(Closed) What to do with a big bored puppy?

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@Bracelet00:  Not sure if you are looking for advice or if you are just providing information (maybe a bit of both)? 

Puppies are not all the same so the trick to training a bored puppy is often related to the breed. 🙂 

What is this little guy designed to do? Answering this can help determine the best course of action! 

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Buzzing bee

I’d suggest nosework! Maybe some casual agility.

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I have a beagle mix and can understand the issue of them getting bored. Walking is always the best to get out physical and mental energy. We also use food toys to feed him, but haven’t found anything that is actually challenging to him. Our favorite toy, our guy is pretty small, only about 25lbs is a chase it dog exercise toy which I’ve always ordered from Amazon. (Sorry, on my phone, can’t link anything). Bones are always good for rainy days. You can even freeze peanut butter inside bones so it takes them a while to get it out.

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@Bracelet00:  Get him a kong and some peanut butter stuff (they make it just for dogs – look at petsmart). Freeze it in the freezer so it is hard for him to get it out! That should entertain him for a long while!

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@Bracelet00:  We have a beagle mix and I second the kong. We also hide pepperoni and treats out in our backyard and let him scope them out, which he loves. Perhaps you can do this in the house? This is kind of strange, but we also attach a toy to a fishing pole (with a clip thing, not a hook, don’t worry it’s safe!) and “fish” for him. He goes crazy trying to catch the toy/ get it before we reel it back in. It totally wears him out and is pretty entertaining for us. Maybe this will help him not tear the toy to pieces since you reel it back in pretty quickly?


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How much exercise does he get?

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Frozen things was always key for me – although it can be a little messy – we have tile floors, so its not a big deal. 

I put a tiny bit of beef or chicken broth in with a bunch of water, and make ice cubs with a single treat in the middle of them. My terrier pushes them around on the floor with his nose until they melt and he gets the treat. 

I agree with @weatherbug about the kong filled with peanut butter. You can layer it as well – I put in dog food at the bottom, a layer of peanut butter, more dog food, then some cheeze wiz. Usually have a couple of those in the freezer. 

Also – walks are essential, twice a day for most breeds – but nothing gets them tired out more than running off the leash with other dogs. If I don’t get our pup to the dog park at least once a week, he gets antsy. Interacting with other dogs tires them out mentally and physically. 

good luck! 🙂 

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Busy bee


– Put his food in an IQ Ball (especially if they have hardwood floors) or a Kong Wobbler. The IQ Ball has different settings so as he learns how to work it, you can make it harder. They’re both hard, hard plastic and have stood up to nearly two years of lab teeth.

– If you know of a butcher counter in town (can even be the local grocery store) ask about getting some raw marrow bones. They can also be purchased at a specialty pet store. They’re rich so the first one has to be used with supervision because it can cause some runny poos depending on the dog. (I have one dog that can eat them and one dog that can’t.) They come (and are served) frozen, and entertain for hours. 

– Hard Chew Proof Toys: Jolly Ball Teaser (it looks like a ball, inside a ball), and Jolly Egg. Neither are really ‘inside’ toys as they can scuff up the walls, but they’re indestructible. A flirt pole is a great idea if the owners want to spend some time playing with him, but it can’t be left lying around. Kong makes one called the Kong Chase It. 

– I know this part requires some work on their part, but training is so helpful. As pup is still growing, it’d be important to find an agility class that doesn’t include jumps — those can be hard on still growing joints. Otherwise, looking for a Nosework, Rally-O, or General Obedience Class would tire out his mind a lot.  

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I agree with all the previous suggestions except for marrow bones- the Lab we had when I was a kid had to have two teeth pulled because she cracked them on marrow bones. Our vet said that they aren’t safe because they can chip and splinter and cause internal damage if swallowed- not to mention the tooth risks. 

Kongs are great (get the big one), and they make other types of extreme chewer bones. However, the best suggestion I have is that a tired puppy is a well-behaved puppy. When a dog gets enough exercise, he’s too tired to get into trouble. Just no sustained intense exercise (like taking him for a run) if he’s under 1yr. Long walks, chasing a ball, playing with other dogs, and swimming (if you live somewhere warm) are great. 

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We have this for our pit mix: http://www.amazon.com/Horse-Jolly-Ball-10-Inch-Red/dp/B000PU34TO/ref=pd_sim_petsupplies_3

It is seriously indestructible. Our pit can easily chew through any other dog toy. This is also great for tug of war. Sometimes we just sit on the ball part and let her tug on the handle – then we can watch TV and relax and she can still play!

Also, before I started running with our dogs, we taught them to go on our treadmill. It took a little bit of training starting with them on a leash and walking beside them, then putting the leash over the sidebar of the treadmill, then taking them off the leash altogether. We’d put them on for 15-20 minutes in the morning while getting ready (we always had an eye on them) and it helped to get some of that extra energy out. 

Oh and our other favorite treat are deer antlers. They last much longer than other chews and you can buy them in bulk. They are a little pricier than rawhide or something but I think they’re worth it.

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@Bracelet00:  our trainer told us 15 mins of training equals an hour of play. try teaching him some cool tricks. as far as Indestructible toys…I don’t have any suggestions my pups rip everything apart:) 

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@Bracelet00:  Get him a laser pointer.

On the days that we just don’t have time to take our very active Boxer on a walk or on a long hike through the park, we bust out the laser pointer. We run him through the house with it, and after about 20 minutes of it, he’s pooped!


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A tired dog is a good dog always seems to hold true so I always take my dogs to the park but all dogs are different and the breed may make a difference. 

I have one dog (terrier/sheppard) that will only settle if she gets out for a run. Training does tire her out but running is the one thing she loves and keeps her tired and therefore good! I have literally tried every time of indestructable toy and puzzle and just toys that are made to come apart (this one kind of worked)

My other dog( labradoodle) likes to be given taskes to do so I may tell him go find your ball and he brings it to me or other times I might say go find Ryan (the cat) and he points to her and he gets pets or treats it works really well to keep him mentally and physivally busy cuz he has to get the right thing and run it back to me. Also very helpful when I need something (like if I forgot a towel and I am in the shower) because I can send him to find my SO who can get it for me haha

My foster dog (bulldog/mastiff) will get tired just going for a car ride he gets excited seeing everything and tires himself out.

It really depends on the dog! your parents dog sounds to be more like my terrier in that physical exercise may be what he needs 



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