(Closed) What things did you buy for your wedding that you did not need?

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

1) shoes: I was planning on buying a cute colored pair that I could re-wear, but found an ivory set with a beaded pattern that matched my gown on the clearance rack for $35. Great deal, but I’ll never wear them again…

2) veil: bought a plain one from Michael’s for $15, sold it after the wedding

3) announcements: our parents told us they’d need announcements to mail to relatives who weren’t invited… neither set of parents bothered to mail them

Everything else we used, but we were pretty disciplined in our purchases…

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

I have already said no to all of those items.  My venue has the whole cake knives thing.  Although, my SIL does use hers for birthday cakes and all, I don’t think they’re necessary but will use them if I get them for a gift.  I have no problem drinking out of the same glasses as everyone else and couldn’t personally care less if our names are on a napkin that matches our “decor”.  As for a rehearsal dinner gown, I’ll wear something nice but it will be a dress and not a gown.  But that’s just me.  I’m going as minimal as I can. 

But then again, I did buy vintage cake forks from Etsy b/c they were so darn cute.  Therefore, you can probably disregard everything I just said.  🙂

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: May 2010

I bought a 2nd veil I didn’t end up wearing. I was so nervous about getting a veil on time i just ordered one in haste from my dress shop, of course getting my beautiful custom Kfeld veil 2 weeks later.

Everything attire related for wedding events that weekend I TOTALLY needed. Nothign went to waste. I splurged on a designer $350 (25% off at L&T, go me!) rehearsal dinner dress and it was worth every penny. In fact, it was priceless. I can’t go back and put on the ‘perfect dress’ after the fact, so I am SO glad I splurged and made sure I looked absolutely fabulous. I also bought amazing new shoes and a day after brunch dress that I wore.

But everything else we were pretty bare bones about. My venue provided all the things you mentioned in your OP including menu cards, so all we had to do were escort cards. The decor was limited to the centerpieces, we even used our venues linens (they were free!).

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2010

hey how’s everything out there in the ‘burgh??  i need to go visit, craving dave & andy’s…anywho, i got some crazy silver plated toasting flutes and absolutely forgot to use them.  hubs and i just used the plain flutes that were for guests. 

a lot of people use the stuff you listed, but do you NEED them…of course not, it’s a wedding not a bed bath & beyond showpiece.  spend money on what you and your SO are comfortable spending on.  personalized napkins and stuff like that are sort of my pet-peeve for weddings, so i’m out on that one.  the special cake cutters…if you are questioning whether you’ll ever use them again you will probably never use them again.  trust your gut.  also, don’t buy stuff too far out from your date unless you are absolutely sure you will not change your mind about it, i wish i would’ve taken my own advice on that a year ago.

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Busy bee

I bought my lingerie for the dress before I met with the alterations lady. I bought Spanx and 2 different bras (probably $150) but when I met with her, she gave me much better options that really improved the look of my dress. They are experts, so consult with them first.


It never occured to me to get an engraved cake knife or etched glasses- I hate having a bunch of that sort of cutesy stuff around my house. I decided not to do favors because every wedding I go to half of the guests don’t take them and those that do end up losing them in taxis or hotel rooms. Nobody missed them.


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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2009

@Miss Tattoo: Great question!  I’ll respond to your items below.

Do I really NEED to buy personalized cake cutter/server set? Will I ever use them again? Where will I display them? Will I ever take them out? Will anyone notice the engraved words on them? No.  My mom borrowed a nice cutter/server set from one of her friends.  No one noticed that they werent’ engraved and I didn’t regret for a second not having my own set.

Do I really NEED engraved flutes?  I would say no on this as well but we didn’t have a toast so I don’t know from personal experience.

Do I really NEED personalized cocktail napkins? Again, no.  We had regular nice cocktail napkins.  I didn’t miss have personalized ones and no one commented on not having them.  (Personally, when I see them at weddings I attend, I think it’s a waste to go through all that effort for something that will get food/drink on it and be thrown away!)

Do I really NEED a seperate rehearsal dinner gown? (I’ve seen brides paying $400 for a new dress for the dinner!)  I wore a dress I already had that fit well and I felt comfortable/confident in.  I didn’t regret not getting something new.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: January 2011

Um, I have bought four headpieces cause I can’t decide which one I want..am goin to have to sell/return some maybe! I bought 2 dresses already and had to sell one, again cause of my indecisiveness!

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2010

You don’t need ANY of it! As long as you have food and booze, no one is going to notice the cocktail napkins aren’t engraved.

P.S. We had a civil ceremony in February with just our immediate family before our real wedding in September. I just happened to have bought a dress from Forever 21 a few months before because it was $22 and I like it, but had no idea where I would wear it. It turned out perfect for our civil ceremony. No need to buy something new if you already own something you love!!

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: September 2010

@Miss Tattoo: You don’t need anything you listed. We did buy a nice cake cutting/serving set (not engraved) because I bake a lot and would actually use them for serving cakes and pies at large family meals. But seriously, don’t buy the other stuff! We were very good about our purchases, and I don’t feel like we bought stuff we didn’t need. We actually repurposed a lot of the stuff as decor in our house!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2011

I love this post. I was just thinking about this stuff today.

Do I need a satin “BRIDE” robe from Victoria’s Secret for “Getting Ready” photos? No. I really dont. But its sooo pretty and nice looking lol. I know I’d use it again at home but I can probably get a cheaper one!

Do I need personalized water labels for our outdoor ceremony? Nope. I sure don’t. But they’re cute!

Do I need fancy cake cutting set? I got mine for $5 from Hobby Lobby and hot glue gunned some pearls on it to fancy it up a bit.

Do I need the personalized napkins for the reception? I keep throwing this idea around because they’re so cute too but will anyone even notice them? I can just as easily get some nice black colored napkins and not have to worry about everyone wiping up their sloppy messes with my expensive personalized napkins! Haha

It’s so easy to get carried away with little things like this but they all add up fast!

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: May 2011

@ChantelleyLace: totally agree… these things arent needs… but am i ever gonna get married again… NOPE!! so im gonna do it the way i want, and splurge for an awesome day in my life 🙂

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: December 2010

My mom bought we a cake cutting set as well as toasting flutes and I kind of wish she hadn’t. They’re not exactly my style, plus I just find these things unnecessary.

But we’ll use them because we have them.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: October 2009

Do I really NEED to buy personalized cake cutter/server set? Will I ever use them again? Where will I display them? Will I ever take them out? Will anyone notice the engraved words on them? Definitely not.  We got a cake cutter/server set, but it was not engraved. We bought it used from another bride, and resold it after the wedding.

Do I really NEED engraved flutes?  No again.  We had flutes, though not engraved ones.  However, when it came time for the toast, it just didn’t seem worthwhile to go look for them, so we used the same plastic ones as everyone else.

Do I really NEED personalized cocktail napkins? No.  We got them, just because we liked having something personalized–and napkins were less expensive than anything else that could be personalized.  However, we really would have been fine with any napkins.

Do I really NEED a seperate rehearsal dinner gown? (I’ve seen brides paying $400 for a new dress for the dinner!)  Our “rehearsal dinner” (there was no actual rehearsal) was pizza delivered to the house where we were all staying.  I wore pants and a shirt I already owned.  That way, we got to hang out with our friends in a more relaxed atmosphere.  If you’re having a more formal rehearsal dinner, you could wear a party dress, but there is no reason you have to buy something new.

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Worker bee

As an “older” bride (mid 40’s) let me give you the benefit of my years of experience for things like this – it’s not so much about “need” or “not need” or even about what to spend your money on (in my opinion).  For ME it’s about what you have CONTROL over and what is worth STRESSING over the day of the wedding.  It has been my experience in all the weddings I have been to over the years that with little details like this, THEY are the things that end up stressing you out.  “oh – don’t forget to bring the engraved wedding knife!” “yup, it’s in the car”  “WHOSE car?”  “your mom’s car” “but she won’t be there until later and they’ll need it when they set the cake up!”  “well what do you want me to do?  She’s at the hairdresser’s right now?”  “you have to go GET it!” etc etc.  9 out of 10 times people have ended up making do because this type of stuff gets misplaced (or the napkins get put up on a shelf by the caterer and nobody can FIND them etc etc).  If it doesn’t it’s because the bride has twisted herself or her wedding party into a pretzel ball of NERVES trying to keep track of every detail.  At my sister’s wedding I ended up sitting in the BACK and missing the entire ceremony because she never bothered to plan out who would turn the lights down (I had to do it) by the time I found the switch they had started and I couldn’t make it to my seat.  Stuff happens – worry about the BIG things and let these little details go – they seem fun now but they can be a burden, you know? 

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