What type of bassinet to get and are Owlets worth it?

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Helper bee

My daughter slept in her Halo bassinet only a handful of times, but we love the Graco travel crib with stages. Highly recommend  

Hated the Owlet. She wore it once, it gave us a false alarm while I was breastfeeding her, and I put it away. A friend has the snuza which looks a lot better and less anxiety inducing. 

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My sister had the Halo… I considered getting it but thought it was way too expensive. We opted for a summer infant one… we used that for like two weeks and hated it. It waslike crooked.. and narrow and had no bottom support. I returned it and borrowed my sisters halo… our son who is quite big slept in the halo every night until he was about 5 months old! I would definitely reccommend it! 

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candy08 :  I loved our halo bassinet – the vibration and womb noises were very helpful! She was too tall for it by 4.5 months though. It was a gift and I know it’s pricey but it will be used for many babies. Plus the collapsible side is awesome for midnight feedings.

I didn’t get the Owlet – it seemed like a pointless gimmick designed to feed off new parents’ fears.

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I bought a Gracie Bassinet and he hates it so I bought a Halo which he hates slightly less. He wants to just sleep on us all the time but of course that’s not safe (granted he is only 5 weeks old.) 

As did the Owlet, we debated this and decided against it. I read too many reviews of false alarms that freaked people out. New moms are anxious enough without having false alarms and there is no evidence the Owlet reduces the risk of SIDS so we passed. 

Highly recommend Halo Sleep Swaddles and Halo Sleepsacks. 

Best of luck with your Little One it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever loved (more than anything. )

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We used the Owlet and I absolutely 100% loved it. We never had false alarms— this issue seemed to happen with the old sock, the new sock does not have that issue. It gave us such peace of mind. We actually started sleeping better once we started to use it because we were anxious and nervous and googled every single little noise coming out of his mouth. We actually used it until he was over a year old!

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Helper bee

Our baby isn’t here yet but after talking with my mom friends, we plan to use the bassinet in a pack n play. I wanted the halo but couldn’t justify $250 for something that was that big and single use. 

As far as stuff like the Owlet goes, most pediatricians recommendation is against them. If you have a baby who needs apnea monitoring, there are actual medical grade ones. But otherwise they don’t do that much good, have the potential for stress and the devices haven’t been tested well enough to prove they are even accurate. They use tech like fitness watches that can be notoriously wrong. 

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Sugar bee
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I didn’t have an owlet but I had a Snuza hero and it was the only way I could get some sleep! And I would rather have a false alarm than no alarm.

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We have a Halo Bassinest thst I got used for $100. As long as it’s relatively new (like 5 years or less), it should be perfectly safe. It seems awesome but we have 2 months to go before using it.

As far as safety goes: Fyi all the pack n plays and anything labeled a “bassinet” are sleep safe. Whereas things advertised as a “sleeper” or similar don’t have to follow the same safety regulations. 

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Baby still being on the way I was gonna say what kittyyogi kind of alluded to: whatever you decide–check FB marketplace and so forth. Like you said they’re only used a few months.. less by Mom’s who quickly decide they hate them (no matter what you get some ppl will have found it didn’t work for them.. if there is one common theme among baby stuff it’s that babies and their parents are all different and what works depends on you and your baby!)

I personally went for the Arm’s Reach Concepts Mini Ezee 2-in-1 Bedside Bassinet. Got it used for $40. If baby hates it.. well at least it was cheap!

I plan on getting the owlet but only ordering it when baby is already here so that I can return it if after a night or two I realize it’s making me more anxious instead of less. Again my impression with this is it depends on you, as to whether you find it let’s you sleep better or worse…

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Sugar bee
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No idea what an owlet is but I am guessing it is one of those baby breathing monitors. I never had one as I didn’t see the point. The first few nights I was checking DS all the time (natural) but after a while I calmed down and settled into life. I know a very anxious mum who still uses something similar now, even though her son is over a year old.

We had a chicco next to me crib which I loved. It was big enough that he could stay in it until 6 months and light enough that we could move it out of the way during the day.

I personally HATE moses baskets as I think they are all just fugly. I much preferred the look of the chicco.

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We used the Nuna bassinet that came with our travel system. He was/is squirmy so kept kicking the sides and waking himself up (even when swaddled). He was/is a bigger baby so he also outgrew it in less than 2 months. We then started using the pack n play bassinet which he slept much better in. And I think that since it’s larger, it made it rearly easy for us to transition him to his crib. If we hadn’t already had the Nuna, going straight to the pack n play would’ve been just fine for us.

But all babies are different and all that jazz. 

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Can you check local sale sites for deals?  I didn’t get it, but I saw a like new Halo Premium for only $125 being sold by someone in town including 3 sheets, 2 still in package (vs $250 new I think it was).  I was going to get a bassinet, but then decided to just use the pack and play.

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I registered for the Green Frog which is pricey but I like that it’s light weight and can be moved around from room to room. Debated about the halo but I don’t like how gigantic it is. If no one gets this for us I’ll probably buy something used or just use the one in the pack n play. 

Not sure about the Owlet, leaning against it but maybe i’ll change my mind once baby is here!

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