What to bring a new mom?

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Westwood :  Agreed on the freezer space issue. By the time my son was 2 weeks old we told friends to stop bringing us freezer meals because we no longer had any room for them. 

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I honestly wanted an “out” of commitments when I just had my son. I would feel totally social one day and completely drained the next, so whatever you do decide to do– I’d text beforehand and say, “if you don’t feel like having company right now, I completely understand and will just drop of the food at your doorstep”


Or order the pizza– that is such a good idea… I’m stealing that for my next friend that has a baby!

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I had a baby girl a few weeks ago and while I’ve loved the help it’s been overwhelming because every time someone comes over I feel like I have to host, have a clean house etc. Plus my freezer is full so while meals are appreciated I just don’t have the space. 


My favorite things have been muffins and fruit salad. I find mornings the hardest. I also got a gift card to door dash (a take out food delivery service) that was seriously the best thing ever

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Another idea: Peapod gift certificate! I did this for a friend whose husband passed away and she had two kids at home. She said it was so helpful. Freezer meals are nice but sometimes you just need basics and you quite literally can’t get out of the house. 

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Ok I’m going to be the odd man out….I’d just bring them a gift certificate to a restaurant you know they like. Let them decide when they’d like to use it so they have the freedom to order whatever they feel like. If you plan to be there over dinner I do agree with maybe just grabbing a pizza. Something easy you know everyone will like.

My friends put together a meal train for us, for almost two weeks. Our favorite night? When my friend texted me and said “What do you want from {favorite restaurant}?” She called in our dinner, picked it up, and dropped it off. Meanwhile another friend brought over a giant pot of chilli. Her chilli is dilicious….but NOT what wanted to eat two days after coming from from a c-section. I ended up giving it all away. 

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Not a mom BUT I know many. 

Amazon gift cards? Even gifting it virutally. Especially handy if new mom has Prime. She can order groceries, tolietries, books, stuff for baby or herself. 

Walmart gift cards OR for you to pick-up groceries for her? This kind of goes hand in hand but my aunt just had a little one (I use this service too) and SWEARS by Walmart Grocery Pick-Up. Gift cards would allow mom to order her stuff online for pick-up and venture out with baby for a very small trip that is not stressful. The flip side of this would be offering to grab groceries for her too. I was thinking if you just happened to ask in convo “Hey do you need anything?” she could say yes! if I do walmart pick-up can you get my groceries on your way over? 


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Maybe I’m in the minority here but I had a baby in December and a c-section and between my husband and I we didn’t have too much trouble feeding ourselves.  Amazon or target gift cards for last minute things we didn’t know we needed would have been nice.  You could volunteer to stop at starbucks or to pick up sandwiches or pizza depending on the time of day. 

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Love the takeout idea, and a friend of mine always delivers easy breakfast stuff (muffins, breakfast burritos, etc) since that’s always a thing we seem to forget. Also honestly- the offer to hold the baby while I :nap, shower, do anything for myself is one of my favorite “post baby” gifts. A good friend of mine used to come by and just take our baby for a walk so I could lay down for 30-40 minutes. It. Was. Magical. She also helped fold some laundry and just do a few things here and there- so appreciated and helpful! 

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The best thing anyone did for my after my son was born was clean my house and do laundry. I also second the giftcards for resturants or just texting and asking what they want for dinner one night and dropping it off. And grocery shopping. My mom made lots of freezer meals, and while they were nice to have there were several that just weren’t to our taste which means we threw some out or had to give it away. If you do visit and she is BFing/pumping, I would sugesst making a short visit or going without Darling Husband. I was pumping around the clock (baby was in NICU) and having house guests made it awkward for me. I was constantly hiding away to pump, and moving around that much was not fun with a rough c-section recovery. Bringing coffee is always good too unless she is avioding it. Those first few weeks are zombie-like, and I personally really enjoyed getting a nice Starbucks coffee a few times a week. 

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Lol god bless PPs who had freezers so full of gifted food that they just couldn’t store anything more. 

OP, I would’ve welcomed any and all food, doesn’t matter if it was carbs, veggies, single-serve, big trays, whatever. I personally had to go dairy-free to rule out a few issues that could’ve been causing LO to have feeding problems, but even a big ol’ lasagna full of cheesey cheese would’ve been loved and appreciated to fuel dh through all those long days/nights. Dh and I had/have zero help with our baby, so anything would have been appreciated. You’re a very sweet friend 🙂

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I just did this for a friend that had her first baby last week 🙂 she avoid specific foods though, so I tailored what I brought knowing what she doesn’t eat.

In addition to some prewashed cut up fruit and their preferred takeout, things I brought (for freezer or immediate cooking if they preferred)

– banana oatmeal muffins

– crockpot beef stroganoff *

– skillet creamy parmesan and broccoli penne *

– baked lemon pesto chicken*

* These were in large freezer bag with simple instructions so that even her partner who is terrible in the kitchen could manage it. None of the meals required any more than pouring/starting heat source/plating

They were very appreciative, and suspected a few if us would drop by with food since that is normal in our circle, so freezer space wasn’t an issue.

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Yes! So many times I planned to roast something in the oven or bake something frozen and the baby finally fell asleep on me. No way was I waking him up to put something in the oven.

annabananabee :  

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I agree that we didn’t receive any meals from anybody so I’m really glad I stocked my freezer while pregnant. Most people brought clothes for baby.

One of the best things and I made and froze were muffins. During the first few weeks it was tough to get breakfast together and I was constantly hungry (breastfeeding) so I would take one or two out a day ahead and at least I had a quick bite to eat when I needed it. I’m 5 months post partum now and still breastfeeding but the cravings aren’t as bad as they were in the very beginning. 

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