What was in your hospital delivery bag?

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US bee here. My hospital bag had way more than I needed. I shouldn’t have bothered with a robe as my water broke before going to the hospital and there was no walking around for me. I brought clothing of my own to wear each day, but only used the going home outfit. I just wore a hospital gown until discharge day. With all of the bleeding and breastfeeding, the gown was just easier and I wasn’t making a mess of my own clothing. I brought snacks and change for the vending machine, but didn’t need them. They had a phone to order any food I wanted and they let me order extra for my husband.

US hospitals provide diapers and wipes as well as pads and witch hazel pads/cooling ointment. 

The hospital was against pacifiers, so I wish I would have brought one. Little one used me as a pacifier for the entire second night and it killed my boobs and my sleep. 

Only used the going home outfit for kiddo. With how often they have to check on the little one or run tests that require them to be in a diaper only, it was just easier to leave her swaddled in the hospital receiving blankets until it was time to go home. 


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Oh, I also brought clothing for my husband, but he ended up going home most evenings because he couldn’t get any sleep at the hospital and would just change at home.

Things I was glad to have: going home outfits for me and baby, slipper socks (yoga socks) that I didn’t care out getting messy for walking around after baby, and my phone and charger. 

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I brought a hair dryer and I was glad that I did because I hate having wet hair. I’ve heard some hospitals don’t allow that though. I also brought makeup and I put it on to go home. I had a natural birth and it was totally horrible, but it made my recovery pretty easy. I didn’t get IV fluids, so I had no swelling at all.  If you’re planning on a natural birth, I recommend cough drops. I had to have my dad bring me some because my throat was so hoarse from screaming (over 20 hrs of labor with a large posterior baby). I packed a newborn outfit and a 0-3 mo and I was glad that I did because my daughter was 22″ long and too tall for newborn clothes. 

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I was in hospital for 3 days having an induction, so your experience will hopefully be different! But, I was really glad of:

Lip balm (chapstick) and hand cream – hospital air is very dry.

A big plastic lidded cup with a straw that I could fill from the water cooler.


A pillow with recently washed pillowcase (old one, thought it might get a bit mucky) so it smelt of home

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I would add a nursing bra, and makeup. We had a ton of visitors so I was glad to be able to put a but of makeup on: made me feel human! I was there 3 nights, so I had Darling Husband bring towels from home to shower with, etc, and that was nice.

Also, and trust me on this: replace the pads for you with depends. Not glamorous,  but you will be glad you did. The hospital will likely give you mesh underwear for after, but you only get one pair…

Your hospital will likely give you diapers…they have rules about how many you get, but if you aren’t an asshole to the nurses, I’ve found they’re pretty willing to break the rules.

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I’m packing my bag at the moment so it’s done. I’m in the uk and they give you nothing so I have 

two pairs of pjs (one for labour one for if I have to stay the night) 

dressing gown 




pads for me 


pillow and blanket as I like my own pillow and blanket 

hot water bottle 

cooling packs

mini fan 

eye mask 

ear plugs 

snacks and drinks

outfit for me 

baby clothes, onsies, hat, scratch mitts, boots 


nappies, creams, wipes 

nipple cream 

breast pads 



phone charger 


birthing ball 

swimsuit encase I get to do a water birth and swim bottoms for Darling Husband as they let him in too  



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snowflake8 :  You don’t need pads. The provide and send you hone with some and mesh undies (steal as many as you can). I’d throw in some lanolin for yourself if you plan on breastfeeding. Throw in some snacks for you and your partner. I really didn’t get out of the gown until the day I went home, so only needed a going home (comfy) outfit. 

Mske sure to bring the car seat in with you (at least a few hours before you leave), but other than that, you’re good!

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I’m in the US. My hospital provided diapers and wipes as well as vitamins and snacks (I could call the cafeteria at any time, and they had fresh baked cookies and pie!). They provided mesh undies (which turned out to be super comfy) and maternity pads which were nice and thick but I brought my own and was glad I did…I had a third degree tear and was really sore and the pads they provided were so bulky that it hurt me to sit up in bed. Mine were longer and thinner with wings, so they worked better for me personally. Don’t use brands like Always that have the plastic-y mesh! 

I brought dry shampoo but did not need it…regular shampoo was fine because I was up and showering before too long. The hospital also provided a peri bottle  (spray bottle) for when you go to the bathroom.

ETA: I brought a birthing ball but could have used the hospital’s. It was hotter than a summer in hell in my room and I was warned that the rooms would be hot and to bring a fan. I brought my fan and never used it…I wanted to, but things got pretty crazy and no one ever got around to plugging it in. I was also glad I brought several nursing bras and chapstick. 

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Our hospital provided pads, big stretchy disposable underwear, diapers etc, so I wouldnt bother with that stuff. I brought a robe and nursing tank and sweatpants which I wore most of our stay, I changed into a nursing bra, leggings and loose top for going home. I brought a book but never had time to crack it open, toiletries are a must, freshening up felt so good. The one thing we forgot was a change of clothes and toiletries for my husband, so doing it again we would pack stuff for him. 

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Leggings, loose tops, nursing bras, socks and all of my basic over night toiletries (mini shampoo and conditioner, face soap and moisturizer, lotion, chopstick).  A little bag of make up with the  basics (I didn’t do this with my first, but with my second it felt so good to look a little done up for visitors and going home).  Phone and camera chargers.  I agree that you most likely won’t need underwear as the hospital will provide mesh ones and those are all you are gonna want to put on. For baby I just packed her diaper bag with a few outfits, socks, hats, nail clippers, and a couple of blankets.  You wont need diapers, wipes etc but I do especially recommend the nail clippers and socks as my hospital didn’t provide those and I wanted them.  Also, I do think most hospitals don’t offer the pacifier so if you want to try one, pack your own. 

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Include shoes with the going home outfit for yourself. I went to the hospital from work so only had dress shoes to wear home with my sweats!

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Lots of good advice here, soI’m just going to give you one:

Baby sleeper instead of onesie or “outfit”–both my babies were in diaper-only while in the hospital (and different hospitals between the two of them, too), which is just easier I think for the staff to check them and change diapers, etc. But unless you really want your kid to be photo-ready, I recommend a sleeper, especially if you are a first-time mom because most first-time parents report that they were a little intimidated by how floppy newborns are and pulling anything over the head (as you do with a onesie) is a bit nerve-wracking. A sleeper you can also just open up flat, lay the baby down on, and wrap ’em up. You also may not like the idea of pulling on pants with a waistband around the umbilical cord stump, hence why I’d not deal with “outfits.” You probably only need one NB size sleeper (in case the baby is small) and one 0-3 (in case the baby is big). 

Actually, both my kids lived in sleepers for their first 3 months because they were just easier!

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The things those floors have seen…

This is the exact reason that you need to bring slippers or non slip socks that you plan to wear as slippers. You may or may not be able to use hospital ones. In Canada our hospitals do not act like hotels and you will be responsible for supplying more of your own things.

Having said that, they will provide diapers, pads, mesh panties- the basics you need to care for baby and you while you are there. You can wear one hospital gown back to front over the other instead of messing up your robe.

Jillian Harris publishd this pic on her blog- our reality after childbirth


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For me, I had a super rough csection so I liked having my robe and slippers for walking the halls during my recovery. I also LOVED my depends. So much better than dealing with the mesh under pants. My husband also went to target to get slippers during my labor because his feet hurt 🤔

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nothelpful :  I only had my baby in a diaper too the entire time we were at the hospital and I thought I was the only one to do this so you made me feel soooo much better 😂

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