(Closed) What the hell is wrong with me? (TMI alert)

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you are probably tensing up too much. Relax, open the legs and insert, there shouldnt be much resistance and you should not be able to feel it when youre walking. 

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@Aquaria:  Tampons are always tricky for first timers. And depending on your normal levels of natural lubrication, can be somewhat painful. Although it *is* messier, I would suggest that you get the applicator-less tampons for next time, so you know exactly where it’s going and you get a feel for it. After that, the applicator kind should be easy peasy. Also, I always had trouble with cardboard applicators, I perfered the plastic kind.

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Many women find it difficult at first, so don’t worry. You are not defective.

For a first time users many women find it easier to use the tampons that come with the pastic applicator rather than the cardboard tube as it is more slippery. You could also put a small amount of lube on the barrel part of the applicator.

Here is a tutorial that might help


You will soon get used to it and wish that you had used tampons years ago.

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When I first started using tampons, I found that it hurt a lot more if things were dry down there when I tried to put the tampon in. This is going to sound graphic, but I really hope it helps- If everything down there was already bloody and moist (like you were wearing a pad, peed, and didn’t wipe yet), it was a lot easier. Just because there was some lubrication. 

Okay, sorry, that sounds really gross, but it helped me 🙂

If you can’t get the hang of the applicator, you can also try the OB tampons. Instead of an applicator, you just use your finger to apply. 

If you don’t mind me asking, why did you choose not to use tampons for the last 18 years? And what made you decide to try them? Just curious, you don’t have to answer if you’re not comfortable!

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@aithinne:  +1, I still can’t use the cardboard applicators. I feel like I’m going to get a paper cut somewhere unfortunate :/

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I still can’t make applicators work for me.  Like sometimes when I’m drunk I ask people to demonstrate — as in, FULLY CLOTHED, take a tampon out and push it the right way to make the thingy come out.  I just cannnnot do it.  Maybe I should experiment when sober, haha.  But it’s not a big deal, since if I need to use a tampon I’ll use an OB.  I usually just use pads, though, since my flow is wicked light and tampons hurt because of the lack of moisture.

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It’s likely vaginismus. Something I’ve been dealing with for more than a decade. You’re not an idiot, and you are not defective. I cannot use cardboard applicator tampons at all, even now. Try the plastic ones and maybe a bit of lube. Also there is a book set and a set of dialators I bought on a site called vaginismus.com that was really, really helpful. If you still have troubles or anxietes, there are therapies, physiotherapy, lots that can be done. You are absolutely not alone in this. 

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@Aquaria:  You should try something like tampax pearl, the applicators slide in really easily and they’re pretty much dummy proof.

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try putting your foot on the toilet then inserting. You will get the hang of it. Also make sure you use a easy glide applicator. I always had trouble with the cardboard ones with the tip of the tampon sticking out.

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The first time I ever used a tampon my mom had to help me (kind of weird now that I think about it?). They shouldn’t hurt when you put it in, and once its in you shouldn’t be able to feel it. those tampax pearl ones are really nice and smooth though for added comprt!


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@Aquaria:  It’s super weird at first but you get used to it. I find sometimes it’ll “pinch” if I don’t have the right angle.

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You just need to practice. And if you’re using cardboard applicators- STOP! Use plastic. Your vag deserves better treatment than that!

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When I first started using tampons, my mom had told me I was too young and wasn’t allowed, so I couldn’t really ask for advice or what to do.

I tried soooo many times and couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t realize that you actually had to insert the whole big fat part of the applicator before pushing the tampon through it. Sounds like I was an idiot lol, but I was only 13 and scared to ask how they worked. When I finally got it tho, I never ever went back! They are SO much better than pads.

However, to this day, I’ve never had success with the tampons without applicators – like OB. I can’t get those in.. I don’t think they’d be helpful, I think they’d be harder…There’s even more resistance trying to get them in bc there’s no applicator, it’s abrasive and uncomfortable

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You will just have to get use to them, I remember the first time I used some (dance competition in high school) and it was awful, but I have been using them for years and they are really amazing.  Relax, open your legs or squat and maybe get an easy glide one.

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