(Closed) What things about/does SO that *TURN YOU ON* ???

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Busy bee
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@BellaDee:  x1000 on the glasses…I just love them! 

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-Watching him work or when he sends pictures to me of when he is working. The do some HUGE jobs so he likes to show me when he is in charge of AND he gets dirty at work. I am a country gal and love when a hard workin man gets dirty.

-I love the gray in his facial hair. Turns me on like no other!!

-like you, the whole natural scent thing. At the end of the day and he has been wearing Stetson…OMFG I can’t keep my hands off him! lol

-Any time he is wearing a pearl snap (western shirt)

-When he has on his Browning baseball cap, wranglers, boots, and a tshirt! DAYUM! lol

-Any time he is shooting/holding his gun(s) or his bow !!

-Finally, this might be odd, but when he drives. I don’t know what it is, maybe cuz he drives with his left arm mostly and has several tattoos I can see when he is steering. but YA, WOWZA!!!








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HAHA I lOVE number 3!!! I’m the same way! I love the (not bad) smell of him after his deo has worn off a bit!!! He always looks at me weird when I smell his armpits!

Also his butt!!! It’s the best thing ever! Lol.


When he cooks!! Although he isn’t the next chef Ramsey, Its so sexy to see him cooking! Whether its in the citchen or out on the grill!!! I love it!

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Honey bee
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We go to the gym together and he has the sexiest legs and arms, when he’s doing leg presses or bicep curls, yeah baby!! The funny thing is he’s so self conscious and we’ve each put on some weight during out relationship and he thinks he looks terrible. No way, nuh huh. Sexy, sexy!!!

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Buzzing bee

@BellaDee:  This isn’t so much a turn on as it is adorable, but when Fiance first wakes up and he has that sleepy look still. I LOVE it! He looks sooo cute!

Turn ons:

Seeing him in his boxer briefs

Him smelling a little… dirty. Like not fresh out of the shower smelling, just his smell. Same with his breath. I don’t like minty clean, just brushed your teeth breath, I like his breath. 

His butt in certain jeans.

His torso/abs. They aren’t incredibly defined, just natrual and slim looking. 


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Busy bee
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Watching him work. Umm, yes. He’s a carpenter by trade, but pretty much knows how to fix… everything. Just this weekend, he fixed his own transmission, then came home and un-clogged our drain. Yum.

Watching him snuggle with the kitten. He “doesn’t like her,” and yet, they snuggle together constantly. Constantly.

The freckles on the bridge of his nose. Okay, I know this doesn’t really count, but he’s just this big tough guy with these cute little freckles “sprinkled” over his nose.

Listening to him talk about his racing days. He used to race professional motocross. ‘Nuff said. The scars are a nice touch, too (although, I am glad the days of him getting injured constantly are over)!

Seeing him wake up in the morning. I usually leave before he wakes up and I kiss him goodbye every morning. It is the most adorable thing ever when he wakes up and sleepily gives me a hug and kiss.

His compliments to me. Aside from the usual, “What would you like to do for dinner, beautiful?” he also thinks of some really sweet (though, some might consider them odd) things to say. The other day, he said “I know why you don’t sleep often at night” (it’s true… I don’t). I asked him why, and he said, “I just read an article about how really intelligent people don’t get a lot of sleep.” Aww, thanks babe.

Ugh, sorry to gush!! 🙂

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@realtreegal:  The driving thing… yes!!! I don’t know what it is, either. The stick shift? The steering with the knee? I don’t know, but I thought I was the only one!

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Busy bee

When I get to see him in his scrubs!!! I was just saying last night how much I miss seeing him in them. He’s military, and they don’t let him leave the hospital in them. I guess the plus side is I get to see him in uniform sometimes too! Also, when he calls patients to follow up on their surgeries…….his “business bedside manner voice” is just so cute. 

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I love his chest/abs. Always a huge turn-on.

I LOVE when he is wearing dress clothes! Oh my gosh, that moment at the end of the day when Darling Husband takes off his shirt and is just wearing dress pants…

The way he SMELLS. He’s very clean and he always smells amazing.

For some reason I love the way he looks when he gets back from the gym and his hair is all sweaty/messy.

@BellaDee:  Darling Husband is an architecture student and uses AutoCAD and Rhino for a lot of his projects- I TOTALLY see the attraction there, haha.

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Um. Def his “lines” the abdomen/pelvis cut lines. Loooove

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-I love when my Darling Husband wears his glasses, too! He doesn’t need them too often so I don’t get to see it all that much 🙁

-I love that he has a few gray hairs coming in. He’s 27 so he hates it, but I think its so sexy

-When he cooks a big meal. He just looks so intent and like he’s really trying to follow the instructions perfectly.

-The way he looks in certain jeans. I started buying him new jeans a few years ago so that they’re all the kind that I like 😛

-In a suit or a tux. Yum!

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Busy bee

He treats strangers with a great deal of kindness.

And he plays along with the funny things little kids do.

The best: he uses proper spelling and grammar, even in text messages. Oh baby.

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1. Absolutely the glasses!! love it!!!

2. When he wear a suit (he is an attorney so he wears one everyday!!!)

3. When he crosses his legs a certain way. Lol i knwo its weird but i love it!

4. When he is looking at me really intense when he is telling me a story.

5. I love to see him at work!! Ive seen him in court many times and i love it!! 

6. The way he look in certain jeans

I can go on and on but ill stop lol 

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