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Don’t shave before delivery. Despite hospitals keeping things as clean as possible always….there’s a lot of nasties there; viruses, bacteria. By shaving, you are vastly increasing your chance for infection down there.

I know we’d like to think that our doctors and nurses follow strict handwashing procedure but you just don’t freaking know.

The nurse who just help delivered that baby next door may or may not have washed her hands…

…and that lady may or may not have had gonnorhea.

You really want to increase your chances for the sake of vanity?

Need help accepting your hair down there? Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcoreV10hI8


As for people bagging on the nurses making fun of the lady with the live animal between her legs. It happens. I can’t judge them. I mean, for anyone who works retail– don’t tell me that you’ve never made fun of a customer behind their back. Or if you work in hospitality? Man, you’ve got to have some horror stories that are told at cocktail parties. 

It’s just one of those things that happens at work. Didn’t mean they didn’t still care for the lady, didn’t mean they didn’t do everything they could to alleviate her pain but seriously– let he who has no sin and shit…

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I left my junk alone during the later months of my pregnancy and no one said anything. I had better things to think about while giving birth than my public hair and I really didn’t care what anyone else thought, either.

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I’m hoping to find a comfortable way to trim up down there. I used to get waxed allllll the time, but don’t want the extra pain. I hope to keep it up, but i itch like crazy when it starts to grow back in so with my luck ill be due for a trim the day I go into labor. 

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CindyRelly yes my mom. I was not embarrassed, like I said, I was young, so I didnt know to be embarrassed, i just filed it away for the future…

and to  everyone else… they were not speaking of any patient in particular, just in general. Like an observation. They were not even at work. People make judgements and observations about other people at work all the time. I was simply giving my thoughts and adivce as asked for by OP.


 SockJunkie thank you

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If I heard anyone making comments about personal appearance like that during labour, I’d be putting complaints in. But then, I also wouldn’t make unprofessional comments about other people in my line of work either, so maybe I just have high expectations of people?

Labour and birthing is such a vulnerable experience in the first place; the last thing you want to worry about is what someone thinks of your grooming habits. :/

As for me, I’ve always been a trimmer & try to keep things at least tidy down below. It is ridiculously hard to reach at the moment though, so I’m not sure how the final product will look/feel at delivery – but you know what? I am sure I’ll be more preoccupied by pushing a GIANT melon out of my ladyparts, if you know what I mean.

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I’m a shaver and I lost all visual contact with that area a couple of weeks ago. I have found that getting in the bathtub gives me a better reach, although nothing can really fix the lack of eye contact. Anyway, I just hop in the tub once every week or two and take care of business as best I can. 

It’s also the only way I can shave my legs now. And I’d happily let those go all wild, but I’m taking a water aerobics class right now and I just can’t stomach not keeping my legs neat. And then if I’m already in the tub,  might as well do the whole job. You know?

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@candc13:  I thought what she said was funny.  

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Busy bee
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I have to say that the nurses in question were mostly likely (I hope!!) not saying anything in front of patients. +1 to the PP who said it’s just like retail- it is. Not saying we should ever be making fun of other people, but sometimes it happens. It’s not the most kind or sensitive, but nurses spend 100% of their days being kind, supportive, and empathetic even in cases of absurdly abusive behavior from docs, patients, and family members. Every profession needs to find some way to laugh off their day! But I do agree no one should be mocking others for their choice in bodily hair….

Having seen the birth process a whole lotta times, I for one will definitely be getting waxed prior to birth. Hair + bloody drainage is not the most fun. It can also complicate things if you’re getting drainage that is drying in the hair in a wound….very painful. To me, it also seems like a higher risk of infection (because it’s harder to keep clean). I wouldn’t shave, though- the microcuts can also predispose you to icky hospital germs. 

I will say that bare hands will never be in your vagina during the birth process- that’s what sterile gloves are for. And I can assure you that one set of bare hands never goes from vagina to vagina, spreading gonorrhea!!!!! That’s just crazy, but I get the sentiment.

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I’m not pregnant/never have been, but my pregnant friend and a group of us were recently having this conversation.  My pregnant friend routinely gets waxed, and I’m someone who shaves, but I started to think about how awkward that might be with a pregnant tummy!

Also, I’m not an L&D nurse, but I’ve been an RN for awhile, and I hope people don’t think that they would be judged if their nether regions didn’t look as groomed as someone in Playboy.  Holy moly, we are all human, and it’s the way we were made.   

When/if I’m pregnant, I hope to “maintain” down there to the best of my ability, but, damn it, if I’m 40 weeks and uncomfortable, I honestly don’t give a crap what anyone thinks.  

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I was so happy I did a Brazillian via sugaring before I had my baby. I didn’t care during labor, but I would have felt less clean during recovery with a bunch of hair to deal with. Now, of course, finding the freaking time to shave – let alone go for  sugarig, is the biggest challenge!

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No, shaving is an outdated practice (at my hospital) and I plan on going natural.  They have seen everything and I think natural hair is the safest way to go- it is there for a reason.  I am being treated for a UTI so I am paranoid about any foreign thing down there!  Being hooked up to an IV for 7 days has not been fun.

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I think it is bullshit that the nurses make fun of people with hair, but low people are everywhere.  I would not let what someone else may think determine anything about me.  I was just in my ob unit for two days and the nurses were wonderful women who have given birth and respect other women.  The only people they could not stand are the ones who took advantage and did not appreciate them.  They don’t judge pregnant bodies!

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Bumble bee

I am a shaver too, and I still attempt it blindly haha – it takes longer but it does make me feel cleaner. My husband volunteered to shave me, but the thought of that makes me feel a little uncomfortable haha, maybe he thinks it would be sexy but that doesn’t sound too hot to me. XD

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I was a shaver, have been for a LONG time.  When I got pregnant, I shaved until it was no longer safe for the lady bits to do so, and I started getting waxed.

My first Brazillian wax was… well painful.  Like, super bad.  I switched to another salon known for their Brazillian services, and they use a hard, stripless wax.  It was MUCH MUCH MUCH better.  I’ve been there twice, and may even continue to use them after the baby.  Now the hair is thinner and finer, grows back much more slowly, and it doesn’t itch at all growing back in.  I can go about 6 weeks between waxes, though there is likely enough growth around 4 weeks to go again.  I’m debating whether or not I’ll squeeze one more in before deliver (due in less than a month!!!!)

Oh, anyone in the central Virginia area, the salon I switched to is called Bombshell.  AHHHH-mazing.  Highly recommend 🙂

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