(Closed) What to do with puppy while at work?!

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My 3 dogs are crated while I’m at work.

You can put water in her crate, just get one of those bowls that attaches to the side/front of the crate.

As far as her going to the bathroom, if she can “hold it” all night, she can hold it through the day. At a year old even a small dog should be able to “hold it” long enough to get through the day while you’re at work.

When I was unemployed for a while, my dogs obviously weren’t in their crates because I was home with them. But you know what they did? Slept in their crates (doors wide open so they could come and go as they please) most of the day! To a dog, a crate is it’s “den”, it’s a cozy safe spot.

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Do you keep your AC on during the day?  If not, I think abbyful is right…dogs like their crates and you can put a water bottle on the side if you need to.  Maybe put a fan by her crate as well if you’re still worried about her getting too hot!

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I agree with you in that I don’t really like crating dogs too much… and in my (totally unprofessional and personal only) opinion… 8 hours for work + night time is too much and will just result in her hating the crate. That being said, it is kind of necessary for potty training because you really can’t let her go in your house. I think that putting down papers for her to go is really sending the wrong message. She should definitely be able to hold it for 8 hours. I never had that problem with potty training so I’m not sure the solution but maybe talk to a trainer to get some tips on potty training? Then once she’s trained either just leave her in her pen, or give her run of the house. I feel like a minority any more but I’ve never crate trained any dog beyond the potty training part. Every dog I’ve had has had full run of the house 24/7 once they’re potty trained and I have 1) no accidents 2) nothing chewed 3) happy dogs. 

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We leave our 1 year old puppy in a crate when we are gone during the day.  We just make sure she has access to food and water and some toys.  We’ve been doing this since she was little and she is fine with it.  She just sleeps all day 🙂

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We used to put our dog in his crate during the day but he hated it. He never took well to crate training. He never went to the bathroom in there but one time he peed outside the crate. That is the only “accident” he’s had. 

For the past 10 months of so we’ve just left him in our guest room during the day. He has a bed to sleep on and a window to look out. He loves this arrangement. he runs in there when we’re going out. He’ll often sleep in there during the day if we’re home as well. He’s never had an accident in there. 

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@CorgiTales: My dogs have always been the same way!  They have free reign of the house, all furniture, etc 24/7 and we’ve never had an issue.  We have one dog that still loves her crate from potty training and chooses to sleep in there at night sometimes with the door open – but she’s odd in many ways so not such a surprise.

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Look into a dog walker!  Even just one or two days per week so that the puppy gets exercise during the day and won’t be lonely.  Then someone is checking up on them to make sure that the room is cool, there were no accidents, the water bowl isnt turned over, etc.  We always had a kid in the neighborhood who we would pay to stop by after school and take our dogs out and give them a little food.  (Probably cheaper than a dog walker and they love spending time with dogs!)

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I hate AC too!!!  Glad I found another weirdo.

I move our room fan down during the day since we shut all our bedroom and bathroom doors.  And our 4 month old pup and 4 year old dog have positioned themselves laying down right in front of it.  There’s a bowl of water in the kitchen.  Sometimes, I leave our backdoor open to the fenced in backyard so the pup can relieve herself and romp about for a bit.  If the door to outside is shut she will have an accident but I know where she goes so just put down newspaper there (she goes right in front of the backdoor to get outside). 

I’d try to find a friend or hire a dog walker to take her out once during the day while you’re at work if you can’t let them have access to the backyard.  We have a couple friends who are at a point where they really want a dog but can’t manage one yet so they store stuff in our basement and in exchange come over a couple afternoons and take the dogs outside during the day. 

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All three of ours are crated while at work.  All of them are crate trained to not go potty in the crate – I think after a while your puppy will learn that.  It’s much safer for a dog to be crated during the day because if it’s left out in the house it could hurt itself (never mind the fact your house could be ruined lol).  She could knock things off of counter/tables/chairs/etc. and things could fall on her.  Her collar could get caught on something and she could choke, so many other things could happen.  In a crate they are much safer.  If you’re worried about water get one of the water bowls designed to hook on crates.  And for the heat, either leave the ac running or buy a fan to put near her.  As for the pottying in the crate, I would get the puppy-pads rather than newspaper.  Because the pads are plastic on the bottom nothing can leak through and ruin the floors.  They make for a way easier clean-up as well.  Hope this helps!

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We put our lab as a pup in a crate all day and he was fine. I disagree saying it will make them hate the crate, our dog loved it. It was the one cool place to sleep and even if we let him sleep with us at night, he would get down and go back to his crate. You have to start slow then work your way up. We started on weekends with leaving him out to have free reign for a couple hrs at a time to seee how he was until we chanced it one day while at work and now he is always left out but he is also almost 3. Our crate was more for chewing stuff rather than potty issues. He was potty trained early and never had an issue, but labs chew and I’ve lost many pillows, baskets etc. I’ve never agreed with laying paper down or those potty pads bc that is also teaching your pet that it is ok to go inside the house.

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We always crate-trained until the dog was at least a year old. Then they had the run of the house while we were gone during the day. BUT, they weren’t chewers, were completely potty-trained and well behaved. Had they not been, I would have continued to use the crate.

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I second/third the dog walker – there needs to be some exercise to keep the dog happy!  Either finding a neighborhood kid or a friend who works from home and would be willing to go over and let the pooch out, it will make a huge difference..

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