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Lol, yep, you can probably take all the baby clothes out, except for the coming home outfit.  🙂  The hospital will usually provide clothes (t-shirt or onesie) for the first couple days, plus she’ll be swaddled from the start, so you won’t need more than that.  I also think you could probably take out about half of the clothes you packed for yourself; most people only stay 48 hrs for a vaginal birth, so you’ll likely only need one pair of pjs, one outfit, and a coming home outfit.  Is your husband staying the night at the hospital with you?  If so, I’d have him pack his own bag and put his snacks in there.

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I second removing the baby items for at the hospital – I was basically told that they’d clothe the baby until it was time to take her home.

If you’re planning to be in your PJs the entire time you’re at the hospital, you can probably also take out the nursing camis. Unless you add pants to the list, they won’t do you any good.

It’s not on your list, but I’m planning to bring my Kindle, or other books, to keep me occupied. I plan on being bored at some point or just wanting a little downtime between visitors. And I’m bringing our laptop because the hospital has Wi-Fi. That way, I can listen to music during labor and Darling Husband can email everyone after the baby is born.

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I would take out the sock, the hospital will give you nonslip ones to wear. I would maybe either take one set of Pj’s or the rob-not all of it, I hate the gowns too, but it reall was nice to not have to worry about ruining your own clothes. Take 1 outfit to bring baby home in and one outfit for yourself (or wear what you want to go home in to the hospital). The hospital will give you nice knit baby hats, so those can come out too.

ETA: Can the picture of the pets stay at home? I love my dog, but do you really need it. People will be sending flowers and balloons and you will aquire so many supplies for baby, that seems like one thing not really neccesary.

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I think it looks great. I also packed clothes for DS when he was born and yes I did use them. I don’t see any problem with dressing your Dear Daughter when you are in the hospital.

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I would suggest leaving at least one set of baby clothes on top of the coming home outfit as well. Hospitals use horrible detergent, and many babies get rashes from it. I personally plan on dressing my baby in my own clothes as soon as the first bath is done.

I think your bag list looks pretty reasonable. They will have nursing pillows there, so the boppy pillow might not be that necessary (maybe leave it in the car and your Darling Husband can run out and get it if you don’t like the one at the hospital).

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I don’t think you’ve gone overboard, but that’s just me.  My hospital bag contents are similar… plus I have a few more things in there that you didn’t pack.  It’s true that you probably won’t need any of the baby clothes except for the coming home outfit, but baby clothes take up so little room in your bag that it doesn’t really matter.  I threw a variety of baby clothes into our hospital bag b/c I have no idea how big she’ll be and what the weather will be. 

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@heathaah:  Ah, that makes sense.  Honestly, I think it’s all about what will make you most comfortable.  If having extra clothes, etc… “just in case” eases your mind a little, I’d say put it all in one bag.  The worst is that you’ll just have more to bring in/take out, which may not be a big deal to you.

Personally, I plan on staying at the hospital as little time as possible, so my bag reflects that; I’m packing very minimally.  Luckily, we’re close enough to the hospital (about 10 minutes away) that my husband could easily run home and grab more stuff, if an emergency came up and we needed it.

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You can take out most of the clothes for the baby. Chances are the baby will be swaddled with hospital-given hat and socks. All you really need is the going home outfit. The hospital will have everything else.

Don’t bring your own socks – the hospital has socks in spades! PLUS,  a good  nurse won’t let you wear your own and will make you wear ones with tread on the bottom – we will get our asses handed to us if a patient falls!

DON’T bring a boppy – it will not be used! And I also would not bring my own pillow – I’m a nurse and honeslty, it would gross me out to bring my own linen-type things to a hospital.

For baby:  (yes, most of this is overboard, but i want her to look cute! Knock some sense into me and I will likely take half of this out!)

– Maybe ONE pajama – baby will be mostly swaddled in a blanket – you don’t want them to be too hot, either.

two onsies – maybe one

two hats  – NO hats, the hospital will have them!

two pairs of mittens – Nope, baby will be swaddled mostly, won’t be necessary

two pairs of socks – Maybe one, but again, baby will be mostly swaddled so just a pair for the ride home

-going home outfit

For me:

3 old pairs of socks that are likely to go right into the trash after

 -2 pairs of undies.  One to come home in, and one in case the mesh ones suck – the mesh ones will suck but the pads they give you are super-huge, non-human sized-pads for bleeding!

-2 pairs of my own PJ’s and a robe (it’s a comfort thing!  I hate hospital gowns)

-coming home outfit (yoga pants and a tshirt)

2 nursing camis (not sure I will use there there) Very likely you will Boyfriend or Best Friend without abandon in front of nurses…especially because most likely you will need help learning how (very common)

-cheap flip flops

-toiletries and hair dryer -MAYBE, but the hospital has many travel-sized name-brand shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste/toothbrushes/combs, etc.


-cell phone charger

Other “comfort items”……


My own pillow with extra case (one silk, one fuzzy)

a picture of my pets

-baby memory book

snacks for Darling Husband I think Darling Husband can fend for himself…there will be crackers and pb&j at the hospital as well as snack machines…



I am an RN with L&D experience, just my two cents!

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My list is very similar to yours except I only have 1 of each. For the coming home outfit I’m planning to bring 1 NB and 1 0-3 since I won’t know what size she will be.

Glad to see other mommas and RN inputting. Will be adjusting my list to fit.

My husband wants ONE bag so we’re using a expandable Air Force issued backpack. So it’s pretty good size! Some things if we don’t need he can throw in the car when we’re in the mother baby unit but besides that he wants his hands free to assist me. hehe

The other thing is our hospital recommended doing a L&D bag and a M&B bag. We’re opting to do one big bag.

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My 2 cents

For baby:  (yes, most of this is overboard, but i want her to look cute! Knock some sense into me and I will likely take half of this out!)

-two pajamas ,-two onsies -two hats -two pairs of mittens-two pairs of socks- skip all of this, your baby will be mostly in a swaddle sack or blanket most likely

-going home outfit- bring several different sizes

For me:

-3 old pairs of socks that are likely to go right into the trash after- probably a good idea

-2 pairs of undies.  I brought them and didn’t use them. With the size of the pads you’re going to be wearing, I doubt you’d even be able to fit regular panties over them

-2 pairs of my own PJ’s and a robe – if you want to. Prob won’t need 2 sets though

-coming home outfit (yoga pants and a tshirt)- yes

-2 nursing camis (not sure I will use there there)- you can bring them but probably won’t use. I just sat topless in my room- you just don’t care anymore

-cheap flip flops- very good idea

-toiletries and hair dryer- sounds unnecessary but you’ll probably use. I had my baby by surprise so had very little packed and my hair looked like crap. I hate every picture of me taken at the hospital

-camera- obviously

-cell phone charger- obviously

Other “comfort items”……

-Boppy- I REALLY doubt you will have a chance to use this

-My own pillow with extra case (one silk, one fuzzy)- That would be a personal choice

-a picture of my pets- if you want to

-baby memory book- yes

-snacks for DH- yes definitely! My husband pretty much brought the kitchen pantry and believe me, we both appreciated it!

Hope that helps! My bag was only half packed when I had the baby so I didn’t have a lot of what I deemed essential. The only thing I really missed though was my hair dryer/straightener. I got by on just a spare change of clothes and my toiletry bag (with toothpaste, toothbrush, contact solution, shampoo and conditioner).

I also brought my own towels, which I never even took out of my bag.

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