(Closed) What vitamins/supplements/shakes do you use?

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I take vitamin D because I’m deficient. That’s about it. Drink muscle milk on occasion, and it’s delicious!

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I take a flintstone vitamin everyday. LOL. That is all. Well..and Melatonin to sleep.

I should probably change this.

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@LionLove:  I know a few people that swear by herbalife as well, but it’s really got a lot of artificial and crappy ingredients in a lot of their products. 

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I agree with @amanda06, add some resistance training. A lot of women fear weights because they worry they will end up looking like a female body builder or something. You won’t. Even if your body is genetically inclined to put on more muscle (the case for like, 5% of women) you’re not just going to wake up one morning looking like that.

Putting on muscle is great, not just for toning, but to increase your strength and your metabolism. If you are strength training, you need to consume enough calories and enough protein to allow your muscles to repair themselves and therefore grow.

Here is a GREAT article on the benefits of lifting- http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2011/07/21/meet-staci-your-new-powerlifting-super-hero/ (sorry, don’t know how to edit links). Anyways, scroll down and check out this girl’s 6 pack and see if you think cutting out cardio and adding lifting got her too bulky. This girl is my new inspiration.

Anyways, way off topic here. I drink Premium Nutrition high protein shake 3-4 times a week, usually when I lift, but sometimes just for a meal replacement. 160 calories, 30 grams of protein, 5 g of carbs, 1 g of sugar. I got up at 5 am to do my workout- kettlebell swings, push ups, pull ups, lunges, deadlifts, bench press, and then had my shake and a banana for breakfast.


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@Excited To Bee:  Thanks!  I have a lot more to loose before my goal, but I’m happy about what I’ve done already!

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I take BCAAs and Creatine before my workout, and those two plus a protein powder post-workout. Those are to help with muscle gain and recovery after heavy lifting. I also take a multivitim and fish oil capsules daily.

Also I agree, try adding weight training! 

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I take one a day supplements for women, B6 and drink Optimum Nutrition Complete Protein Diet Meal Shake Mix with a half of banana and sometimes peanut butter, It has 35 grams of protein, 1g of sugar and 3grams of carbs.  I manage to lose about 5-7lbs on average when I follow this regime.  ( have the shake in the morning and at night and a nice solid lunch…I do fruit and veggie snacks in between meals.

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I take Omega 3’s and pre-natal Vitamins. I’m not ttc, but I happen to think they are the bees knees of vitamins, although I have heard different opinions on the matter.

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@xlittlemissbridex:  i hopped on that bandwagon after hearing my dads friend and another one of my friends success stories with it… so i started it back up with my friend on her second time around, and it didnt work for her again or myself. but i HATED herbalife!

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I’m just finishing my firs 30 day cleanse on Isagenix.  I’m not a distributer, nor am I interested in ever becoming one (they want you to sign up on ‘autoship’ but I refused).  I mention this because every review i ever read was from someone selling it, and it’s pretty hard to find a ‘review’ that isn’t from a distributer. 

Anyway, I’m down about 18 lbs in 30 days and I feel good.  I won’t ever buy the whole cleanse system again, but I am 100% behind the shakes as meal replacements.  I’m super busy, and this worked really well for me.  I have also completely cut out caffiene, sugar and salt from my diet.  I find that food tastes much better, and that drinks/foods that used to taste fantastic before, now seem too sweet/salty/greasy/fatty.  I had a 2-3 coke a day habit, and i tried one last week and only drank about 1/2 cup of it, and threw the rest away.  Tasted too sweet and flat.  Weird, since that was one of my biggests downfalls. 

I love feeling like I am choosing to eat or not eat things I crave.  I feel happy with a taste of something, rather than a whole lot of it, like I would have done in the past. 

The very best thing is that my dress fits so much better, and I don’t feel like a stuffed sausage in it anymore (even though I’m still over my recommended weight).

I am officially done the cleanse tomorrow, but I’m ordering more shakes to continue the meal replacement when I want to.  Feel free to PM me if anyone has any questions about it.  🙂

I also LOVE myfitnesspal for tracking my food.  My friend asked me to put his daily food in to see how many calories/fat he had that day, and we were all shocked to see him come in around 5000 calories for ONE DAY.  I think if everyone had to track what they ate, they would lose weight, simply because most people have no idea how much fat/calories they comsume in the ‘average’ day.

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I don’t really take a lot of supplements, I don’t see the point and think it’s pretty expensive.  After most workouts, I use plain old chocolate milk (which has been scientifically proven to be a good postworkout drink).  I’m thinking of starting to run and I will probably increase my use of supplements then.

I also need to work on my diet, I’m pretty sure I don’t eat enough food which might be what is causing my results to only be okay and I don’t have a lot of energy.

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