(Closed) What things to houseguests do that you hate/love?

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My favourite time of day – A thread started by iarebridezilla:!!

Okay so one of my best girlfriends was visiting me and her boyfriend happened to live in the same city as me (they met in university where she lives, but he moved back home over the summer, where I live.)

Anyway, he was over for dinner, and it looked like he was getting ready to leave, but I could tell he didn’t want to, so I told him he was welcome to spend the night, if that’s what they wanted to do.  So he did!

After she left a few days later, I was stripping the bed and I found a pair of her panties in the bed, push to the foot of the bed LOL.  Even though she is my best friend, I was so disgusted!!!!!!!!!! hahaha.  I thew them out, and never spoke a word of it to her.

Also, my Father-In-Law was visiting, and he’s a smoker.  Darling Husband and I are not.  After he left, we were cleaning out the guestroom, and found ashes on the windowsill, so he was clearly smoking out the window after we had asked him to smoke outside only.  He hasn’t been invited back since, but not only for that reason…he’s just a different kinda guy and I prefer to spend as little time with him as possible…

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Haha re: the typo in the title. πŸ™‚ didn’t even notice that.

Anyway I like it when: 

-people make themseelves at home and do stuff like get their own cereal in the morning, get their own drinks from the fridge, etc. I don’t like to feel like I have to constantly check in on them and serve them things. This is the most important one to me!

-people keep their stuff relatively tidy and don’t mess up the house a whole bunch. 

-people have a few ideas of their own about things they’d like to do — or else they are totally happy just hanging out.


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One thing that drives me crazy is when a guest comes in and makes a comment about my house “missing something” or telling me something would look better rearranged, like “that would look so great, over there, not there.” It also irks me when people can’t throw things away. For example, we had a small party for my son’s birthday, after everyone had left the house was littered with paper cups, used napkins, etc. just lying around. The garbage can is right there! It isn’t hidden away under the kitchen sink or in one of those cool secret garbage cabinet nook things. It was mostly adults, I wouldn’t blame children, they get so distracted it isn’t a big deal. But adults are quite able to throw their crap away.

I really appreciate it when people offer to help clean up after a get together, I won’t let them, but feel it was great of them to offer. I suppose I just appreciate good manners. I also appreciate the comment, “Oh, this is such a kids house!” There are normally toys hanging out in our living room, my 1 1/2 year old likes to pull everything and out isn’t so great at putting things away, yet. 2 minutes after I get things picked up, she has pulled them back out again. That comment is so much nicer than “Your house is a flippin disaster, it looks like fisher price threw up in here.” I will take “kid friendly” as a compliment. πŸ™‚

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I absolutely HATE houseguests unless they’re my immediate family.  My mom, sister, or nieces I can totally handle – nothing they do would bother me.  My dad would be fine too, but my stepmom I would feel really uncomfortable with.  Of course, we have a tiny one-bedroom condo, so people don’t really stay with us anyway!!  Maybe I’d feel different if we had a place with a guest bedroom.  

I think if we had a house with some space I would enjoy having houseguests, but I don’t see a house with some space in our near future πŸ™

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MrsClumsy:  I hate in when guests offer their unwanted “suggestions” too. It’s rude!

I can’t stand it when guests don’t make their beds and when they don’t use freakin’ coasters on the wood! I have coasters EVERYWHERE, just use one wth. 

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iarebridezilla:  I have 2 friends who do this! I love those sneaky cleaners. 

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I have honestly only had family stay with me, but it drives me nuts if they are dependant on me for everything. I find it rude for them to get their own drinks/food on the first day (i find it awfully presumptuous), but after a day or two it is nice to see they feel at home.

BUT I also LOVE it when they make plans to go out by themselves a couple times. Just saying in the morning “Ya, I think if I have time I am going to run to…..” or “we made plans to go see…”.

I get sick of company 24/7 really fast, so it is nice to have a break. I know not all house guests will have cars and easy access to life outside the house, but it’s nice to see they are willing to do things without me.

I absolutly hate it when guests are early risers and they make tons of noise in the morning- I have to change my whole routine around theirs. I don’t mind waking up a little earlier to cater to them, but if they get up at 5am on a saturday and start making breakfast and watching tv while everyone else is sleeping 1 room away, I find that rude. My latest house guest literally woke up at 5am every morning and he was SO quiet. Literally just sat on the couch drinking coffee reading the newspaper until everyone woke up. Perfect house guest, IMO. He can come back anytime πŸ™‚

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I’m not friendly enough for house guests that aren’t drunk friends that will only be present until they’ve slept it off.  I don’t expect anything from them other than to drag their butts off my couch at some point in the following day.  Given how much my dog loves to lick the faces of those that sleep on the couch that isn’t long πŸ™‚

Darling Husband and I spent the night at his parent’s house this weekend and his mom is just RIDICULOUS.  They let us know when they would be gone for church, so we only woke up after they left so that we could compose ourselves, shower, eat, and be ready for their return.  They left out tons of food for us, had the coffee maker ready to go so Darling Husband only had to push “start” and left out towels, loofas, and a huge bin of any kind of bath product we could desire.  I would not have been surprised if there had been a mint on my pillow.  The only thing she asked of us was that she put our dirty towels in the washer so that she could start a load when she got home later that day.

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