What was the defining moment you knew your SO was "The One"?

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smallrabbits :  

Our first kiss. I was 21 and went to Israel on my own for my birthright and I met this awesome guy. We talked for ten days like we had always been best friends.  He was so intelligent and driven, caring and handsome. We had a lot of chemistry together there but it wasn’t until we got back and had our first date where we glanced at a map incredulous that we had been in Israel together a month prior and now he we are in California together. 

He leaned over and kissed me so softly and gently and in my head I thought “omg this is the kiss I need to have at my wedding.” Then I thought “don’t think that! Just enjoy the kiss!!”

I told my BFFs, and my mom (who started saving for the wedding) and I knew from then on I’d do whatever it took to grow with this human as my life partner. 

8 years later he proposed. 9 months later we wed. We’ve now been married for 4 months. 

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We have been together for 10 years now, married for 2. I knew he was the one when I knew there is nothing I do would be wierd around him. I could be more than 100% around him. After all these years, he still gives me butterflies and happy feeling. I knew I didn’t want to be with anyone else but him. 

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There wasn’t one moment, it was more of a slow realization for me. Lots of little things piled up I guess…taking care of me when sick, being considerate of my parents, noticing how I still get butterflies after being together for years, encouraging me to do whatever makes me happy, always defending me/us, etc.

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smallrabbits :  I’d had some inklings from quite early on in our relationship, when Darling Husband would go buy me chocolate and pain relief when I had ouchy menstrual cramps. However, I think I knew I’d marry him when we were in the final year of our undergrad (we’d been together a little over 3 years at that point) right before I flew home for Christmas. I’d spent the entire day cleaning our white tiled bathroom and was so annoyed because I had just destroyed my hard work because of a bout of food poisoning 😀 After making sure that I was well enough to fly home the following day, Darling Husband cleaned up after me, so we would have a nice clean bathroom to return to after Christmas.

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It sounds weird, but, I came into our relationship very guarded. My now husband was the most caring, bubbly, adventurous person I had ever met and I just kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.

A month or so into dating him, we walked into a convenience store on a road trip and I remember noticing how kind he was to the clerk – like, genuinely asking about how his day was going, and interested in the response. That was when I knew he was special.

To this day, he brings me coffee in bed every morning and wakes me up with kisses 🙂

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I don’t know if I can pinpoint an exact moment. But very early on in our relationship (like 4-5 weeks), he was already so caring and sweet. I’m a Realtor and he would come visit me at my open houses on Sunday. He even pretended to be interested sometimes- it was so funny. 

One of the first times he came, be brought me pretzels & almonds, a pumpkin spiced latte and a pepper spray keychain because he was concerned about me being in houses with strangers. He’s still so sweet ❤️

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I wuldn’t say there was one moment but when we first started dating I had had some moles removed and oddly enough asked him to change my bandages (not something I would normally ask someone to do so quickly). He was so gentle and kind and I felt so comfortable with him. I remember thinking he was a good one. Supposedly he said he knew thta night that we would end up together but I didn’t have a clue since after that I told him things weren’t going to work out Guess I was wrong! 

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This may be a trigger or pretty dark but I knew when I was admitted into the hospital for a suicide attempt. We were not official, and he was not aware of my mental health, but all he wanted to do was be with me and still take me out on dates. Afterwards when I didn’t have a job or money to pay for gas, he would drive me to my therapy appointments and wait during the hour for me outside. I couldn’t have asked anyone to do what he did for me during that time, and I certainly didn’t expect for him to do that so early on in our relationship. I fall in love with him more and more every day and I’m so thankful he came up to me that one day and gave me his number!

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It was December 2016 and he came over to my apartment for dinner. I was in the proccess of baking and decorating cookies for a baking exchange and I was still getting the rest of the food finished up and asked if he could help me. Knowing that the cookies weren’t going to be eaten by either of us, and going to people he’d never met, he willingly and gorgeously decorated the better part of 2 dozen cookies and even made some video game related ones. Our dinner date ended up being him at one end of the table rocking the cookie writers and me writing cards. That he would take that kind of time and he still enjoyed spending it with me made me know he was that one. 

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I loved reading these replies, so I wanted to contribute to 🙂 Honestly, my moments were a bunch of little ones as a few PP have said, those “warm fuzzy moments” but most noteably.. all the times Fiance had made me laugh, and I mean like LAUGH. There are so many different laughs/giggles you can have and sometimes it was the laugh until I cried moments, others it was just laughing and smiling, I mean the times I laughed from my heart I just knew.. as cheesy as that sounds. And all of the laughs happened at small times or during small moments, just like playing around on the couch or at home. We were also so young (I was 16, he was 18 when we met.. now we’re 21 and 23, engaged) and I just knew it was real when my other girlfriends relationships just weren’t like ours. Its so rare to have that feeling in high school. 

Another HUGE time I knew Fiance was the one, was when we broke up for about a year and a half. He did break up with me, and it was terrible at the time but it also wasn’t a bad break-up. It was more of a “we need to get back to being individuals and be independent” break-up and it was so good for us, we got back together more mature and stronger than ever. It was during our break-up when I just had that gut feeling we were meant to be together. We did talk at some points and it was friendly and we had LONG conversation and drove around backroads before we got back together and laid it all out.. and there was just that vibe in the air where it just felt right.

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