(Closed) What things do people do that make you say WHY???!!!

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People who create threads discusinng their FH’s penis size

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Passive aggressive people. If you have an issue, let’s hash it out! My boss is theeee worst at this. Will literally send you a scathing 4 page text 10 minutes before you’re scheduled to arrive at work, then proceed to ignore you all day. Ugh.

Also, people who take 23 selfies in the same sitting all with only slightly varying facial expressions and post all of them on social media. Especially irritating when paired with the caption, “Feeling cute today! ;)” PICK. ONE.

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Cyclists. Any where. They all have a death wish. The roads in my area are not cycle-friendly and when that are riding it’s like you have no choice but to hit them. (I have not ever done this) plus they always pick the most windey roads. It’s just a very dangerous hobby and I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone wants to do it

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I’m going to echo some others:

-Men who tell me to “smile!” I went off on my previous boss about that once…

-People who say they “have to” get rid of their pet because they are moving somewhere that doesn’t allow pets. NO. You do not move someplace that won’t work for your family, and pets are part of your family. I’ve yet to hear of someone giving up their kid for adoption because they next apartment only has 1 bedroom. I have really wanted to yell at people on facebook about this.

-People who stand too close to me in line. Last week I was in the customer service line at the grocery store to get stamps. It was just me because DH wwent to check out the movies, and for some reason the old guy behind me thought it was a good idea to put his cart NEXT TO ME in the line. So he was standing a regular distance away, but he encroached on my personal space with his cartload of crap. Why on earth would you shove your cart in next to the person in front of you? (He was the only other person in line, so it wasn’t for purposes of keeping the line out of the walking area)

-When you call a business and they just answeer the phone with only “hello” and no name of the business. It’s common courtesy to confirm who I’ve called!


I think that’s it for now 😛 I’m easily annoyed.

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mrshomemaker:  I… I might be totally guilty of that. BUT, I would counter with: people who refuse to try something you recommend, for no good reason. Like, “Hey, have you seen (movie)?” “Nah.” “Oh, you’d love it, Amy Poehler plays this girl who – ” “I don’t think I’m gonna see it.” DAMN BRO, you didn’t even hear what it was about! Also included – people over the age of eight who won’t try new foods. Grow the fuck up and eat a vegetable.

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People who stand so close to you in the check out line that their coat or purse is literally touching you. Why why whyyyyy! People putting their carts right next to me too is super annoying too, but listen- if I’m swiping my debit card and trying to input my pin…BACK. AWAY. I’ve literally rudely backed into people on purpose when this happens and said “excuse me.”

People at work who don’t work…like ever. I see you walking into the bathroom on your phone, hanging out in the kitchen and leaning over people’s cubicle walls all day. And then some of them are Loud talkers/laughers on top of that, so I can’t hear my calls. That’s about 30% of my co-workers. Uggggh.

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When people invite themselves places. Especially when they don’t ask something along the lines of “mind if I join?”

When people bitch about how broke they are, but then they go on a shopping spree the same day. “My rents due tomorrow and I only have $20 to my name… oooooh look! New shoes!” *swipes card*

When I used to work at a grocery store and people would realize they didn’t have enough money to buy milk AND cigarettes, so they’d ask me to take the milk back. 

Another grocery store one- people would come up to my register with their baskets full and just plop it down on the belt as if I was supposed to empty their baskets. No. You take the crap out of your own basket so I don’t have to reach up and over. I actually got in an argument with a customer about this and they wanted my manager. So my manager came over and flat out told the customer that it was not in the cashiers job description to empty baskets, just ring up and bag the groceries. 

I also used to work in a pharmacy and we got many prescriptions where the doctor didn’t enter directions, but then they’d get mad at us for calling them to have them verify how the patient should be taking it. My boss snapped once and said “well maybe next time put the directions on the script and we won’t have this problem!!!” 

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I’m reviving this thread for this reason: my 50 something co-worker walks right into my office out of nowhere and sticks a picture in my face of herself as a young woman and says “look what I found at my Mom’s house.” – What? Why do I care about this? Now I have to feign interest in this awkwardness? Ugggh. WHY????

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People who think it is okay to buy a dress or suit, tuck in the tags, wear it somewhere, then return it to the store. I know a lot of people do this, but I don’t like it, I never have done it, and I think less of people who have. Flame away.

People who walk in the street where there is a sidewalk available. To the point where I have to follow them in my car, at a crawl, until I can go around them.

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