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What am I not taking? 

Prenatal gummies (although I have rainbow light brand to cut down on some other supplements) 

iron (not in my prenatal) 

folic acid (drinking green tea for CM production) 

garlic (to help circulation) 


royal Jelly 

evening primrose oil 

B6 ( for short LP) 

D3 (until the sun comes back!) 



RRL and Green Tea 

and I’lol probably start taking additional C pretty soon as well.  

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i’m taking:

DHA/EPA purified cod oil 

Evening Primrose oil from AF to O

mucinex ER during FW (not really a supplement but using it like one)

vitex (to shorten cycles after Mirena)

raspberry leaf tea (i like it so why not?)

cranberry supplement (to prevent UTIs as instructed by urologist years ago)

Rainbow Light Prenatal One

Citrical calcium + D (one/day)

Rainbow Light Magnesium + calcium + D (one/day)

The last two are meant to be taken 2-3x/day so I’m not over doing it, the last three each 1/day are the best combo I could make to get me where I need to be on calcium and magnesium. It seems from forums that not enough people know that most prenatals or multis don’t have all the calcium and magnesium you need because it would make it too unstable and big, but calcium is especially important.

I think that’s it lol. I was taking L-Argenine time release to help build up endometrium post Mirena but my bottle ran out and I haven’t refilled. 

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smilestorm:  kelsie.mefford:  What is the high level vitamin C for? I was once told by a urologist to take 1000mg C per day to prevent UTIs. I stopped a while ago because I felt it may have been irritating my urinary tract (a known issue at high levels) but I’m thinking of taking it only during FW. Just curious to the TTC reasoning for such high dosages, if it’s just bc a lot of BD or if there is another reason?

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Feist:  I am taking about 750mg of Vitamin C a day after all is said and done (500mg in vitamin c only pill, 100mg in prenatal, the rest from food). There have been a few studies that have shown vitamin C to balance hormones and increase progesterone levels in women with luteal phase defect, which I have an 8 day luteal phase. I haven’t had any issues with the amount I am taking, I do know 1000mg is on the higher end, and since C is a water soluble vitamin your body expels anything unused, it is said to increase your doses until you get those uncomfortable signs and then pull back to a comfortable point. Too much vitamin C can also make you acidic, so while it is not harmfull it can be uncomfortable, so you may have just been taking too much. I should also mention that 1000mg is too high for TTC because of the acidity issue. I started at the 750mg because that is what is recommended for luteal phase defect but you may be okay with 500mg. If you decide to try some again just lower the dosage and see what happens. One thing is for sure, I haven’t gotten sick once since I started taking it which is amazing since everyone in my house was really sick about a month back. 


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Prenatal gummies (I can’t do iron)

Viactiv calcium chews



Fish Oil


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GNC Prenatal with DHA

GNC Women’s Ultra Mega daily

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smilestorm:  Vitamin D (which a lot of people get enough from sun exposure) helps with absoprtion of calcium and minerals.  It’s been shown to decrease the risk of MS as well as some other things (osteoporosis.)  

I’m already at risk for MS and have a family history of bone density issues.  And I work long shifts indoors nights/days.  So when I’m working I’m not actually outside during daylight hours during the entire winter (in the summer I get some sun exposure on working days in the early morning right at sunrise and late in the evening.)  In the winter the sun rises after I’m at work and sets before I leave.  I take it all year round because its part of my routine.  I could likely stop in the summer.   

So far, I have zero issues with bones, but I’m also quite young for it to start.  I’ll likely start calcium supplements earlier than most.  The idea behind all of this is to be proactive and hopefully we won’t see any issues (there are other things like weight bearing exercises, etc. that are part of it.  It’s not all supplements.) 

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Vitafusion Gummies although I am almost done with them, and will be switching to Vitafol Ultra, which I got from my Ob/GYN. They are expensive though even with insurance but I chose them because I can’t do those humongous pills. Wow judging from this thread, I need to look into taking more?

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sostobe:  Just to add on to one point: Very few people get enough vitamin D from sin exposure. A few years back there was a study in surfers in Hawaii or California (I forget which) and even they were found to be deficient. That makes me question the standard for enough, but according to the current standard it was nigh impossible to get enough from the sun. So really everyone should be supplementing with D. 

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Feist:  Oh, I agree.  But as soon as you say that you get the tanning debate (I’m completely against tanning beds for a number of reasons.) And I didn’t really want to open that up here.  I think everyone should take D3 and a multivitamin.  And more people should consider liquid iron (if you’re on iron supplements, I’ve found the liquid is way easier on your stomach.  It’s tough on your teeth, so drink it through a straw, or do what I do and pour it on the back of your tongue and wash it down right away.) 

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We’re not TTC – not till we get married in May – but I read that it’s a good idea to start taking pre-natal vitamins at least 4 months before TTC. So, I started taking Vitafusion Prenatal gummies, Vitafusion Fiber+Calcium, and MegaFood Blood Builder for iron since it’s not in the gummies. I really needed an iron supplement, and I read the Blood Builder doesn’t cause any stomach problems – so far, I haven’t had any problems while taking these.

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My Dr only suggested Folic Acid – I talked to the pharmacist to see what he recommended and he suggested I take Materna and Folic acid… Even though there’s already folic acid in materna, I guess there isn’t a lot or it can’t hurt to take more, you’ll just pee out whatever is excess. 

I should take fish oil too, I guess!  Also, someone suggested to us that I break the pills and take half in the am and half in the pm as your body can only absorb so much at once… so I take half a pill every 12 hours to make sure I absorb as much as I can

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