(Closed) What things do people do that make you say WHY???!!!

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Bee Keeper
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people chained to their phones.  Looking at them while walking.  Looking at them while driving.  Looking at them in the restaurant.  Looking at them in the mall.  It’s ridiculous.

I grew up in the 70s & 80s when you had to find a pay phone and hope the person you were trying to reach was home.  And, believe it or not, the TV didn’t show anything except the flag after 1 am.  

Disconnect people!! Talk to each other.  Look at each other.  Life is too short to be immersed in devices.   

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Blushing bee
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Sukii:  YES.

And who don’t know what YIELD means! YIELD PEOPLE OMG. Also people who don’t speed up on ramps to merge onto a highway! You can’t go 55, take a soft-curve ramp, and then SLOW DOWN TO merge onto a highway going 65! NO. ARGH. Or… anyone ever driving under the speed limit, especially when approaching a green light. Go at least the speed limit people. 

Also when you change lanes to be first in line at the light, blocking the right lane and sitting at a red light so I CAN’T TURN RIGHT BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO BE #1 AND I HAVE TO WAIT THROUGH THE LIGHT.

… I don’t like drivers. haha. 

Also, people who always complain about not being able to lose weight/being overweight, but then proceed to eat Little Debbies, nachos, packaged cookies, and crap all day at work. Like… seriously? All three of my co-workers in my room did that and they complained pretty frequently, laugh and say “I shouldn’t eat this!” and then eat it. All. Day. The next day complain about being overweight. Either stop complaining, or stop eating the worst junk food in existence all the time.




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Busy bee

People who jaywalk with their children.. especially when it’s dark out and there are cars on the road. Cyclists who ride their bikes on the road without helmets, lights, and reflective gear.. Also, in the night. UGH.

PLEASE, I don’t want to run anyone over.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

People who incessantly press the button at a pedestrian crossing. You only need to press it once people.

People who buy big dog breeds that need a lot of exercise/backyard space and then stick them in tiny appartments/yards and barely walk them. My former neighbours constantly locked their dogs in their tiny garage all day while they were at work and had zero grass space from in the backyard. People like that just make me sick. 

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Bumble bee

People that are judgemental about others when in reality they or their family members are doing the same thing, as the saying goes “people that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”




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Sugar bee
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Women who push their prams out from between two parked cars on a busy road. If there’s a moving car – your CHILD gets killed because you were too damn lazy to cross a road safely. Grrr.

Oh, and in that vein any adult who walks on the inside of the pavement/sidewalk and lets their toddler or dog walk roadside. My insides clench every time we pass them in the car. I make and involuntary noise and tell Darling Husband to be careful. It frightens the beejeezers out of me. Especially if the child has a scooter…

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Busy bee

Men in grocery stores. They’re slow, they take up the entire aisle with their carts, they don’t consider other people in the store, they’re basically helpless and make an already boring chore worse. Men should be banned from grocery stores. 

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Helper bee
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Why people own pets but don’t put in the hours to train them properly. Sorry but it is not acceptable that your 2 year old “puppy” still isn’t potty trained. It doesn’t reflect badly on the dog, it reflects badly on the human! 

Also when people lay their food directly on the table of fast food restaurants, ugh imagine the germs! Why?.? Just use a napkin!

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Bumble bee

Entire families grocery shlopping together.  Husband, wife and 3 kids in tow clogging up the aisles.  I do not get what on earth would process anyone to do that.  If both of those parents are free at the time then one of them ought to be at home keeping the kids out of the other’s hair (and mine, and everyone else’s) so they can shop in peace, with focus and in single file!  I just do not get this phenomenon, and it seems to be increasing in popularity. 

I don’t have kids but most of my girlfriends do and every single one of them would rather set their hair on fire than grocery shop with their husbands AND kids.  

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Honey bee

People who broadcast every single detail and every single minute of their lives on social media. No one cares!

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Bumble bee

sugarcloud:  when an elevator doesn’t come immediately so the person begins to frantically push the button harder and harder. 

also, living in nyc i see this a lot: there’s gridlock traffic, like unbelievable traffic, and someone decides to lay into their horn. what do they think will happen? do they think everyone just fell asleep at the wheel and that’s why they’re not moving? it’s a mystery. 

oh…and…when someone asks you if you do/watch/listen to some specific thing and then if you answer “no” they’re like personally offended and screaching “whyyyyy?!?!??!?! omg!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!!!” it’s like, turn it down a notch. we’re talking about breaking bad. chill!!!!

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Bumble bee
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Ohhhh I have so many! 

-People who stand on an escalator next to each other, blocking anyone who wants to walk up.  We have massive escalators here from our underground train stations and this always happens!

-Large gatherings of mums online.  I accidentally joined a mums group on facebook the other day (must have accidentally clicked on it on my phone).  The questions and comments these women have put on there are ridiculous!  Items such as ‘there is a young child (looks 7-8) that crosses the road to the grocery store every afternoon, should I call the cops?’ and answers ranging from yes! before he gets abducted to his mum might be dead, you should follow him home and knock on the door.  I’m not making this up.

I also noticed a lot of mums writing questions in humblebrag format, such as ‘Is it normal for my 5 year old to start reading shakespeare by themselves?  Just wanted to make sure, it isn’t bad for them is it?’ Okay, I’m exaggerating on this one a bit, but not by much! 

I have plenty of friends that are mums and normal human beings, but for some reason it seems when they have a forum online, shit gets crazy.  I will exempt the bees from that for the most part because I don’t see much of that happening, maybe it’s because y’all have a life outside of your children 🙂 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Fucking cyclists with dark clothing and no lights or reflector on, cycling on dangerous country lanes in the fucking dark – I will run you down just a prove a point!

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Blushing bee
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people that mash the elevater button 100 times in 5 seconds as if that helps call it faster.

people that post 500 selfies and they literally all look the same.


the people that complain on facebook they don’t have any money for rent but two days earlier they posted their huge bath and body works candle haul and high end make up haul. this might be specific to one person LOL

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