(Closed) What was the best thing about moving in together? What was the hardest?

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Busy bee
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@EmieBee4:  splitting the bills is the easiest thing just to have a little bit more money.

The worst is arguing about housework, i do more than he does and it ticks me off.

But that is just us everyone is different.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I found it hard not just going into town as and when I wanted as I still had the mindset of being single so didn’t communicate this to him and he’d be like ‘oh I thought we could do x’. And I loved that I then had him to consider, was just strange at first getting my mind to work a little differently.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Best – I was less lonely and less scared at night (I’m a fraidy cat!), someone to split bills with etc.

Worst – we live in a tiny apartment still.. and sometimes it’s hard. Sharing closet space is probably the worst!

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Sugar bee
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Best– getting to be together much more and almost never having to leave and miss him! (Going to work doesn’t count). Feeling like it’s “our” house and slowly finishing it. 

Worst– different levels of desire for cleanliness! And a small house with 2 somewhat packrat-inclined people’s stuff in it instead of 1 person’s!

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Bee Keeper
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Best – Being around each other

Worst – Learning to share closet space

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Helper bee
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I’m weird I guess,because for me living with a SO has never been difficult.I adapt very easily to living together,in fact I love it.

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Sugar bee
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I got to save money and help my now Fiance out on paying down his law school debt.  He would never accept help from me even though I made more money until we moved in together.  It was much easier for him to accept me paying for a fridge full of groceries than paying for his gas.  At the same time, I was living on my own in an expensive area of town in an expensive appartment, so even with paying for food for the two of us and covering some bills, I came out ahead by having a roommate.

The hardest thing has always been getting him to complete tasks that he knows is on his honey do list without feeling like I’m nagging him.  Also, when I’m awake I’m fully concious and can take on just about anything.  He needs an hour in the morning to be able to handle any thing more serious than “feed the cat” “make coffee” and “get dressed.”  We have lived together for 2.5 years now and it still hard for me to hold back from sprining something on him that I remembered the night before.

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Helper bee
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Best – I loved being able to come home and have him there. I loved waking up next to him in the morning and I loved the (sometimes forced) intimacy that you can only get when you actually live with another human being.

Worst – I was and still am a clean freak and he is most definitely NOT. Few things get me more upset than an unmade bed, dishes in the sink and dirty floors. Having these things clean and tidy really make me feel less stressed and more organized in my daily life. It was a struggle having to mesh our cleaning styles, especially since we had both lived alone for quite some time prior to moving in together. We got into a massive fight about a month after moving in over the fact that he hadn’t put away the ironing board after he ironed his shirt in the morning. It took along time for us to be okay with our different styles, but five years, two of them married, and a baby on the way later…I wouldn’t change a thing.

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Bumble bee
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How exciting!  I definitely can understand how you feel.  My Fiance and I met online when he lived in Maine (I live in Maryland), so we were in a long distance relationship for about 9 months before he found a job here and moved to be with me. I was counting down the seconds until he arrived!

The best thing about moving in together was being able to physically be with each other.  We went on real dates instead of Skype dates, we were able to watch TV and go shopping together without having to text or call each other!  It was the little things that made us so incredibly grateful and happy to be together.  Not to mention being able to split bills!

The hardest things weren’t that hard to be honest.  Some of our nuances and quirks just took some getting used to is all.  For example, I like falling asleep with the TV on and he doesn’t.  He has restless leg syndrome which causes his leg to twitch in his sleep, and I wasn’t used to it.  He’s very maticulous about budgeting and money, and while I am too, it’s not as much as he is.  All very minor things.

Best wishes to you both! It’s definitely going to be an exciting time! =)

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Busy bee
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Best-getting to be with each other! You really know a person after you live together.

Worst- A lot. I’m not kidding. It was one of the hardest adjustments I’ve ever had to make. We fought a lot during the first couple of months. Mostly about stupid things such as him not turning the lights off when he left a room (I’m crazy about things like that). It is a huge difference even if you stay with each other often before moving in together. Just make sure you always keep communication open!

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2014

Worst – getting used to seeing each other all the time.  I really need my space, whereas he likes spending a lot of time together.  Its a work in progress to this day (we’ve lived together for 3 years).  

Best – nesting ๐Ÿ™‚ we have two dogs now, and a lot of pretty nice apartment stuff.  And, honestly, falling asleep and waking up next to him every day is the best feeling!


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Buzzing bee
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Best – one of us not having to do an 40-80 minute round trip to see each other (depending on traffic), not having to plan dates but just get to see each other all the time, not having to be respectful to a roommate! (heh)

Worst – going back to work on Monday after a weekend of spending time with each other.  It’s been almost two years and we still miss each other! haha.

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Bumble bee
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Best – seeing him everyday, feeling like the house was ours and not just one of ours with the other staying the night, going to bed and waking up next to him!

Worst – He’d probably say my clutter, but the worst for me was merging all of our stuff (we each had accumulated like an apartments’ worth of stuff) and getting rid of a lot of it!  I get attached to my things, so that was pretty tough to say goodbye to like, measuring cups that I got from my parents (but we didn’t need 3 sets…).  Otherwise…  it’s pretty awesome and easy living together!

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Busy bee
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we moved in together 6 months into the relationship. there was definitely a rough period where we had to get used to living with each other, after a couple of months our relationship got better then we could’ve imagined. i think the hardest thing is adjusting to really living with someone, the best thing is that home is the same place and you always come home to each other

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