what was the last most useless thing you bought

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catt :  I get it, though! I have lost many a friend (‘s small portion of a fingertip) to cutting an avocado. How are those things so dangerous to slice??

I bought this salt shaker which I have filled with not an ounce of salt. He sits on my shelf in my room. I saw him in the store after a really bad day, and his cuteness literally made me cry (???? I have no real idea why) so now his name is Professor Hinkleberry and he presides over the apartment.

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eeniebeans :  you win ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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This little massager which A: cost $10!!! What the hell was I thinking? 

B: doesn’t really work  

C: looks like some sadistic anal play toy and now I can’t get that image out of my head  

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betyl :  Same. Like really racking my brain. I got nothing. But I’m broke as a joke so…..

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I am living for this thread

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This whirlygig thing. It’s supposed to spin, which it does when the ceiling fan is on.  I got it because the little birds in cages look like canaries to me.

As you can see, they have pretty much fallen off.

It was $2.67.  I don’t feel that terrible about it. 

Next up, the two cute color changing elephants that worked for a day.

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Lol I bought this t-shirt after GoT cause why not? 

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TheGridMonster :  eBay ๐Ÿ˜…. I just looked up my receipt; they were $0.99 each with some sort of discount if bundled, plus I found a coupon, so I only ended up actually paying 66 cents total for 4 of them. They are directly from China so it took maybe 2 weeks, but I wasn’t in a rush. 

I think they’re supposed to function as cable preservers (Apple cables have that notorious fraying reputation). Not sure if they actually work for that…I use those corded cables which don’t even fray to begin with, I just thought it was cute. But they do weigh the cable down a bit more, so I guess that is helpful. In the very least it’s made it super easy to find and plug in, in the dark. 

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Went to Walmart for groceries, ended up walking down one of the seasonal decor aisles (this was a few months ago) and bought something very similar to this to go on some shelves in my bathroom. It was newly renovated with an industrial farmhouse theme, I figured this would look really cute on some of the whitewashed pipe shelves we have. Planned to fill it with fake cotton plants or something…. its still empty, sitting next to the tissue box. 

I suck at decorating my house. We’ve had it for over a year and I can count on my hand the amount of “decorations” aka things hanging on the walls and absolutely none of the items are photos of Darling Husband and I or anything with us, lol. 

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I ordered a cheese and red wine hamper to send to my wine aficionado cousin for her birthday. I then remembered that she’s pregnant… I had to call her and apologise that she would either have to just sit and look at her present for the next 6 months, or let her husband drink it by himself.

 I also made my husband buy me a toy flamingo the other day because it was stitched wrong- it’s eye is almost on its beak, and I was worried nobody else would love it if we didn’t take it home.

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Most any food bought for my toddler is a gift to the floor. 

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I’ve not bought it yet, but it’s imminent…I watched Toy Story 4 the other day and now I will not rest until I’ve found a Forky plushy. And then we will get annoyed because we live in a small house with no space to display things, and even if we DID have space to display things we wouldn’t want to display a Forky plushy. BUT I NEED A FORKY PLUSHY AND I’LL BE DAMNED IF I DON’T OWN ONE BEFORE THE MONTH IS OUT

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