that much bigger but I am positive it is more than a size bigger than my biggest sizing, as my 6.5 rings even can feel a bit snug.

I like my rings to fit more like bracelets than snug rings. I love spin, clanging, moving, shifting. I like my rings to basically fall right down to the bottom of my finger against the webbing. This gives me more room in the summer. I also like to stack and/or wear wider rings which take up more room so fit “tighter” on the finger and over the knuckle (wearing more than one ring also tightens things up).

I have had two rings cut off (they were a 5.25 comfort fit) and it was a horrible experience. I have had ring claustrophobia ever since.

I also have this big fear I will get arthritis in my knuckle one day in the far off future and not be able to wear my rings (or resize them due to their style as many jewelers won’t touch them) or rejig them for my fingers with lockshanks, etc. I want to wear them as long as possible – and hopefully forever!

So, I wear my rings bigger, as in a full size or more bigger. They fit just right when my finger is warm and more swollen, and are really loose in winter and when finger is cold so they move around a lot up and down, side to side, etc, but I just stick bandaids or medical tape inside shank or wrap string around it to tighten it up if that is the case so they do not slip over knuckle. My knuckle is a bit bigger so prevents them just sliding off as long as I got some string or bandaids onthere.

My jewelers hate it. I need to CONVINCE them to make me my rings in a 6.5+ (I often avoid them even trying to size me at all) and they look at me like I am crazy and get worried but I just CANNOT deal with tight rings. But I also hate constricting clothing, etc.

I think it is best to get sized for your SUMMER ring size, and just deal with looseness in winter using ring snuggies, sizing balls, and so on.

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Worker bee
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My ring is sized up to a 5. My “actual” size is 4.75. My ring does tend to spin to the left a bit, but I don’t like any squeezing or “muffin” on my fingers. Plus, when it gets really hot & sticky (and this is coastal texas so we’re talking 100+ degrees with a 100% humidity) my fingers WILL swell up and the ring still fits comfortably & still goes on & off easily. If its really cold the ring can tend to feel too loose, but not enough to make me think it could slip off. Besides, it hot waaaaaayyyyyy more than cold here. If I lived up North, I’d be sizing down

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Bumble bee
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My ring is a 5.5, which I chose because different jewelers advise me to get a 5.25-5.5. The 5.5 feels great on the fatty (below the knuckle) part of my finger, and it’s actually big (it spins all the time). The problem is my knuckles are huge compared to to the fatty part of my finger and getting my rings off is hard/uncomfortable. It’s tight enough that I’m worried I couldn’t get it off if my finger was swollen at all. I think I’m going to have to have it sized up to a 6 for my knuckle. I tried on my friend’s 6. It goes over my knuckle great, but then it really spins/wiggles on the fatty part. I guess it will just have to spin. Sorry, but obviously I don’t have any great advice about ring sizing. 

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Blushing bee

When I was sized they said sits on finger comfortable but a tad bit hard to slide up over knuckle.

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Busy bee
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Mine is a 6.5, its a little loose and it spins really easily. I can also wear a 6, but the 6.5 is a little looser which is nice. I want to size it to a 6.25 so it stops spinning and sits better, but I don’t want to part with my ring for a week again. When I had a size 7 (when he first proposed) that sucker was huge on my finger.

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Sugar bee
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My rings are a size 7, and in the summer they are a little tight and in the winter they are pretty loose (not fly off my finger loose but spinning and plenty of room loose)… My hands swell quite a bit and shrink a LOT when I’m cold so I just kind of have to deal with it, luckily my knuckles are kind of big so my rings don’t fly off. 🙂


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Helper bee
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Mine are size 5. Most of the time they fit perfectly, but when my hands are cold they spin. When it’s hot they’ll leave a little indent in my skin, but they don’t feel too tight. I’m able to slip them over my knuckle fairly easily, but not easily enough that they would ever be able to fly off my hand.

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