(Closed) What totally normal things GROSS YOU OUT?

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Busy bee
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@iarebridezilla:  Touch cotton balls. The texture of them and the sound it makes when you rub it between your fingers makes me gag. Fiance makes fun of me all the time for it.

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Buzzing bee
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@rcac1208:  OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE SOMEONE SHARES MY FEAR. I cringe even thinking about touching them.

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Sugar bee
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@rcac1208:  ME TOO. my boss and i just talked about this idiosyncracy of mine the other day. i also can’t handle cardboard boxes. i’m getting chills just thinking about it. :X

my other thing is acne. i know its horrible, but when someone has really horrible acne it makes me sick to my stomach. i know they’re perfectly clean people and are struggling with it but there is really no way i can overcome my instantaneous nausea. 0.o

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Bee Keeper
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I’m also super disgusted by our sink. Like, if a cup goes into the sink, even if it doesn’t touch anything, it is CONTAMINATED AND DIRTY and CANNOT BE USED!

I feel you on the baby in kitchen sinks thing. I don’t think I could ever clean my kitchen sink enough. And you’re right, I’m WAY more grossed out by my kitchen sink now that it has a garbage disposal than any other sink I ever had before. I JUST told Fiance yesterday that when we buy a house, I don’t want a garbage disposal in the sink.

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Buzzing bee
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@iarebridezilla:  Haha! I have a reason for my hate of cotton and it stems from being dumb as a child… my grandmother used to knit me sweaters and when I was bored/anxious on car trips in my car seat I would grind my teeth on the sweater and it made that awful noise…. now I can’t.even.describe. how much I HATE cotton balls. /sigh

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Sugar bee
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Blood. So, it doesn’t gross me out but it makes me pass out. It’s fear + subconscious gross-out, I think. 

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Buzzing bee
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I have this thing about “old” food and so for me too the kitchen sink is just NO NO NO. I have trouble eating leftovers for this reason. I would rather clean the bathroom AND do the laundry than wash dishes. ICKY ICKY. So I get you!!!

I also hate brushing my teeth around other people or being near them when they brush their teeth! It gives me the heebies because its like EW SPIT. BLECH.

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Bumble bee
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Ear wax.

I clean my ears after EVERY shower and if I go camping I take a bunch with me and do them like 2-3 times a day.

I hate ear wax, Imma have SO MUCH TROUBLE when I have kids!

I get mad at Fiance when he doesn’t do them every day, which he never does! They come out ORANGE! Mine are always almost perfectly clean, with maybe the slightest tinge. Yay clean! I also stick them right in there (I know its bad) and I do it until there is not a hint of earwax on the bud! I also do the oily cleanout thing once a month or so!

I also cant touch a dirty earbud. It looks clean, but its on the floor? Its totally disgusting and infected with grossness and I won’t pick it up!


Funnily enough Im a cleaner. Thank god nowhere I’ve cleaned has had an earbud around!!

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Bee Keeper
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@iarebridezilla:  …things don’t gross me out, they freak me out though…

I’ve seen a lot of terrible things in my life, accidents, suicides, infestation….some of the photos that have come through my office are bizarre at best and completely horrifying at their worst.

So with your sink conundrum, I get that it’s got germs and stuff in it…but the thing that would stop me from ever putting a living thing anywhere near it is the garbage disposal….things short out, switches get flipped and before you know it…half your hand is floating down the city sewer, I’ve seen it happen.

Rod iron fences remain an all time favorite freak out for me, a lot of things go wrong with those pointy spires when someone is say…trimming trees, or jumping the fence…all you have to do is loose your balance, and WHOOPS…you’ve impaled your leg and need to be sawed off the entire fence in front of King and Country to be taken to the ER to have it removed.

Anything that involves getting up on a roof or ladder, your odds of being injured go up like, 78%….its crazy.

And I’m not some shy violet, in fact I’m a rather risky and bold person in my own life, as if the knowledge of just how dangerous things are makes me a little more adept at avoiding their perils…but if its someone I care about….yeah, I can’t watch.


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Honey bee
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Feet. Ugh. Yuck. I hate them. And DO NOT understand why people feel the need to post pictures of them on facebook all.the.time. This girl I know posted her pedicure the other day. Close ups of her toes. GROSS. Especially if you have nasty toenails. Also – french tip pedicures – are you kidding me? Toenails should NEVER be long enough for french tips!!! GROSS!! 

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Buzzing bee
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@rcac1208:  omggg i opened this thread specifically to say cotton balls. when i even read your post, i got chills. for reals.

also, q tips have the same effect as cotton balls so i have to lick them before i insert them in my ears. seriously. otherwise the cotton-ness of them… ugh. can’t even finish this sentence.

don’t get me started on pills that have cotton in the top.

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