(Closed) What was the best thing about moving in together? What was the hardest?

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We moved in together after a year of dating. It was a challenge at first, but we figured things out pretty quick. Anyway…

Best: Waking up to his smiling face every morning

Worst: Arguments over who does what, and him leaving his dishes on the counter instead of putting them in the sink. Ugh

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Best thing is coming home to someone, going to sleep with someone, waking up to someone… it’s awesome.

Worst thing is dealing with different views on cleaning, organization, clutter, annoying little things that each other does.  (Would it kill him to shut the kitchen cabinets or replace the toilet paper, or empty his pocket trash directly into the trash can, ONCE?!  10 years and it still annoys me, lol.)

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The best part – having someone to share dinner with, hang out with, and just be lazy with.  It was like having my BFF around all the time.  I was lucky because moving in with DH while we were dating was so easy.

The worst – silly little things like having to share a closet, dealing with toilet seats left up, and laundry.  We initially shared a clothes hamper….that changed quickly.  We still have separate clothes hampers, and do our laundry separately most of the time.  I’m a control freak and wouldn’t let him do my laundry anyway, so that probably had a lot to do with it. 

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@EmieBee4:  The pros are too long to list.  Everyone was so negative about living together, saying “You never really get to know someone til you live together…”  Uh, OK.  So far, it’s been relatively seamless.

The BEST thing is not having to say goodbye at the end of the night!  There would be nothing worse than being at FI’s house or vice versa and having to venture out into the cold half asleep to drive an hour home. 

The only con I can really think of is not being able to watch what I want, when I want.  We’d probably have broken up by now if it weren’t for DVR!  We only have 1 tv so we sort of have to compromise on what to watch when.  If I’m deep in a marathon of Say Yes to the Dress and he comes home, I get annoyed LOL. 

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@EmieBee4:  Best thing?  Everything was easier now.


Worst thing?  Nothing really.  Other than when I’m home alone I lay sprawled out on the couch and watch chick flicks and eat leftovers for a Friday night.  Sometimes a veg out solo night is fun, so I only do that when he’s out of town! Of course I would not want to do that every night either!

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 Best:  Really getting to know him. Everyone shows their good side when dating, you don’t truly know someone until you’ve lived with them, gone though the ups and downs, and realizing that he’s truly the person you want to wake up next to every day.

Worst: Learning to share space. I don’t mean closet space, that’s easy to sort out. But learning to understand the other person’s signals for ‘me space please!’ and figuring out the balance.

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Best- all the snuggle alone time that we get, I love falling asleep beside that man.

Hardest- adjusting to his habits. I’m a clean freak, he isn’t, I’m high strung, he is low key. There were some basic considerations that we both needed to figure out (e.g., I don’t care who you are inviting over, but ask first!).

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Best – Getting to spend so much time together, especially during Tax Season. We spent a good amount of time together before then since we lived in the same town, but its just such an amazing feelings to be able to see one another whenever and not have to worry about driving home again.

Worst – There have been bumps in the road, but I wouldn’t really classify any of it as the worst. I will say that my commute went from 15 minutes to almost 40 minutes. . . so maybe that would count?

Easiest -Having a morning routine. It was way easier to figure this out than I thought it would be and he loves getting breakfast ready while I get dressed for work.

Hardest – For me, it was getting used to lack of alone time. I’m an Introvert and really need to be by myself every so often, otherwise I have a mini-meltdown. Fiance has gotten so much better at handling this though; he knows to leave me alone every so often and he knows how to make me feel better when I get overstimulated (wrap me in a blankie, get me a hot drink, and cuddle me).

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Best – Get to see him all the time, sleep next to him, eat dinners with him every night.

Worst – Pretty sure it has put him off from proposing…I get the feeling that he thinks why get engaged when we are basically already married?  It sucks.

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@LMD:  hahaha! Made me lol 

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– Being able to afford an apartment that we love, since we combined incomes and don’t need roommates anymore. 

– Built in date all the time

– I feel safer

(There are hundreds more pros than cons for me, but these are the biggies)


– Different levels of tidyness

– The amount of “togetherness” all the time took a little adjustment for me, because I like my alone time

– Bathroom sharing

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Best: Coming home to my new little family (FI, cats, dog) every day.  Splitting the bills is also awesome.  Not having to “go home” after getting comfy on the couch in a Netflix marathon.

Worst: Soon after we moved in, we found out that our place has some major issues that our landlord doesn’t really care to fix (one being a backing up sewer).  Fiance sees these things as small, and I am easily aggravated at faulty plumbing – which means I usually am the one taking care of the issues with LL. 🙁   Also, when we first moved in, my dog and FI’s cat were in a Battle Royale that eventually led us to getting another cat, and me threatening to call the My Cat From Hell guy.

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Best: Having our own apartment (prior to living together, we were in college and living with roommates). Not having to pay a ridiculous amount for rent (1 bedrooms are a lot cheaper than 2 bedrooms where we live). Getting our dog about a month after we moved in together. And of course, having your person there every evening and every morning. 

Worst: We didn’t have many real difficulties, but I think just getting into a routine of who does what and who is responsible for what and when. Things like paying bills (give me x amount for this bill, and I’ll give you x amount for that bill) were initially really complicated – I felt like we both always owed each other money, which isn’t how you want to feel about your SO/FI. 

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@EmieBee4:  best: getting to cuddle in the evenings, but particularly at night. He goes away for the weekend this weekend for the first time since we’ve been cohabiting. And I’m going to miss snuggling him at night.


The worst thing? It’s got to be the way the way he leaves things around. I said to him the other day – you know exactly where to find something but never where to put it away. He’s not massively untidy, but it’s useful stuff like a pen, the scissors, the iron or tweezers!

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Best- able to fit more time with him in to my really busy schedule!


worst- HIs socks are everywhere every second of everyday. How does one man have so many damn socks???

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