(Closed) What was the switch that made you baby crazy?

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For me, it was right after we got back from our honeymoon. It was like I was finally at a place where a baby was an acceptable possiibility and the switch flipped. I also stopped taking my BC right around that time for seperate reasons so my hormones went crazy. Darling Husband was deployed pretty much immediately and I vividly remember buying baskets to put under our tv cabinet and having a sobbing cry fest that they would be filled with diapers and baby toys one day, it was bad. It did die down for a few months but I’m recently preganant so it did make us move up our original TTC date by a few months just becuase we couldn’t wait!

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I have never really cared much about having kids, but now that I am with him, I want them. I want to have his kids and I want to have a family with him. 

I think the big switch for me was being surrounded by babies. Literally everyone I know had a baby or is having a baby (ok not everyone, but it feels like that)!  This prompted a discussion about our timeline and now we have a timeline of when we are going to start ttc. I think the timeline really helped me put things into perspective and gave me a “this is real, this is going to happen soon” moment, whereas before it was all in the distant future. We are looking at starting to try in about a year. 

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Around 5 months after getting engaged I got baby fever BAD!!! I think it kicked in right after the excitement of engagement died down.

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bluebee19:  I don’t have full-blown baby rabies yet, and Fiance and I have a pretty set timeline for when we want to start trying, or at least switching to not trying, not preventing.

But my niece being born last month has made me more than a little baby crazy. I am trying to keep it under control!

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bluebee19:  YES. It went from 0 to 100 in literally a day. For me, it was seeing my cousins’ kids at Thanksgiving and how loving and cuddly and stinking cute they all are, even if they are a ton of work. I’ve always wanted a family, but saw it as more of a “someday” thing than a “soon” thing until recently. I’m starting to realize that I’ve accomplished a lot in my life (albeit nothing as difficult as parenting), and this is something I can take on too. It helps that my Fiance and I are planning on moving to be close to my parents…I’m not sure if I would feel as ready without my mom there to help me.

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About 6 months after getting engaged my fiancé and I had a surprise in the form of a positive pregnancy test. We weren’t trying and frankly didn’t want kids for at least a few years after we were actually married, but obviously that plan went out the window, lol. Then a week after finding out, I lost the baby. I was only 6 weeks along, but the baby’s heart never started going. After that I kinda got a little baby crazy. My best friend had her baby the following July and being around him and the thought of what I lost just made me want a baby so badly. Time passed and even though we weren’t married and still wanted to wait, we weren’t actively preventing a baby. I think we both kind of wanted one, because we were still upset about our loss. Lo and behold, we got pregnant with our beautiful daughter who was born in December of 2014. While I still wish things had gone according to plan and we had been married with a house first, I honestly believe her arrival saved me. I was in a pretty bad place after losing our first baby, so I honestly think our daughter was my saving grace. 

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I never even though I WANTED kids until I started dating Fiance. One day I saw him playing with my friend’s little 1 year old daughter and I just knew I wanted to be a parent. Though I still wasn’t ready. Then, about 2 years ago, his cousin gave birth to twins (on my birthday) and just seeing those little babies…a switch just flipped. I seriously cannot get enough of babies. I was ready, but I knew Fiance wasn’t (he was just my Boyfriend or Best Friend at that time). So I’ve slowly been waiting for Fiance to be ready and we’ve decided that after we get married (this April) we’re going to stop birth control. We won’t actually be TRYING until probably the end of 2016, but we won’t be actively preventing. 

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I never thought I wanted kids. But my nieces made me kinda interested. My Fiance would be a great dad. And then my cousin (we are close friends also) is 9 months pregnant and she is so cute and happy. And when we went shopping for her shower gift Fiance kept pointing out all the things he thought were “adorable” lol and see him baby crazy made me a little baby crazy. And our friends are starting to have kids on purpose. One of them  has a baby named leala and she is jus the sweetest, happiest, most outgoing  baby I have ever seen! lol 

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bluebee19:  I always knew I wanted to have a family of my own and Darling Husband as well.  We had already talked about TTC later this year but that changed after I received a health care.  About a month ago I ended up in the ER with pelvic pain.  Turns out I have a 3 1/2 inch fibroid in my uterus.  The nurse there said she has two and said that it took her a while to conceive.  She scared me and said that I may have problems TTC or may not be able to have any kids.  My Darling Husband was so supportive and said why are you scared you won’t know until you see the Gynecologist.  So yup seen him and said I should be okay with TTC.  So just like that Darling Husband and I are in the TTC phase.  So curious to find out later this month if I am 

Switch is so ON!

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Darling Husband and I do volunteer work at a therapeutic horseback riding program and we brought our neighbor’s ten year old daughter with us a few times. She’s great with the horses and the clients and I just fell in love with her compassion. It made me want a child so badly. I got pregnant shortly after. Obviously she wasn’t the only reason we decided to have a family but she was definitely a factor in me wanting a kid RIGHT NOW lol.

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bluebee19: My switch was when I saw how awesome the hubs is with all of our kids’ friends. He honestly loves kids and he’s great with them and they love him too.  It’s odd – I’ve never seen kids so attracted to a giant guy before, yet everyone’s kids are.  

For me, it’s like: “Want to hold my newborn baby that weighs less than a marker?” Me: breaking out in hives and shakes   Him: “Yes! Of course! Come here little baby!!”

I distinctly remember we were at our friends house the two little girls how absouletly ADORE him were climbing all over him and putting hair clips and princess tiaras on his head while he was watching football and I remember thinking how awesome he’d be as a dad.  I mean, he’s watching football (his favorite thing ever) and letting two girls climb around on him and clip crap in his hair and isn’t uncomfortable or annoyed or anything.  It reminded me of my dad and all of us girls.

We’ve had a lot of adventures over the years with just the two of us, so we decided to have another adventure and get off birth control 🙂


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