What was the defining moment you knew your SO was "The One"?

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On our first date, we took a long walk together and talked about everything…and it just clicked; we’re soulmates. It was as though we kept taking the words out of each other’s mouths when we talked about our dreams, opinions, and expectations. I honestly couldn’t have dreamed of anyone more perfect for me. He still surprises me every day with his thoughtfulness. 

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There was never a moment. There were SO many moments when I fell in love with him over and over for years. But each of us went through phases of being ready for “forever” when the other person wasn’t (for financial and prestige reasons, and other crap about other people’s perceptions). It was a slow process of allowing my head to accept what my heart already knew, that we are always on the same team no matter what.

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This may sound weird, but my fiancé and I knew each other through mutual friends for a few years before we started dating. One day we were all out at a bar (I was dating someone else for about 4 years at the time), and my now fiancé made a joke that nobody else got. We both laughed and made eye-contact as everyone else continued talking. I swear, in that moment, I had a flash of a future with him, laughing at a dinner table with kids and a feeling of- “I could see myself with this person forever.” I told my best friend, who thought I was out of my mind.

Flash forward 2 years, we were both single and a mutual friend was in an accident. We went to see him in the hospital and he asked me if I wanted to grab coffee. 6 years later- here we are πŸ™‚ I don’t believe in “live at first sight” but there was a very unique connection immediately, it wasn’t sexual at all- more of a feeling of comfort.

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We had been dating for a few weeks and I mentioned to him the the battery in my smoke detector was beeping and that I had to find a stepstool to take the battery out.  The next day he came over with batteries and fixed it.  He also brought a new light bulb for my closet that I had been meaning to replace for a while.  I was like crap this guy is so great! Lol.  But it meant a lot to me that he noticed little things and took care of them.   

My mom says she knew I would marry him when he told her he gives his dog rice with beef broth as a special treat on her birthday.  πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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I was around 19 and living at home. My mother was a nutcase and was going ballistic. I’d locked my door to try to avoid any further confrontation (it’s degrading) and she came up and started smashing in my door with a hammer and doing her best ‘Shining’ impression. I could have taken her in a fight as thankfully I got a few inches on her during puberty but that’s beside the point.

I rang Darling Husband distraught and he told me to pack a bag and he drove the 50 minutes after work to come and collect me, even though he’d just got home from my town. No-one has ever gone out of their way like that for me before. He took me back to his and let me stay there. I thought he was a winner if he could see my mental family and not judge me by them.

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smallrabbits :  I don’t think I’ve had one defining moment, but there have been many small moments throughout our relationship where I see how caring and thoughtful he is. 

For instance, I am gluten free and have to not eat any gluten to stay well. He knows it’s hard for me to resist because I love and remember bread, pizza, pastries, etc. So, he does his best to not eat wheat products blatantly in front of my face. This is in stark contrast to an ex who would come home with a large pizza frequently and eat it right in front of me and not even think of bringing me something I could eat.

He will even bring me gluten free snacks from his office as they give out lots of free snacks. So I know I’m always on his mind πŸ™‚ And recently he brewed me a gluten free beer so I could enjoy it with him. Finally, I had to fast to do some bloodwork recently and was also on a special diet for a day so he ate his dinner at work just so I wouldn’t have to see it and be tempted.

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Oh, and I just thought of one more. It was our first Christmas as a couple and I was going away for two weeks to see my family in Europe. I was sad that we weren’t going to be able to be together and celebrate. I mentioned that I missed having a tree since I would be traveling. So, one night, he showed up with a surprise Christmas tree! It made me SOO happy and I just melted. I only got to see it for like two weeks before I left but he came over to water it for me so I could enjoy it when I got back. 


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smallrabbits :  this thread is beautiful. Thank you for starting it. 

I think my heart knew right away, but it snuck up on my mind slowly. Was it when,  the day we met, for the first time in our lives as city kids we got lost on the subway because we could only see each other? Was it when I told him right after that I’m going on a two-week trip with no cell service, and he believed that I’m really going away, not making up an excuse to disappear? Was it when on that trip, I found myself hanging off a sheer rock face crying – not because I thought I’m going to die, but because i thought no one would know to call him if I did, and he’d think I ghosted. Was it when he offered to let me evacuate to his place in a hurricane, and said he could stay elsewhere if I wasn’t comfortable? Or maybe it was when the first time he came to my place, a kitchen appliance went mad, and he pushed aside the fridge with one hand to unplug it so it wouldn’t catch fire.  At some point I realized that the empty feeling I’d had in my chest for years was simply the absence of him, and now I was finally whole again. 

Wow,  now that I look back,  our first few months together were pretty eventful πŸ˜€ It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows since of course,  but it’s such a blessing just to be together. 

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The first time I saw him something felt like it clicked and I knew he was the one. 

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My fiancé was a good friend for the last year of my marriage. My ex husband was violent, and when I finally got the courage to leave, my now-fiancé spent a ton of time just talking me through it and being there at all hours if I needed someone to talk to. Once the divorce was in the works and the papers were signed, I realized that he was the one I was so happy to talk to, and he never seemed to want anything from me.  I was very jumpy for a while, I didn’t like being touched. I needed therapy. But when I came out the other side, my fbest friend was still there, waiting to celebrate with me. I realized that he was the one I was supposed to be with. He never pressured me or anything – we didn’t have sex for a really, really long time and he never seemed to care. We don’t have a real ‘dating’ anniversary because we just evolved. But when he was able to put an arm around me without me jumping out of my skin, or fall asleep next to me and I was actually able to go to sleep without a panic attack, I knew he was the one. That was over three years ago, and I’ve never had a doubt. 

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smallrabbits :  we’d only been dating for a few weeks but I invited him to my family lunch at Christmas (I would not have normally done it  this early but his family live in another state and he wasn’t flying back because he had to work so he was alone at Christmas) He turned up to my house with a bottle if amaro liqeuer for my dad and a panettone cake for my nonna and my mum. He’s not Italian but my family is so I was touched that he took the time to find out what a typical Italian Christmas gift to bring a host is! 

He also was an absolute hit with my then four and two year old cousins. He played with them and fixed their broken toy. They still love him  ten years on and they always sit either side of him at family functions!!

I pretty much knew after that day that he was a keeper!

He told me that he knew he’d found the right girl when he had flown interstate for work and came home to his fridge stocked with chicken cutlets and cannoli left and cooked by me for his dinner. I was doing a late shift so I dropped it all off before work. On the occasion that I make cutlets for dinner, he’ll go and call them  ‘she’s the real deal cutlets’ in reference to that day!! I guess my husband is a cliché… The way to his heart is through his stomach! πŸ˜‚


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