(Closed) What things do you wish you did (or didn't do) during pregnancy?

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I wish I had slept a lot more (even crappy pregnancy sleep), enjoyed more “me” time, had more date nights with DH, worked less (my job was hard on my body), and eaten healthier.

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E_Lynne615:  I wish I had done more research on nursing. I kind of just let it happen, and I had to figure it all out during my bath 3 days afer he was born WHILE we were already having issues with latching and everything else.

As far as what I wish I wouldn’t have done…I will do things different next time around, but I don’t necessarily wish I wouldn’t have done them. For instance, if we decide to have another child we will be keeping it on the down low from everyone, including parents, until I either can’t hide it or until after 16 weeks…just because we told parents at 5 weeks, and it made for a very long pregnancy. Plus my Mother-In-Law was way too overbearing during the whole process.

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I wish I would have done more singing and playing my instruments to the baby while I was pregnant. We moved to a new city and I started a new job that kept me really busy, so it took a back seat to everything else and I only had time for it on occasion, not every day like I would have done in an ideal world.

I also would have (and will in the future) given people a dummy due date a month later than the real one, or just keep it private. I went a couple of weeks over (as I knew I probably would), and a few family members felt the need to call every. single. day. towards the end. I know it’s because they care and were excited – but when you’re 40+ weeks pregnant, you really feel badgered having to have the same “nope, not in labor yet” conversation over and over. I started turning off my phone in self-defense (which led people to assume it was off because I must have gone into labor … PITA). I do not need to deal with that again in future pregnancies.

Also, now that I know what early vs. later contractions feel like in my body, I will avoid going to the birth center too early!

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KCKnd2:  A fake due date is actually the most brilliant thing I’ve ever heard.  I tell people I’m due at the end of September, and my EDD is 9/22, so it’s not a stretch.  I went 8 days late last time and it was a real pain to respond to every text, e-mail, and voicemail “Yes I’m still at work, NO I have not had the baby, GO AWAY NOW I’M CRANKY”

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I would have gone to the doctor telling him how much I was suffering from morning sickness earlier. Through the last 1.5 month I’ve suffered through it thinking it was just something I had to deal with, but nope – doctor told me yesterday that I’ve lost too much weight and that we need to reverse the trend for my health (baby takes what it needs). So now I’m on medication and have been advised to take meal replacements as well to try to re-gain what I’ve lost. I’m SO relieved that there’s finally going to be an end to this pain, just wish it would have happened earlier.

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I wish I had been more flexible. I had planned a natural childbirth with midwives and ended up having to have a c section because my baby was footling breech. I felt really disappointed leading up to the section and that tainted my last bit of pregnancy. Now that he is here I’m just grateful he was able to be born safely and the section isn’t a big deal. 

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This is my first pregnancy and I am almost 18 weeks. I have hyperemesis. At first I just thought I had morning sickness. I kept being told by my mom friends it was normal when it wasn’t.  I didn’t get on meds until almost 7 weeks. Next time I will call my doctor the moment I get a positive pregnancy test and get on meds. We didn’t figure out what meds worked until 16 weeks. I’m not gaining weight and am still sick, but these meds work the best of anything I’ve tried. So, if you feel like something isn’t right voice it to your doctor. Because I’ve been so sick I also haven’t taken many bump pictures which I wish I had taken more of. 

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Been more pushy about how I was feeling at the end with my DRs. I knew for several weeks I wasn’t ok but was told “it’s just end of pregnancy stuff” turns out I developed severe preeclampsia and had to be placed on magnesium which made me hardly remember baby’s birth. If I was pushy earlier I probably would not of needed the mag and subsequent blood pressure meds for weeks after. don’t ignore troubling symptoms! 

I also would have hired a photographer for maternity and newborn photos but I’m a photographer and thought I could do them myself. Since I was so sick though they never got done. 

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E_Lynne615:  I wish I wouldn’t have waited til the end to do last minute things like clean my car, finish hanging nursery decor, etc. DD came 2 weeks early and my house was a wreck and we weren’t as prepared as we could have been. 

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Would have read more on nursing…and also would have asked more about delivery protocol. I has no idea nursing would be so daughnting nor that I would be doeces to labOr in bed for hours and hours because of continuous monitoring. I guess it would have been nice to at least be prepared for that…I also would have come to some kind of understanding on what to so if my water breaks. I always thought atraight to the hospital you go/risk if infection. But I spent hours at the hospital doing nothing but waiting. would have been way more comfy at home! But I guess there’s that piece of mind monotoring provides. I wish I could have worked less….but I’m glad I took a week off before the twins came. 🙂 I slept a lot or at least tried to which I’m so glad for and thankful for my husband who helped make my pregnancy as comfortable and restful as possible. 🙂 u didn’t excersize after I found out I was hav if twins. I decided light walking and regykar activity is all I would do…and in pretty glad I didn’t try and kill myself at the gym. Im already down 30 lbs and I’m 3 weeks pp. very out if shape though I’ll admitt! But it was one less thing to worry about while pregnant. I’m glad I didn’t worry ain’t my weight too much….and that I listened to my hunger.

I regret newborn photo….I found it to be aweful for newborns to ensure. My babies were shivering, crying, ppopping and peeing everywhere. I felt aweful and could hardly watch. I’m talking about the fancy kind, naked curly babies with props and stuff. 



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I would take at least the last two weeks before my due date off – I was tiiiiiired and dragging myself into work. Other than that I was happy! 

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I’ll chime in although I’m still pregnant at 33 weeks. 

I told my husband, next time around I have to easier at work or actually use my sick days. In the start, I was so freaking sick I was not only barfing at work, but sleeping on the floor of my office during my lunch hour. It was horrific. I felt so crappy I cried a few times at work, but I never went home. :/ Less stubborn for sure!

I haven’t read up enough on nursing and I *KNOW* I should

My baby is now head down, but if you check out spinning babies or other websites, even youtube, it gives great advice on exercises to help baby turn head down. That was helpful.

I wish I felt less intimiated by my dr. During flu season I didn’t get the flu shot, but there was sooo much pressure it made me even more uncomfortable. (I didn’t get the flu or the shot). I also told my dr. that I didn’t want to “cocoon” vaccine during my pregnancy and would wait for the regular schedule. Again, I didn’t get vaccines, but I did get a lot of pressure and my mind was already made up.  That’s the part I didn’t like about my dr. appointments. 

I lotioned up every day and night. so far not stretch marks! But I wish I could stay away from crap food. Not doing a great job at saying no to weekly take-out. 

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E_Lynne615:  Mine will be vanity things. When I was pregnant with my kids belly shots, pregnancy photos, etc were not a thing but I wish they had been, I so would have done them.

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