(Closed) What stroller/travel system do you have/want?

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Do you have a travel system? or did you purchase your stroller and carseat separately?  I have a travel system.

What brand(s) do you have?  We have the Graco Alano Travel System – it comes with a Graco Snugride 35 car seat. 

How much did it cost?  I think it was $180, but it looks like the cost on Target is now $170 (see link above).

What do you like about it? What do you dislike?  I like that, when you put the infant seat in the stroller and pull up the car seat shade and the stroller shade, it fit together tightly so no wind/rain/etc.. can get in.  Also, the stroller shade has a see-through part so if you have the car seat in with both shades up, you can still peek in at the baby.  I like the car seat by itself quite a bit.  It’s not too heavy, but our very tall 10 month old still fits in it.  I think, if we had not bought a travel system, we still might’ve bought the Graco snugride by itself. 

As far as dislikes, I don’t particularly like strollers.  I think they’re bulky and had to manuever, and I’d rather have Addie in a baby carrier, if I have a choice.  We have used the stroller by itself on a handful of occasions, but generally we just put her in the carrier instead.   I’m glad we have the option of using the stroller, but just based on our own preferences, we don’t use it much.

Anything you would recommend?  If you plan on buying a jogging stroller, a travel system probably isn’t worth it for you.  A lot of people I know have a Bob stroller and bought their car seat seperately.

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I have the Quinny Buzz 4 stroller and the Maxi Cosi Mico car seat. They are expensive but I was able to get the stroller at a huge discount on zulily. I am very happy with it. The stroller is a combination jogger/regular stroller and it accommodates a huge weight range, so it’s the only stroller we will ever need to buy from birth to kindergarten. It is SUPER comfy and well padded so kids sleep well in it. The carseat is highly rated for safety. The stroller has awesome shock absorption and rolls over anything. The cons: flight of stairs (more than 3 steaps or so) are impossible without a second person, and it’s kind of wide so difficult to use in a small store. There is also very little storage underneath. But the coolest feature is that it has a hydroulic lift so it raises itself up and you don’t have to fight with it to get it assembled. I also like that the stroller seat can face either forward or backward, and it even comes with 2 different seats in small and large so that the child always fits snugly.

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We purchased our stroller and carseat separately since I don’t like the travel system strollers.  Too bulky/heavy for me.

What brand(s) do you have?  Chicco for both the car seat (Key Fit 30) and stroller (Liteway).

How much did it cost?  The carseat retails for $180 and the stroller retails for $80.  We boughtt both at Babiesrus with 20% off coupons, which come out quite often.

What do you like about it? I like the consistency of many positive reviews for both products.  The carseat isn’t excessively heavy and is easy to get in and out of the car.  The stroller works from newborn (lain all the way back so it forms a bassinette) all the way through toddlerhood and is very easy to manuver with one hand if necessary.

What do you dislike? The carseat doesn’t have indents in the bottom to “fit” on a shopping cart very securely like some other brands do but usually I prefer to wear my baby if we are in a store for any length of time.  Otherwise I’m usually getting one thing and won’t need a cart anyway.  The stroller doesn’t easily “lock” closed unless you unclip the sunshade on that one side (not a big deal but a little annoying).

Anything you would recommend?  I would recommend what we are using to others without question.  You’ll only know if you like it if you go to the store and play with them though.

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I have an eddie bauer travel system the carseat and stroller came together. It coast $217 I love everything about it seriously no dislikes… great wheels, the stroller is big enough for a todler after he outgrows the carseat. 

I would deff say dont skimp on this.. you will use it all the time!! I think eddie bauer is the way to go. My son still uses the stroller he is 11 months but outgrew the infant seat.. so i got 2 eddie bauer bigger carseats.. (one for me one for FI) 

Hmm thats all I got for ya I love my travel system. we got it at target. But when you look for the one make sure it has great wheels good for inside mall stuff grocery shopping whatever and outside walks gravel etc.

good luck happy shopping. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I am not pregnant, and don’t have kids, but when I worked respite care nurse for infants/kids, I got to use a ton of different strollers I really liked using the Bugoboo and Bob strollers. Compared to the typical “travel system” strollers, they are way more maneuverable and easy to drive.

That being said, I would think the best thing to do is go to a store with lots of different strollers and “test drive” them around the store.

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We are wanting to go with something between a travel system and a jogging stroller.  I don’t actually run, but would like the stroller to be good for walking, trips to the park, etc.  Most travel system have cheap plastic wheels and no shocks.

We are planning on getting the Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat because we are pretty big people and I doubt our kid would stay in a smaller car seat for very long if we didn’t get something that went up to 30 lbs.

I am looking at three stroller options right now (all can be turned into a “travel” system by buying an adapter for the chicco seat:

Uppababy Vista ($700) but comes with a basinet and a large under basket.  Great reviews and great colors.  Can recline completely flat or almost straight up (most seats still lean back which can be annoying with an older baby) Baby can face front or back and you can add a second seat if needed.

Britax B-Ready ($500) – Nicer second seat, doesn’t come with a basinet.  I don’t think it has as many recline positions.

BabyJogger City Mini ($500) – Seat adapter requires a strap to be buckled in order for the infant seat to adapt.  Doesn’t stand on its own when folded.  Heaviest of the three at 28 lbs, Smaller seat height.

PS – These are just my thoughts on the three right now, if anyone has any other comments I would be happy to hear!

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We used a graco travel lite. We really liked it but I was jealous because  my sister’s you could fold with one hand!! I’d def look for that feature if possible.

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Such a good thread as we have one picked out, but I’m wondering how often we’ll actually use the stroller. Some people stated that they didn’t really use the stroller since they perfered carrying their baby.

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Glad to see this! This stroller/carseat thing is making my head spin.LOL I need to just sit down and look instead of looking at the cute stuff only.

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Do you have a travel system? or did you purchase your stroller and carseat separately?  Ummm I dont think so.  We bought the stroller and carseat separately

What brand(s) do you have? Uppbaby Vista Stroller (comes with a bassinet and the stroller seat) and the Graco SnugRide carseat with the adapter so it is compatible with the Uppbaby

How much did it cost? Stroller was around $700, adapter was $30, carseat is like $130 I think (we registered for the seat and havent gotten that yet.)

What do you like about it? What do you dislike? No idea, havent had a baby in there.  The stroller is very maneuverable and versatile, but keep in mind we live in the NYC area where we will be using the stroller very frequently (more than the carseat.  More walking than driving) so we went high end.  I like that I can fold it with one hand (that was hiarious in the store with me trying this while the guy put a bunch of stuff in the carseat in my other arm to simulate a 10lb baby lol)

Anything you would recommend? Ill let ya know in July =o)

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I was going to get a travel system but then I decided against it.  I decided that I wanted to get the Baby Jogger City Elite ($400) because it is soooo easy to fold down (you literally just have  to pull up a handle and it collapses) and it pushes sooo smoothly over cracks in the sidewalk and stuff.  I will get a car seat adapter bar for the Chicco KeyFit 30 we got and I also got a Snap N Go for when we go to the grocery store and stuff. 

I know that the Baby Jogger is more expenive than a travel system but I feel that it is worth it for the following reason:

1.  Smoother ride for baby and me.

2. It is much easier to collapse and throw in the trunk than any system I have seen.  After helping a lot of friends take down and setting up their travel systems i know that I don’t want that frustration. 

3. It has received so many great reviews from fellow parents.

4.  It is a stroller that I know I will be happy with for the next 4+ years, through all of our kids. 

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I live in Manhattan, so the stroller is used a LOT and over bumpy roads, in the park, etc. so high end was the way to go for us!!

What brand(s) do you have? Bugaboo Cameleon, I bought it used from another mom so it was about $500 – although I absolutely would have spent the money for a new one.

WE also have a Graco Snugride car seat with a snap and go – we use this for cabs and travel outside the city.

What do you like about it? What do you dislike?

Bugaboo – I spent a lot of time deciding between this and the Uppa Baby Vista.  What is great about both – amazing suspension, smooth ride, can navigate bumpy roads, cracks, curbs, grass, etc etc.  I thought this wasn’t a big deal before I got one (I tried hard to find a cheaper stroller), but when i use my snap and go I notice a HUGE difference.  Also the handlebar has a height adjustment, which is important for my very tall husband. I chose the Bugaboo over the Uppa because it was lighter and less wide, which was important to me for getting around small stores and in and out of our building (3 stairs, narrow hall).  I also like that the bassinet and seat use one frame (vs. Uppa’s two) because that means less for us to store.  The Uppa has a bigger underseat basket, which is nice, but I am perfectly fine with the size of the Bugaboo bag.  Honestly there is not much about this stroller I don’t like.  I used to think the $$ was about the brand name, now I truly believe it is for a super high quality stroller.  Oh and i got the carseat adapter so the first few months I alternated between the bassinet and the car seat.    I would have been ok without the bassinet and just using the carseat, but i used the bassinet since I had it.

The snap and go does its job for travel, its cheap, it is easy to use.  but i wouldn’t use it for walking around our neighborhood.

Anything you would recommend? it really depends on where you live/how you would use your stroller.  if you are using it mostly for malls and inside, there is no need to spend a lot of $$.  I have also heard people just go straight to a jogging stroller, using an adapter + carseat when the baby was little.  This makes sense – only real downside is that the seat doesn’t face you when it is time to transition out of the carseat.  ask moms who live in the same place and have a similar lifestyle.  and buy used if you want! you can often replace parts of fabrics if there are a few things that are worn.

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We purchased the Britax B Ready during the ‘free ride’ event so I was able to get the car seat with it (it also helped to justify the cost, I was able to get both for $459). I like that we can convert this into a double stroller as we plan to have our children close together.  Everything I read, this is very comparable to the Uppa Baby Vista.

I also love that the Britax B Nimble Umbrella Stroller has a feature to snap in the baby carrier.


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