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@SimplyChic11:  I had this problem last week. But it wasn’t so much about hospital/recovery, it was about my personal comfort and consideration for Dh. I don’t shave completely, but I like to keep it short and trim. 

Darling Husband had clippers that he users for his hair, so I got those out on the shortest guard, and stood backwards over the toilet and went to town. It’s wasn’t easy and I had some round ligament pain before I was through. It definitely isn’t even either, but it works in a pinch!

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I’ve delivered two babies and at no point did anyone make mention of my pubic hair during pregnancy, delivery, or the postpartum period. 

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I generally trim, but definitely couldn’t do it toward the end of the pregnancy. No one did anything or mentioned anything when I delivered. Shaving is not routine anymore (thank goodness). It doesn’t really make a difference in any way.

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My mom is an L&D nurse and she and he best friend who delivered my babe said that they most certainly do talk about people who leave it wild and fully grown down there. Once when I was younger I heard them joking about a lady “who obviously didnt read the sign that said “no cats allowed””  This was before I was ever even pregnant, so of course I was self conscious. I was induced so I knew it was coming and shaved that morning. It was probably one of the more difficult tasks during my entire pregnancy butI do think it made a difference in recovery. I just was more comfortable.

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It just makes me so sad that people shame others about their body hair. It grows for a reason, and if someone chooses to not remove something that is 100% natural why is it okay for women like the nurses mentioned above to mock that choice?

I’d say do as you please and don’t make a gigantic amount of effort either way. Hair is hair, I can’t see how it’s going to affect anything whether there or not (but I can envision so much pain from the effort of trying to shave/wax while dealing with a big belly!)

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@candc13:  eek that’s pretty sad. I had always thought that a nurse at the very least would withhold judgement on their patients… 

I second what @MissCalifornia:  said. Do what you please. It’s just body hair. I can understand considering the recovery period, but honestly I can only see it being more uncomfortable with stubble and possible razor burn/ingrown hairs! To be honest, I may get my SO to trim for me in the (far) future when I’m pregnant. If not, I’ll leave it au natural and hope that my nurses and doctors are mature enough to look at my 9 month pregnant body hair! 

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@MissCalifornia:  +1000

It makes me incredibly sad.  

I don’t shave and certainly don’t plan to do any different during this pregnancy.  I’m 17 weeks and already get ligament pain in enough positions without trying to do something I’m not keen about in the first place.

As for during delivery, I dare anyone to come at me with a razor – they’ll get their teeth kicked in >:|

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They of course would never let a patient even know that they noticed either way! It really is easier to keep clean afterwards.

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Shaving for Delivery is more of an Old Wives Tale than anything else.

Doing so went out of fashion eons (decades) ago… something more done when my Mother had her kiddies in the 1950s & 60s, than when I had mine back in the 1980s

As someone else said, public hair was not mentioned the entire time I was pregnant… nor when I checked into the Hospital for delivery

It only became an issue when they had to do an emergency C-Section… it that case, they had a nurse shave me… and then it was only the mons pubis / pubic mound (mound of Venus) as that is the general area where they have to make the incisssion

(Cut is made at the bottom of the “belly balloon”… below the bikini line… so the scar is hidden in the future by one’s undies / bathing suit… one can GOOGLE for pics if one is so inclined)

Hope this helps,

PS… Like the other Bees I’d have to say that those Nurses were being very unprofessional making “fun of” patients (and if overheard they should have been reported).  I also take it they were extremely young / and down right immature.  Because a Nurse who is older and been around awhile would attest that she’s seen all sorts of folks walk thru the front door… people come in in all varieties.  And what one does with their bodies is their own biz.  This whole “bare” genitalia concept is still relatively new and mostly a Western / North American thing… and part of our “clean obsessed” culture.  There is nothing wrong with folks who choose to do otherwise with THEIR BODIES.


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I got into very creative positions to shave down there. I don’t know about all hospitals but mine checked to see if I needed to be shaved for the c-section.

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