(Closed) What was the best thing about moving in together? What was the hardest?

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It was pretty easy, but when I moved in I realized he does a few things that annoy me such as leave cabinets open, lights on, etc. nothing big though. πŸ™‚

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@NowDontLetsBeSilly:  This is going to be me when we move in together. He says I have way too much stuff, but he’s the bare minumum kinda guy. He owns 2 plates…

I’m worried for when the day comes hahah.  

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For me the best part was being able to sleep together every night and spend time together every day πŸ™‚

And the worst part was getting used to the idea that we both still need alone time once in a while, him moreso than me πŸ˜›

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The best part has been always having him there and not having to drive home at midnight. I honestly haven’t found anything to be hard at all. I’m living with my best friend, that’s the easiest thing I’ve done! Fiance has been nothing but awesome, I was never worried about it and there is absolutely no reason to be! We get along so much better living together. 

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The easiest thing – absolutely everything!  We’ve been living together for three months now and everything has just felt very natural.  It’s kind of like everything is suddenly in place and everything feels right in the world.  We have similar views on finances and combined our finances, and I think this has eliminated any sort of money issue that could have come up.  We have the same financial goals and while he makes 100% of the income (I’m in an unpaid internship), we have the same dollar amount of weekly spending money, and one of our priorities is budgeting fun date nights.  Even on months where other stuff is tight, we make sure to have a few nice dates!

The hardest thing – while he is VERY appreciative of all the housework I do and frequently expresses that he’s thankful for how much I do around the house, it is frustrating that I do much more than he does.  I work 7-3 or so, and he works 7-4 (but has an hour commute each way) so I’m home a few more hours in the afternoon than he is.  Subsequently, I do almost all – no, actually, all – of the cleaning.  This wouldn’t be so bad except I also do ALL of the cooking.  That means by the time I am done tidying up, cooking, then cleaning up the kitchen, it’s like 6:30 or 7 and I only have another hour or two to relax.  Meanwhile, he’s been able to chill and watch TV since five.  Sometimes he puts dishes away …. and will fold laundry if the dryer buzzes during a commercial.  Haha.

I think what I’m going to do to resolve this (because it really isn’t his fault: by the time he gets home, the only thing to do is finish cooking and clean up) is to give him one deeper-ish cleaning task to do a day while I finish dinner … stuff like sweep and swiffer the bathrooms, Windex all the mirrors and windows, etc.  Stuff I don’t like to do and that doesn’t need to be done every day, that way the only things I have to do in the afternoon are general tidying up.

wow sorry for the novel lol

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Best – Having someone to be a guinea pig for my cooking experimentations


Worst – I have bad gas when I eat chinese.  FI loves Chinese.  I bet you get where this is going.


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@EmieBee4:  When Fiance and I first moved in together, I was pretty nervous because I had lived with 2 of my exes before and both times were a hot mess.  We actually moved in together fairly fast (I think we were together about 6 months) because I had been in a really bad accident and was drowning in medical bills, struggled to do stuff on my own, ect so he offered to have me move in with him to take the stress off. By far the best decision (other than saying yes to being his girlfriend and now wife) that I ever made πŸ™‚ I love everything about living with Fiance…we’ve lived together and there is nothing that I don’t like about it!  I actually feel kinda bad for him bc i’m definitely the messy one of the two of us.  Although…he has the spare bedroom to hide his mess and clothes…so maybe he is just as messy as me now that I think about it.  The only difference is my stuff is all over our bedroom and not hidden away! haha

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Best: Not feeling alone and having someone to come home to.  Falling asleep and waking up next to him every day πŸ™‚

Worst: When we fight (usually about something silly).  We usually argue, then go to separate areas of the house.  I like to talk things out and he shuts down.

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Best: feels like a constant slumber party, I love it! Cuddles in the morning are great, getting to have someone else pitching in on food prep, dishes, vacuuming etc. Getting to split bills makes everything communal a lot cheaper.


Worst: Trying to fit all of our stuff in the same apartment kind of  really sucks. So does having to adjust how clean you make things when you are not 100% on the same page. 

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@EmieBee4:  Best: not having to drive home late at night after visiting.

Worst: Not having enough “me time” in your own home. 

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Best – Going to sleep and waking up together everyday!

Worst – Little shaving hairs all over the sink and bathroom counter!

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@EmieBee4:  Oddly enough, I am just about to face my first rush hour commute from work to our new house that we just moved into last week. We bought in back in June and can’t believe we made it this long without living in it.

So far, there are no hard things to speak of. I know this is very petty but he always leaves all the towels looking like a hurricane flew by, drives me crazy. We are both really OCD so we both have different things that bother us haha.

The best part so far? Knowing he will be home when I get there… I can’t wait


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The best thing is having someone to sleep with every night. I’ve always referred to my Fiance as my space heater because I get so cold and its nice to snuggle with him because he’s so toasty warm and it warms me up.

The hardest thing at first (for him anyway) was the adjustment of having to think of someone else before going somewhere. Living together as a couple, you can’t just take off when you feel like it without saying anything to the other person. We’ve adjusted to that though and it is no longer an issue

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@EmieBee4: The hardest part was the allocation of duties. It has taken nearly nine years to get to a point where he knows he needs to help out, tidy up etc to where we don’t have to argue about it (as much).

The easiest and best part was moving in with the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. It was one large step towards an amazing future and I knew that going in. I got to wake up and be with my best friend, how great is that?

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Best: It’s been wonderful and I am happy that we made this choice. Living with my best friend is awesome. Waking up together each day is so sweet. I love having the opportunity to spend more time together. We have so much fun and I feel like our intimacy and inter-dependency on each other have improved. Building a home together makes it feel so much more real that we are building a life together.

I wouldn’t say worse but most difficult: Getting used to each other’s quirks- he legit NEVER puts the toilet seat down lol and leaves all the lights and electronics on. I am a certified neat freak. I hate feeling like a nag when I tell him to turn things off/reminding him to clean, etc. We sacrificed the big spaces we had in our individual apartments for a smaller place in a GREAT neighborhood- fitting all of our things in here has been challenging. We’re waiting until marriage to have sex and living together definitely creates more challenges in that area too lol.


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