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Congratulations! What a wonderful proposal. 

We had a few people say, “well, yeah I expected that” or “what a surprise” very sarcastically – but nothing worse than that. So we’ve been fairly lucky, compared to some of the stories I’ve heard on here!

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Congrats!  I know how weird people can be when you get engaged.  I had a lot of people asking why we were getting married so young.

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Congratulations!!!  Sounds like a lovely proposal.

When we got engaged and then went back to FI’s parents’ apartment to tell them that night, we had them come out to the living room and before we said anything his mom lost all color and started holding her heart like she was having a heart attack…she was completely certain that we were going to tell them her son had knocked me up.  Pretty extreme, heh.

We’ve gotten a surprisingly small amount of “Why now, when you’re so young?!”s, since we are the ONLY people in our age group and at our college that we know who are engaged.  I think people were probably pretty unsurprised because of how much time we spend together and how great a match we are though.  It seemed really natural to us and to them as well, I guess.  My great-aunt gave me a funny response though.  She was shocked when I told her and said, “Well I’ll be!  I thought you’d never get engaged…I didn’t think you liked boys!!!”  I thought she was insinuating that I was gay (and of course, in the super-conservative coal regions of PA, lesbians don’t get married).  My mom swears she just meant that she assumed from my personality as a little girl (I was always of the “Ew, boys are icky and I’m independent, I don’t need one to keep me happy,” variety) that I would be the eternally single type, but I’m not so sure…

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@Vegan–HAHAHAH “I didn’t think you like boys”  LOL, people are so weird.

I guess we were lucky–no one really said anything too odd to us! 

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I called my mom who was in a different time zone (and sleeping) and her response was….”you woke me up for that??” I guess she assumed we were going to get engaged in Vegas when we went on vacay. πŸ˜›

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Congratulations!  Some people are so weird.  My fiance’s dad kept trying to make jokes about stuff but his “jokes” are always fairly insulting and extremely repetitive.  The night we got engaged he said to me “I don’t know why you said yes, I never would have said yes if I was you”.  Ugh.

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I think the most surprising things for us was the same as for you… I wondered what had just happened to people saying congratulations and keeping other thoughts to themselves lol From some older, single people I got a lot of “you’re too young to get married! Don’t do it! Why would you want to get married?” I know that they think they are giving some kind of expert advice there, but that’s just not me and never has been me and they know that, so I didn’t really appreciate it.

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Our main one was “It’s about dang time.” LOL  Needless to say, we took our sweet little time to finally get around to dating eachother, but once we did, it didn’t take long to fall in love and get engaged.

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Congrats! It’s so much fun to be able to tell everyone. The worst comment we got was pretty much “you’re too young” and “why are you leaving us to live with him?!” Yea, I got the last one from co-workers…it was disappointing that they didn’t understand why I would move to be with my Fiance rather than stay in a “dead-end” town and be like them.

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Congrats!! I was sad because everyone already knew it…I sent out a mass text to not so close friends that said “guess what!?” and almost EVERYONE responded “you’re engaged” (one person guessed that i was either engaged or got a new puppy). Haha I guess after 6 years it was coming.

Sorry bout your weird friends, hope they warm up to the wedding festivities!

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My best friend was not too happy when I texted here from NYC that I was engaged. I kind of knew that would be her reaction-like another one bites the dust mentality.  My husband & I had been together for something like 7 yrs when we became engaged, plus we lived together, so I think she finally saw that living-together best friend wouldn’t be much different than married best friend-and it isn’t.  Between her &  my little sister’s negativity though, there were a few “grey clouds” during my wedding planning.  They are just a little resentful and jealous-it’s obvious by their behavior and what they say.  No biggie, but they won’t watch my video or look at photos, get mad when I wear my “bling,” and don’t like me to talk about our wedding or anything wedding-related at all (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg).  My BFF gets mad if I say “husband” when talking to people who don’t know him.  Bitter much, girls?  Wow-that was a vent!  Thanks!

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