(Closed) What things do you do with your SO on a typical evening?

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When DH is home, we would usually go out with friends one night a week and went to his parents for dinner/games once a week.  Some nights we designated as ‘TV free’ and would make coffee, turn on music, and read good books and discuss them. 

We have had a few game nights, too, or gone out to an art show.  Several cities near us have “First Fridays” or “Second Fridays” where the downtown shops stay open late, there’s music, food, and the galleries are open to walk through.  We did that once a month, and then tried to have friends over at least once a month.

We like lively weeknights and boring, relaxing weekends, I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚

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SO gets home around 7pm, so I usually have dinner ready. We eat and talk about our days. Then we’ll usually put on of our many shared television obsessions (tonight we’ll be watching last night’s Dexter). We usually go to bed pretty early because we both have to be up early! 

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Fiance gets home before I do most of the time so he starts dinner. When I get home I usually watch TV while he’s finishing up or I’ll pitch in if he needs some help. Our kitchen is tiny though, so that’s rare. Then we eat, watch TV, work from home and play on the computer, depending on the night. We then head to bed.

Pretty much the same every night.

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I get off at work at 8 while he gets off at around 5.  After I come home I make dinner and we eat.  Sometimes together and sometimes apart.  He spends a lot of time on the computer he is usually perusing the internet or playing a game.  I love to watch youtube make up videos when I have the time.  Otherwise, I study or do homework because I am back in school for nursing.  A lot of times we catch up on shows we missed the previous week because we canceled our cable and watch it through the internet.  Sometimes, I feel like we are roommates instead of husband and wife, but I think we enjoy our independen time bc we have different interests.  But, we make up for it later Laughing

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Sounds like most people have similar evenings!

We cook dinner (most nights he does, but lately I have been a lot more), clean up, watch TV or a movie. Sometimes we play scrabble or a video game.

He fitness trains a guy 2 times a week, so while he does that i make dinner and eat and clean up and play video games or run errands.

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Its interesting to see all the similar routines that we all have. I live with Fiance and in laws, so by the time I get home around 630, fmil is almost done dinner. I set up the table go for a quick shower, by the time I’m done Fiance is usually getting home. We eat, chat with the family then go upstairs to our rooms. I go online for a bit (here of course hehe) watch some shows that I taped, while Fiance is in the other room playing xbox. We chill for a bit then bed time is usually around 10 or so. Yeah were boring lol

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we are soo boring. Usually after work we have some sort of running around to do seperately, and he usually goes to the gym. Then we meet up at home, make supper, eat and watch tv. If we’re not watching tv together then I’m editing photos (I’m a photographer) or on the bee. He’s usually playing his NHL game. 

Thursday night is trivia night at a local pub with a few other couples, which I really really enjoy. Soon, we’ll also be taking dancing lessons on thursday nights which is a wedding gift from FI’s aunt and uncle. This will be a surprise for those attending our wedding.

One thing I’ve noticed though is that we always go to bed together, around 10 30 or 11… one of us always waits for the other. I like that we have this routine together.

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I love evenings with DH.  We just moved into an artist’s loft in a wooded part of the city.  Nightly we walk our dog and then snuggle and watch tv in the loft.  It has been really nice.  He doesn’t get home until almost 9pm, so we don’t have too much time before we fall asleep, but we love it!

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Busy bee
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We work at the same place and share a car, so we commute together. If we have errands to run we get them done on our way home, then I cook while he hangs out on the computer or does random house chores. We eat dinner in front of the TV like a lot of you (even though I SWORE we’d use a dining table like civilized people after we moved… didn’t happen…), and go to bed between 10 or 11. Pretty boring.

We really need to work on fitting some exercise into our routine! I’m considering mornings. Does that work for any of you?

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I guess you could say we’re boring, too (in our 20s!)

We both are really busy so by the time we get home at night, the last thing we want to do is be busy.  He might play video games while I mess around on the computer, then we might watch TV or a movie.  Every once and a while we might go for a short walk (being in the health field, I like to not be a total couch potato) or do some prayers/reflections/etc.

We like to cook and do so together, but due to being up early for our lives (5:30) we go to bed about 10.  

Weekends are more exciting ๐Ÿ˜‰


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Sounds like we are very similar to yall!  We typically get home around 6/630, but it’s different every day.  Then we cook dinner.   They days I get home late, he cooks and the days I get home early, I cook.  Then we will watch TV and eat.  After that, we go to the gym and that tends to take a while.  We typically don’t go to bed until midnight for one reason or another, which is not good because we get up at 6:30! lol.  I like our boring little lives.

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I finish work really early as a teacher, usually 3:30 or 4, and I have pilates 3 times a week at 5 and if not I usually go for a long run on the alternate days.  I get home and showered by about 6:30/7:00, which is when my fi gets home most nights.  We start cooking dinner then, and usually watch a couple of eps of the West Wing (we’re working our way through, at season 4 now…I don’t want it to end!!), or go out with friends for dinner.  I’m up at 5:45 so we never stay out late on a weeknight, but i do like catching up with people on weeknights.  I’m a reader but my fi is not, so i usually try and get to bed by 9 so I can read for an hour.  some nights he joins me for some funsies, other nights not.   He usually comes to bed around 12, cause he doesn’t have to get up early.

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It really just depends on the week. Fiance drops his son off with his mom on Tuesday nights and picks him up on Fridays. On the days we have him, we try to do a lot of fun things, like bowling, baking, movies, arcades and such. Fiance plays football (or softball, depending on season) one day a week, typically Monday or Tuesday nights. I’ll go out with friends here and there, usually weekends. Other nights when we are home, I’ll make dinner and we’ll watch Friends, That 70’s Show, Dexter or some random movie. Fiance does a lot of homework at night while I do wedding planning. ๐Ÿ™‚ In the summer, we spend a lot of time at the pool in the evening, but it’s seasonal, so we’re getting our gym memberships activated so we can spend more time working out. Tonight, we’re going out for dinner and I’m making caramel apples and Halloween goodie bags with FSS. ๐Ÿ™‚

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