What was your 1st impression of your SO and their 1st impression of you? Why?

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    We met on a date so it was positive (or we wouldn’t have continued!). We used a dating website and hit it off right away, had one of those dates that doesn’t seem to end. 

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    We met in 2nd grade! 🥰 We were good friends throughout school until we decided to start dating after high school graduation. Definitely a positive experience. 

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    Our first impression was awful. I was in a shitty phase where I didn’t want to admit I was attracted to other men. You know that “oh no, he’s hot” meme? That was me and I didn’t know how to process it so I was a dick. He likes to tell people I glared at him for a year. 

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    We met online. I thought he was cute but he lived four hours away and I disagreed with some answers to q&a stuff on his profile. He liked that my profile was straightforward. I don’t think he had much thought other than that. 

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    I met a few friends for dinner and afterwards we decided to go to a bar near the restaurant.  As we walked in I spotted my husband standing on the short side of an L shaped bar.  He was literally the first thing I laid eyes on when I opened the door, and I thought “look at that tall drink of water” (he’s 6’5″).

    The place was packed.  It was Friday night and there was a live band.  My friends and I ended up joining a group of people one of my friends knew and soon there were probably 10-12 of us at 2 tables pushed together.

    We were having a great time chatting and dancing but I kept my eye on the big guy near the door and at one point even went to the bar to order a drink hoping to make eye contact but he never looked my way. 

    I kind of gave up on him after a while and was just having fun with my friends and meeting new people when I looked across the table and saw him talking to a guy who was with our group and I was again very aware of him. 

    So we’re in this large group of people with everyone talking and laughing, people coming and going from the dance floor (including me) and I swear to god he never even glanced at me. 

    After about 30 minutes I started thinking I needed to take myself home.  It was about 11:30 and I knew the band was done at midnight and I didn’t want to be there anymore.  I was again sitting across the table from him and about a minute from walking out the door when he looked across the table and straight at me.  He leaned towards me and said “I’m going to come talk to you”.

    And thats what he did.  He walked around the table, sat down next to me and we talked until closing time.  We exchanged numbers and once home he sent me a text that read ” I enjoyed talking with you.  You’re a breath of fresh air” 

    The next day he called me and arrainged our first date.   We met for beer, pizza and football, which is my idea of a perfect first date, and we’ve been together ever since. 

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    @cc33ammy:  I was introduced to him by chance (we were not set-up/had no matchmaker). He was pretty quiet and reserved (almost standoffish). We didn’t really talk much the first time we saw each other. Looks-wise, I thought he looked good but you see a lot of guys like him around where I live-blond, blue eyed, tanned surfer-type wearing cargo shirts and flip-flops. 

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    We met at a party hosted by a mutual friend at a bar! I was in a spiraling relationship with someone else at the time. When I saw him, my jaw pretty much hit the floor. He was so expressive, had a big smile, was well dressed and handsome. When we spoke it was obvious that he had a high degree of emotional intelligence and his active listening skills were freaking out of this world! He definitely made a positive impression on me, because I couldn’t get him out of my head and was so stoked when he messaged me.

    I asked him this question today (oddly enough it’s our dating anniversary). He said that he loved the dress I wore that day, my outgoing personality and that he felt as though he wanted to know more about me/wanted to see where our initial meet would go. 

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    @cc33ammy:  we had mutual friends and associates.  But right away we discovered we had a ton of common interests and experiences. 

    He struck me strongly as forthright and authentic, which is why we continued even when I wasn’t looking for anyone. 

    Those qualities in him are so strong, they are still my favorite  part of him today.

    He says I was his dream girl, he believed his late mother had a hand in him finally meeting a good match and he knew right away. Lol

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    My first impression of my husband was that he was funny and kind. I saw him across the room talking and laughing with people he’d only just met and made sure to keep everyone involved in the conversation. 

    He was my roommate’s friend and so we hung out a lot over about 6 months before we decided to try taking things further than just friends. 

    I just asked my husband and he said that I seemed fun, was quick to laugh and was beautiful and wanted people to have a good time and enjoy themselves and had a huge smile and didn’t take myself too seriously. 

    I didn’t know that was his first impression of me, so thanks for starting this thread!

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    We met at a mutual friend’s party, by the end of the night our first impression was overwhelmingly positive, but the first time my now fiance saw me I was opening a beer bottle with a lighter but he though I was lighting a bong so he was getting ready to bolt if it was that kind of party XD

    (he is very anti-drug… his step brother became a paranoid schizophrenic and passed due to drug use so his position understandable)

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    First I didn’t really like him. Now I love him and I’m breaking off our engagement! 👍Yay. Have a nice day. 

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    @lesliebride:  Sending you hugs – I know from your thread what an incredibly tough time you have been having.  I hope there is a brighter future in store for both of you xxx

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    I first met my OH in a group setting – thought he seemed like a nice guy, but wasn’t attracted to him (and the first time we met, I didn’t even know he was single, as it was one of those occasions where everyone’s milling around and you don’t know who is partnered with whom)

    He thought pretty much the same about me!  We knew each other for over a year before we started dating – liking gradually turned into friendship which turned into love.

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    I met my fiance at a house party. Walked into the kitchen to find him with a mutual friend sieving a bottle of wine that had broken through a colander and offering me a glass. I declined saying that I liked my oesophagus intact and apparently that did it for him! He added me on fb the following day making up an excuse that I had invited him to do so to discuss yoga classes (he does not, and never has done yoga but felt this was THE way of starting a conversation/asking me for dinner) it worked and 7 years later we’ll be getting married! Yay! <3

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