What was the rudest wedding experiance you had?

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  • Wedding: October 2014 - Church

emilyluwest: I cannot believe that someone would stick a random in someone’s hotel room! That’s insane.

Mine actually involve MOHs more than brides lol.

1. Bride 1 sent me an invitation to her bridal shwer but there was no invitation to the wedding. Everyone was confused as to whether they were invited or not because she posted on her status on FB that save the date becomes informal …

2. Same wedding – Maid/Matron of Honor went and uninvited various guests from pre-wedding events and tried to not allow for various people to not attend that she had vendettas with by conveniently not putting them on guest lists.

3. Maid/Matron of Honor for bride 2 (wedding I was bm in) demanded that everyone in the Bridal Party cough up $140 for a bridal shower we had no say in (I didn’t even have enough money to get to it because it was five hours away from me) and she was mad when we all told her that we could not afford it (I was a student at the time and two were new mothers).

4. Same Maid/Matron of Honor for bride 2 did not even send an honorary invite to the bachelorette party she had planned.

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  • Wedding: October 2013

*cash bar

*travel required

*not enough food, all food was fried within an inch of being “food”

*no hotel blocks or information

*lots of money spent on invitations, bridal attire, etc. 

*not enough seats/tables for guests

*Dress code (t-shirt and jeans. and bride wore full length wedding gown)

*fake vows (they got married 4 mos before)

All in one wedding. After attending our wedding and complaining how DUMB weddings are. It was all awkward and rude and terrible.

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  • Wedding: September 2014

OMG Bride 2 needs to get her life together.  Wow.

The rudest things I can think of:

– One of my regular customers who I liked very much asked me when Fiance was going to buy me a “real” ring, since mine is under a carat.  Ouch.

– One time a baker at a wedding expo was snippy with me and said if I wanted to discuss prices, I needed to come into her bakery for a private consult.  I live about 3 hours from the town I’m getting married in – so that trip to the expo was one of the few I plan to make to meet with vendors!  This doesn’t sound so bad but she was soooooooooo rude and mostly I’m just mad that her cake was so good.  OH WELL!  I found a new amazing baker 🙂

– Oh my bridesmaid told her roommate that she is getting tired of pretending to be excited because she hates everything I’ve planned for my wedding and that a wedding isn’t really a wedding in her eyes if the reception isn’t in a hotel ballroom.  Love you too ho bag, errr, I mean, best friend …

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  • Wedding: September 2014

OH AND when my brother got engaged I told a bridesmaid (different than previously mentioned) excitedly, and she said, “Um …. that girl is NOT a Catholic.”  Um if his family isn’t concerned about her faith, why are you?!  Then she said she isn’t stepping foot in any other church so she hopes she converts.

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  • Wedding: October 2014

The rudest thing I’ve ever had happen at a wedding I’ve attended was at my aunts wedding. Her wedding was pretty much the wedding I used for everything I DIDN’T want to happen at my wedding. They had a horrible dj who played horrible music. They served a family style dinner for 8, but sat 10 people at each table. There wasn’t enough food to go around and both me and my mom had only a small spoonful of mashed taters, and a biscuit. The restrooms in the hall were out of toilet paper. There was a cash bar, but the bridal party were given drink tickets. Needless to say, we left the reception early enough to make it to mcdonald’s before it closed.

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  • Wedding: October 2014

Some of the worst things I’ve encountered while wedding planning :

– We started planning in Dec 2012 for our 2014 wedding. Some of the places we were VERY interested in, were already booked for our date in 2014! Others I contacted, didn’t take us seriously because “it was so far away”. One vendor I contated told me to contact them in 2014, “closer to the date”.

– Lots of people asking for invitations. I find this REALLY rude. What’s worse is when they ask via facebook or text message.

– People asking to bring their kids. We’ve never hid the fact that we are preferring an adult-only reception. Aside from my flower girl, and bridemaid [whom is 17], everyone will be 21+, but that doesn’t stop people from asking WHY their kid can’t come.

– Another rant about my Aunt, and her husband. They’ve been making comments through the whole planning process, about how we are spending too much money on the wedding. They’ve even FLAT OUT ASKED our budget. I kind of avoided the subject, because I don’t feel it’s any of their business. They told me they spent 10k for their wedding [10 years ago, by the way!]. Which I would believe based on the crappy dj and food they had. I don’t want to serve shitty food to my guests. My aunt’s husband has also told us numerous times that we are wasting our money, and we should purchase a home, instead of having a wedding. I’m not sure why he thinks where I’m living is any of his business.

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  • Wedding: April 2015

emilyluwest:  I went to an engagement party two weekends ago, where the bride-to-be whipped out her phone and stalked her registry. There were a lot of boxed gifts and envelopes on the gift table (they made it clear they expected expensive gifts, with the registry info on the invitation), and she was trying to guess which wrapped gift was which item on her registry…AT THE PARTY.

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  • Wedding: June 2014

208bride:  Holy crap! That is super mean. Sorry!

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  • Wedding: October 2014

emilyluwest:  I have had a few! One is when a co-worker got married and invited everyone in the office to her bridal shower but only invited 3 people to her actual wedding. I was also a bridesmaid once in a wedding where the bride wouldn’t allow any of the wedding party to consume any alcohol the entire night as she said it would “ruin her photos”… that was a fun one. 

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  • Wedding: April 2016

This was for a wedding of a family friend, not us. Bride went to a higher end bakery in our home town to ask about a fancy wedding cake (you know, the fancy pants cake boss level cakes) she was looking through the bakery’s idea book and found a cake she liked.

Bride: “how much would a cake like this one cost”

baker: “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” 

bride gets up and walks out. 

Seriously. Even if my cake budget was 100k I would want to know how much it cost

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