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I think your compromise is very fair. He can still pass his name along as a middle name and you can pick something together for the baby.

With baby names, both parents should be free to veto any name that they really don’t want to call their child.

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@bunnymama:  +1


I agree that your compromise is very fair. There are SO many names out there that it doesn’t make sense to name your baby something that one of you doesn’t like! Maybe it would help you to come up with a list of names that you would like to use and see if your husband is drawn to any of them.

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It’s really between you and your husband to come up with a compromise you both think is fair.

I’m 34 weeks pregnant, and we don’t know the gender. Darling Husband and I decided before we even started to TTC that if it’s a boy, he chooses the name and if it’s a girl, I choose.

The boy’s name that Darling Husband likes is not my favorite, but he loves it, and I can’t help but think that if we have a boy, it will help Darling Husband bond more quickly and strongly if he is able to name our son.

In the end, it’s 50% his child, so he should have a say. If he feels really strongly about it, maybe you find another way to be included, like you choose the nickname or you get to choose a middle name you really like (as opposed to the day of the week….etc).

For the record, i think William is a beautiful name.

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@June232012:  What don’t you like about William? Were you thinking more along the lines of a Brayden or a Cayden or a Jaxon lol? Seriously though, your compromise sounds like a fair one. 

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What about Liam? It’s derived from William, but will still give your son his own identity.

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LOL Some of these are out there, but I thought I’d share! Names that are related to WILLIAM:

BILL   m   English

BILLIE   m & f   English

BILLY   m   English

ELMA   f   Dutch, German

GUGLIELMO   m   Italian

GUILHERME   m   Portuguese

GUILLAUME   m   French

GUILLEM   m   Catalan

GUILLERMO   m   Spanish

GWIL   m   Welsh

GWILHERM   m   Breton

GWILIM   m   Welsh

GWILLYM   m   Welsh

GWILYM   m   Welsh

HELMA   f   German, Dutch

HELMI   f   Finnish, Swedish

HELMINE   f   German

ILLIAM   m   Manx

JELLE   m   Frisian, Dutch

JELTJE   f   Frisian, Dutch

JELTSJE   f   Frisian, Dutch

LIAM   m   Irish, English

MIEN   f   Dutch, Limburgish

MIINA   f   Finnish

MIMMI   f   Finnish

MINA (1)   f   English, Dutch, Limburgish

MINNA   f   German, Finnish

MINNIE   f   English

PIM   m   Dutch

UILLEAG   m   Irish

UILLEAM   m   Scottish

UILLIAM   m   Irish

ULICK   m   Irish

VELMA   f   English

VELVEL   m   Yiddish

VELVELA   f   Yiddish

VILĈJO   m   Esperanto

VILÉM   m   Czech

VILHELM   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Hungarian

VILHELMAS   m   Lithuanian

VILHELMI   m   Finnish

VILHELMIINA   f   Finnish

VILHELMINA   f   Swedish, Finnish, Lithuanian

VILHELMO   m   Esperanto

VILHELMS   m   Latvian

VILHJÁLMUR   m   Icelandic

VILHO   m   Finnish

VILI   m   Hungarian, Slovene

VILIAM   m   Slovak

VILIM   m   Croatian

VILIS   m   Latvian

VILJAMI   m   Finnish

VILJEM   m   Slovene

VILJO   m   Finnish

VILKO   m   Slovene, Croatian

VILLE   m   Finnish, Swedish

VILLEM   m   Estonian

VILMA   f   Spanish, Hungarian, German, Swedish, Finnish, Czech, Slovak, Croatian

VILMOS   m   Hungarian

WIL   m & f   English, Dutch

WILHELM   m   German, Polish, Ancient Germanic

WILHELMINA   f   Dutch, German, Polish, English

WILHELMINE   f   German

WILKIE   m   English

WILKIN   m   Medieval English

WILKY   m   Medieval English

WILL   m   English

WILLA   f   English

WILLAHELM   m   Ancient Germanic

WILLEM   m   Dutch

WILLEMIJN   f   Dutch

WILLEMINA   f   Dutch

WILLI   m   German

WILLIAM   m   English

WILLIE   m & f   English

WILLIS   m   English

WILLY   m & f   English, German, Dutch

WILMA   f   German, Dutch, English

WILMOT   m   Medieval English

WILSON   m   English

WIM   m   Dutch, German

WIREMU   m   Maori

WÖLLEM   m   Limburgish

WULLEM   m   Limburgish

WUM   m   Limburgish

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Busy bee
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I’m all for the compromise. One thing to consider… Someone I know is married to a William, and they “technically” named their first son William also (that’s what’s on his birth cert), but he goes strictly by Liam. 

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Liam seems like the IDEAL compromise, I guess he’s not going for it? What if you named him William but called him Liam as a nickname? I know people who do that.

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@June232012:  does your husband get called Billy? you could name your baby boy Billy – not william on the birth cert but Billy

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I think Liam is a good compromise. Also I dont understand the middle name and day of the week thing. Can you tell us more about that?

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@June232012:  Oh I see!! I went to school with a guy name Koffe (i think thats how he spelled it, like KO-FEE, anyway he said he was named that because he was born on a Wednesday. Very interesting.

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