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Busy bee
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Ask your doc at your next appointment. There is a chance you have something physically hold you back like thyroid issues.

As for weight loss advice…do you track your food? That helped me start to drop pounds when I lost weight. My fitness pal is a pretty good app.

I am sorry you are so frustrated. Sex on top is a decent workout if you need to relieve some stress. 🙂

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Honey bee
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You have to count calories and exercise. Not one or the other. Also, like the previous poster said, get your tyroid checked. Also some medications etc make is impossible to lose weight. 

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Helper bee
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Are you eating ENOUGH? I know it sounds odd but I’m serious.  Your body won’t lose the weight you have unless you’re eating enough for your metabolism to actually move, exercising might only cause issues with your body if your eating habits aren’t straight.  There’s nothing wrong with going gluten-free but you need to track what you do eat to ensure you’re eating enough calories every day.  You’ll probably gain weight for the first two weeks but then you’ll actually start to (and continue to) lose weight.  

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Buzzing bee
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@FutureMrsK2014:  sometimes when working out people dont loose weight because they’re not eating enough…. (used to be a personal trainer). When the body doesnt get enough fuel for what your burning it holds onto every last ounce of what you put in because it knows your starved. I would get a session with a trainer and get them to do a nutritional write up for you of how many calories a day you should aim for, in ref to your workout routine (see where you stand).

Also… how long have you been glut free? I have a few people I know who are celiac and they told me the biggest drag about having to eat like that is possible weight gain/weight retention???I dont know a lot about it myself so I dont know the chemistry of it…. but apparently thats a side effect.




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Bumble bee
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@FutureMrsK2014:  I agree with what the other posters are saying. I’d also like to add that you could be burning fat while gaining muscle mass. The scaale doesn’t always tell all. Try measuring various parts of the body e.g. circumfrence of arms, hips, tummy etc.to keep track of you results.

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Helper bee
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You shouldnt feel sick to your stomach every day, that’s not normal. You should see a doctor, you might have IBS.

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Bumble bee
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@FutureMrsK2014:  Speak to your doctor, but also start measuring your shoulders, upper arms, waist, hips and thighs. I’ve been doing Couch to 5 K for the last few months and haven’t lost any weight, but my old jeans are faaaaaaaalling off because I’ve lost so many inches (at least 2 on my thighs and hips, where is where I need to lose!). I find that a lot more encouraging!

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Sugar bee
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Guys always seem to lose weight faster.  My Fiance is getting what I call “win fall” weight loss based on the fact that he eats what I eat, and I have cut a lot of calories out of his/our diet.  He lost 20 pouns like that, while I struggled.  He has now hard platoed and I am now 20 pounds ahead of him in the weight loss game. 

That said, I agree with the other girls about talking to your doctor.  As far as the gluton, are you actually celiac, or are you just doing it as a weight loss fad?  If you aren’t celiac and haven’t consulted a doctor about cutting gluton, you should look at adding it back.  It’s really terrible for your body to cut out a full food group. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Keep a food journal/track your calories.

If you eat dried fruit and nuts, those are great for you! But also VERY high cal. You might be eating too many calories and not even realizing it!

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Helper bee
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@FutureMrsK2014:  Count calories, but first find out how many calories you need to consume to healthily lose weight in a steady fashion. You then need to make sure those are the right kinds of calories (which it sounds like they are for the most part). I know I eat about 1500, and I carb cycle when I plateu. That’s what works for my body personally and took me months to figure out. There are numerous factors involved, like what percentage of protein, fat and carbs you are eating, etc. Are they complex carbs? People think bc they eat healthy that they will automatically lose weight. That’s not true. You still have to have a deficit to shed weight. 3000 calories is still 3000 calories, whether it consists of veggies and meat or quarter pounders. Now, the latter is obviously MUCH worse still, but hopefully you get my point. Even many healthy foods need to be eaten in moderation. Also, eat mini-meals every 2-3 hrs to keep your metabolism going.

If you still don’t lose weight, I agree that it’s probably a health-related issue. Losing weight is not easy for some people and takes lots and lots of research to tweak your diet and get it just right.




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Buzzing Beekeeper

@FutureMrsK2014:  Have you considered working with a trainer? It sounds like your food is on track and that’s usually the problem. Maybe it is the workouts you are doing? It wouldn’t hurt to ask your doctor just to rule out any problems. 

Also, I really encourage you to take pictures. I didn’t think I lost very much until I compared my first day picture with my 1 month in picture. You can really see a difference! It helps a lot with my motivation because I agree – working out and getting nowhere sucks!

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Helper bee
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Count your calories. As PP if you are not eating enough calories, you will not see results and you are doing more damage to your body. Fitnesspal is the best app for keeping a food diary and a workout diary. 

You could be feeling sick because you are taking in enough calories. IF you feel you are, then have a chat with your doctor to rule out any health concerns. 

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Sugar bee
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Men have higher metabolisms because of testosterone and more muscle mass. Also increased fitness is not always measured on the scale. How one feels in terms of strength and wellness counts. I do not even use the scale anymore – how I fit in my clothes lets me know how I am doing.

I do work out 6 to 7 times a week. Not to lose weight but to maintain my fitness. What really worked for me was calorie cycling and I am still using it to maintain my weight. On high calorie days, I do increase my carb intake, although I am trying to cut my grain intake because of GMOs. I also no longer consume fat-free, low-fat, or sugar-free foods because they are loaded with all sorts of nasty chemicals. I now consume whole-fat dairy (raw milk, raw milk cheeses, yogurt, etc) and have moderately increased my saturated fat consumption. The result? My weight decreased (or at least my clothes are looser) and my LDL cholesterol went DOWN. Scientists re reversing their position on saturated fats – apparently we do need them – in moderation.

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