What to do about doula services? Coronavirus

posted 2 weeks ago in Pregnancy
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    Do you have a support person other than your husband if he were to get sick?

    If you have another support person or are fine going it alone, I’d either cancel or try to get a lower rate personally. Virtual support would not be helpful to me either.

    Personally I would not want to labor at home until 7 cm though, especially if you’re fine getting an epidural. At 7 cm I could barely talk or move, let alone get in a car and walk into the hospital on my own. 

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    I would cancel because I wouldn’t want the doula in my home right now. She could bring corona to you and in turn you could bring it to the hospital. 

    Also, research shows epidurals don’t slow labor.

    I’m sorry you’re going through this :/ I just had babies 11 weeks ago and I can’t imagine having to deliver during this mess. 

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    This is really personal, and unfortunately you’re not gonna know how you feel about needing/wanting a doula until you’re in that situation. I will just share my experience in case it’s at all helpful , with the caveat again that everyone is different and you may feel totally differently when your time comes!

    I thought I wanted a doula while I was pregnant. I wanted to try for a natural birth and had read a lot about how helpful doulas can be. Also, my husband is really squeamish around needles and medical situations, so I was worried he wouldn’t be able to give me the type of support I needed. In the end, the doula I wanted (highly recommended by some friends of mine) wasn’t going to be available during my birth month, so I just gave up on it. 

    During my labor and delivery (water broke at home, I was then induced with pitocin at the hospital cause I wans’t contracting on my own) – my only support person was my husband. He rose to the occasion and was there for me 100%. I ended up getting an epidural for pain management after a few hours on pitocin, which I am positive I would have done even if I’d had a doula. I don’t have that kind of pain tolerance and I wasn’t trying to be a hero at that point. My labor progressed quickly once I got the epidural (completely contradicting the fearmongering you see in natural birth groups online about how epidurals allegedly slow down labor), and I had a very straightfoward vaginal birth and relatively easy recovery. I loved that it was just my husband and me there. I think I actually would not have had any patience for a doula given the way things played out. While I was laboring without the epidural, I wanted to be left completely alone – I didn’t want anyone touching me or appyling pressure or telling me how to breath – it just wasn’t helpful to me (but I couldn’t have known that beforehand). And once I had the epidural, I was pretty much just chillin as my body did its thing. During the birth itself – my OB walked me through pushing and my husband held my hand, and that was all I needed. I think a doula would have felt “extra” to me. The nurses, my OB, and my husband were all amazing and offered all the support I could have wanted. However, if I’d had a complicated birth maybe I would feel differently, I don’t know.

    I do have a number of friends who used doula services and not one of them regrets it, so I know it can be amazing – but for me personally, I didn’t need it and am glad that it was just my husband with me.

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    My suggestion would be to see how long you could wait before cancelling. Things may change but also may not, we are essentially early in all these changes and things are totally day to day. As for laboring without a doula- you can totally do it! If you decide to take that route, work with your husband to learn some of the techniques a doula may have been able to provide.

    My personal experience with my first last year was I thought I wanted my mom, sister and husband with me but come “go time” I wanted no one and went totally into myself for strength. I also inadvertently labored from home until I was 9 cms thinking I wasn’t in real labor and really wanted to labor from home as long as possible. Turns out I did because my daughter was born 45 mins after arriving at the hospital. Nothing’s ever as planned right?!


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    jdun17 :  

    Remember that they’re running a business and trying to preserve their income.  Virtual support is not the same, any doula proud of their skills will tell you that.  Having a doula is a perk, not a necessity to warrant the extra exposure.  It’s not going to work in this pandemic climate.  Just wash your hands of it, pun is unintentional but convenient, and focus on prepping yourself for moving forward as safely as possible.  I wish you a safe and healthy labor and delivery.  Be careful, be safe.

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    jdun17 :  I have no advice but I’m following to see what others say because I’m 6 months pregnant with my first. We hired a private doula who I really love and I’m excited about but as of right now my hospital is only allowing 1 person as well.

    I’ve got about 3ish months till delivery but I am worried that these rules will still be in place then and if I have to choose I’m taking my husband over my doula. Sigh. 

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    Is she also a postpartum doula? Could you get x hours of postpartum doula services after baby 

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    jdun17 :  I decided to keep my doula for the pre-labor stuff.  And if she isn’t allowed in the hospital for my birth (I’m due early July) then I’ll only pay half the total price.

    My doula has been really great with educating my husband and I about labor and teaching him how to be a great support person. And I want to know pain management techniques to use if/ before I get an epidural.

    But I am bummed that most likely she won’t be able to attend the birth. My OBGYN predicts that COVID-19 will peak during the summer in my area…

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