(Closed) What was the worst part of your wedding?

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  • Wedding: August 2008

@Avocado:  My photographer was very difficult to communicate with, and though he gave me a sheet to complete with the shots I wanted, when he sent me the final sheet he had simply "summarized" what I had written, it was way too vauge.  Regarding the shot with me, my mom, and my Grandma – I remember him taking the shots, but it isn’t on the DVD he gave me.  My main concern with him was his attitude — he was annoying and rude and pissed everyone off.  If you were to ask anyone in my wedding party they would say that the worst thing about my wedding was my photographer.  I don’t care how many awards a photog has won, it doesn’t give them the right to be rude to wedding guests. He also didn’t listen to where I told him to park, so he got a ticket — then he mailed the ticket to my mom and told her to pay it!

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  • Wedding: July 2008 - Oceanfront lawn and tent

I have to agree with Cupcake and say… the end!  It went by so fast, I just couldn’t believe when it was over.  Like Penguin, we also had a noise ordinance, which was a bummer because our band was willing to play longer due to the power outage that stopped them from playing earlier in the night.  C’est la vie.  I loved every second of the wedding though, even the crazy stormy moments.

Looking back through the pictures I think we captured everything we wanted to, except for leaving the ring bearer out of the formal group shots… I’m not sure how that happened.  Could have been my fault, or he could have just been running around being an 8-year old when the time came.  Oh well ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Wedding: October 2021 - Auberge du Soleil

Too be honest I can’t think of anything that was bad about our day… I wish we would have brought a camera to the afterparty at the bar because it was the one part of the night that nobody captured. I also wish that we would have left a day between the wedding and the honeymoon departure to spend with family.

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  • Wedding: June 2008

Honestly, just little things.  I planned my back home Ohio wedding from where we live in Las Vegas.  For it being a Destination Wedding for 250 people, it was pretty amazing!  And really, the day of the wedding was completely stress free and so wonderful.  Our vendors were wonderful and everyone had a a fantastic time.  I didn’t want it to end!!! 

The things that I was bummed about was the fact the my hubby and I didn’t stay together throughout the entire reception.  We split up and spent time with people that were there instead of each other, but it wasn’t really that big of a deal.  Also, a lot of people didn’t know when we were cutting the cake.  Even though an announcement was made, many important people (like our parents) completely missed it.  So that kind of stunk.  And I really wished people would have danced more.  Our band was amazing and so was the DJ, but people would’ve rather hung out at the bars… boo.  Really though, everything else was really great!  Reading some of these posts makes me think that I am being overdramatic about the things that bothered me.  Sorry to these girls for having such horrible experiences for their wedding days. 

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  • Wedding: December 2008

The worst part of the wedding for me was the entire day before, if that counts. I live in Mississippi, and I woke up to literal freaking snow. And it rained a nasty, cold, piercing rain the rest of the day. I can deal with the cold (from MN originally), but it made the roads horrid.

Also, we were moving into a refurbished house on the wedding night, so the day before they were just installing the stove and fridge, the heat was not on at all, the house was filthy… I was petrified that we were going to show up on the wedding night and have to scramble for a hotel room because the house was unlivable.

There were numerous other screw-ups and mishaps during the day, so my DH was extremely cranky, and I was weepy by the time it was nearing the actual rehearsal dinner. I was running a little late because I had to just go home and cry for a few minutes because I was so stressed, and then while I’m trying to calm down, my now-SIL calls me demanding to know where I am, because she is at the church and it’s locked. Nevermind that her brother (my DH) has the key.

There was another run in with her later that evening, because our photographer had suggested that we designate a relative to be his helper to corral people, since he doesn’t know any of them, and DH and I had talked and decided she would be a good choice (she’s very bossy and has a loud voice, perfect for corralling people). I thought DH had asked her about it, so when at the rehearsal the photog asks me who is the helper, I point over to her and say, "[SIL’s name]." She looks very confused, so I (not thinking) say, "Oh, we thought you could help out our photographer.. blah blah blah…" I don’t even know how to put what she said into type.. loud voice, horrified, angry expression, injecting the word "What?!" with all of this venom and outrage. It was almost like a movie — the room went silent just as she said it, and then everyone just started nervously laughing to try to cover it up as she starts yelling at me about how I need to ask her to do things, not just tell her. I guess DH talked to her about it later, saying it was his fault and she had no right to chew me out about it, but a month later it still really hurts.

Thankfully, like in theater, a horrible rehearsal turned out a beautiful wedding, and I don’t even know if she was still cranky at that point because I didn’t care. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Wedding: October 2007 - a beautiful church and hotel reception

I try not to think about it too much but the worst part for me were my FLOWERS!! ugh… hideous and absolutely nothing like what I had in mind! Flowers were my least important thing to me, but when I saw them I thought to myself "oh wow, wedding flowers can be really UGLY!" It didn’t help that all my bride pictures were with my ugly bouquet.  And to make it worse, I wrote a letter (very polite) to my florist saying that she didn’t include certain flowers that I specifically requested and that maybe next time in the future she can be more clear about her decisions… and she never wrote back.  That is why I gave her such a bad review!

Also, our church coordinator was horrible! She kept making RUDE comments all throughout the day and at the end while we were taking pictures, she kept saying "are you guys done yet? you’re done right? we have to clean up, you have to be done NOW."  It was really aggitating and kept making us all nervous!! We really wanted to write a complaint letter to the church but never got around to it!

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  • Wedding: September 2008

The worst part of my wedding was our reverend, that was the worst $75 I’ve ever spent! He is definitely the main thing I would change if I had to do it all over again. We had an outdoor wedding in a park so I searched around our area for someone to marry us. I called the courthouse for a list of names and contacted the one that was available for our day. I met with 6 months before the wedding and gave him a copy of the ceremony word for word. We met with him again about a week before the wedding to go over final details and come the day of the wedding, he not only showed up late (5 minutes before the ceremony began), he didn’t wear what he said he was going to wear and did the worst job actually performing the ceremony. He stumbled over everything like he had never said that paper before even though he had it for 6 months. He add libbed stupid things and I almost told him to skip to the I DOs when it began to rain. It was horrible! The most infamous line that he said was "This rings are awesome, you should see these." as he held them up for everyone to see.

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For the worst part was that I never really relaxed and enjoyed myself.  It was wonderful and I was really happy with how it turned out, but the whole time I was anxious and worried and just really tense.  I loved my wedding but I’m glad it’s over and I can just be married and enjoy the pictures now!  ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Wedding: September 2007

My day was absolutely gorgeous. I had clear skies and 70 degree weather in September. Beautiful! The worst part about my day was my mom. She stressed me out to no end. I couldn’t relax all day b/c she was letting me know that everything about my day wasn’t up to her standards. I was just happy being able to marry the man of my dreams on a perfect day with all of my family and friends there. But I had to hear about how my photographer made a comment about how my girls would dress me (heaven forbid) or how there were just lobster pieces on top of the filet instead of next to it, or how we spent too much time at the cocktail hour and were taking too long to get introduced, how I wasn’t moving fast enough around the tables of over 300 guests. It was insane. The best part was putting her in a car to send her home. I was finally with my husband and my friends without her watchful eye. Needless to say, the honeymoon was amazing

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  • Wedding: March 2010

Ooh, this post is stressing me out. I’ve spent the last 15 minutes reading it, and while it’s DEFINITELY giving me insight into what to avoid and what to do to improve the day itself, it’s making me tremendously nervous. Especially about photographers because I have my heart set on some truly fantastic pictures…it’s a good thing I have a year to plan!!

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  • Wedding: February 2009

Our wedding went so well even with it being 2000 miles away from where we live.  Abosolutely the worst part was the fact that it ended, even if it did last 3 hours longer than it was supposed to!  I was so glad to see everyone just having so much fun!

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  • Wedding: September 2008 - A tiny town just outside of Glacier National Park

I’m sad we didn’t do a "first look." I had definitely decided that his “first look” would have a bigger impact if it were as I was walking down the aisle. Unfortunately, we hadn’t exactly planned the logistics of how we’d be sequestered once we arrived at Polebridge.

Playing “hide and seek” like this seemed like fun at the time. But if I had to confess my one major regret of the whole day, it’s that we didn’t spend the hour before the ceremony together. I wish we’d had some quiet time to talk, have a drink, and maybe take a few casual photos. I made him wait to see me because I thought it would make our ceremony feel more significant. In truth, I think it would have been worth it to have had a few minutes with my future husband beforehand.


I’m also grumpy that my grandparents kept changing their plans beforehand, ostensibly "for health reasons" but really because they’re very traditional and were pissed we were having a secular ceremony outdoors. They ended up coming all the way from Michigan by train and didn’t get a sleeping car, complaining about that the whole time, and then saying to me after the wedding as a compliment "It wasn’t nearly as bad as we expeced." Um, thanks?

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  • Wedding: December 2010

I got sick to my stomach during the first part of the reception.  I was in the bathroom for  a little while, and since we had a sweetheart table, it meant I left my brand new husband all alone.  For this reason, I don’t recommend a sweetheart table (though I’ve heard they can be good!)

 RE: the big photag debate that has occured on this thread:  I loved loved loved my photographers.  I was disspointed, however, that they had no pictures of us (DH and I) both looking at the camera.  I agree with Mrs. Avadcado to some degree- in that I’m the one responsible for that- I should have requested that we have that type of shot.  Would I have appreciated it if they had thought of it themselves, of course- but in the end its really no one’s fault and I love all my other pictures so much.

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  • Wedding: April 2009

I had 2 major complaints about my wedding… wait 3!


1. When we were doing photos before the wedding (girls and guys separately so that my groom wouldnt see me before the ceremony) my photog kept me in the chapel so long that several guests were arriving while I was posing for photos.. I didnt want anyone to see me b4 the wedding so it totally stressed me out!!

2. Several of our guests didnt show up or left before the reception. I just dont understand this at all.. .and it really hurts my feelings. These are people we thought we were close to.. and they didn’t care enough to come to the wedding even though the all RSVPed yes and even talked about the wedding right up until. About 15 people didnt show.. leaving almost 2 tables empty.. at $80 a head I’m really annoyed!!

3. We had an afterparty planned at the hotel bar. The bar normally closes at 11, but the manager promised that if we called with a headcount by 10pm, they would hold the bar open just for our party. Well when we called, that manager was not there and the brat on the phone said "its not my problem and we arent staying open"… so several of our guests who were only planning on makingthe afterparty showed up to a closed bar. And to top it off, the front desk called our honeymoon suite EACH time a guest showed up. I was SOOOO pissed.

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  • Wedding: August 2021

Well, I guess the part that was the worst is that we eloped! I kinda freaked out half way through our planning, we were fighting a ton, everything I wanted was "too expensive" and what my mother wanted was perfect @@, etc. So, I decided to plan a Destination Wedding in Hawaii for just family. Well, never do that during Spring Break because all sorts of people started deciding that they would come and I was too naive to say NO. So, soon we had an 80 person wedding at the Ritz on Maui…don’t even ask how much that is. ๐Ÿ™‚ So, we eloped in Las Vegas with our parents. It was great, but I really missed the whole wedding thing. I’m that girl that has been planning wedding since she was 4 and still reads Martha. We planned to renew our vows, but it’s just so hard to justify spending the money on it when you’re already married! ๐Ÿ™‚ But, I’m holding out hope that on our 10th anniversary, which is in 3 years, I’ll host a 40th birthday for my husband/vow renewal. Sound good to everybody? Say yes!!!

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