(Closed) What was your best and worst dress shopping experience?

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: July 2016

My worst experience was one in which I was told, “Take it off. That’s not your dress!” by the woman working at the store. I am not the type to have a huge reaction and cry and smile like I’m in a pageant, so that offended me. I bought my dress elsewhere – the place I had my best experience. There was nothing super unique about it and in fact, the lighting wasn’t good, but I still found my dress and loved it!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2016

My worst experience was the very FIRST shopping trip I took to look for a gown – it was at David’s and it was just bad. The lady was late to my appointment then said nothing to us anyway, she would stand far off from us or walk away but run back to beat my friend to zipping me up (it got really awkward really fast), and eventually she left as we were trying on dresses.

As we looked around aisles another woman called out to me from the end of one, “Hi, what are you doing?” which embarassed me so much that I didn’t know what she expected me to say. Looking at dresses, hi? She then became my new attendant and she was worse than the first. She was very severe and made us fee very embarrassed. I wanted my bestfriend to try a gown on with me to relax us and we were almost too shy to even ask. It was really terrible. Neither women clipped me into any dress or helped at all in any way. They didn’t help me envision the dress or suggest any changes when I didn’t like something (like straps, etc). Everyone later told me I had to go to another place and get the REAL treatment.

My best experience was the next trip we took, thankfully! It was a small boutique and the lady knew everything. She was so helpful and wonderful to be around. She actually chose the dress that I would never have tried on and I fell so in love with it! It haunts me to this day, haha. I’ll post a picture of that dress. She was great. 

A good salon will help you envision your dress on the day, clips can be so necessary to see it sometimes in a sample dress. I loved that she helped me look and feel like a bride finally. It was my happiest moment while dress shopping. Also, let’s be real, getting a veil on makes like 90% of brides cry immediately!

She pinned on the halter style lace parts for me and it made the dress perfect. This is Casablanca style 1975.

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Buzzing bee

anytime I was crammed into a small fitting room with a ton of dresses and the sales lady has not been pleasant and I found I tired out quickly  or anytime there wasn’t a mirror and you are forced to step out to see yourself  

best experience was in a large fitting room that was big enough for a few of the people that came with you. It was decorated with two padded benches and two chairs for family to sit. There was an oversized wall mirror and an entire wall that was a mirror and a pedestal so you really did not have to leave the fitting room unless you had a lot of people with you that were waiting in the salon.  There were several hooks for dresses so you could hang them up and organize them into yes and no piles  They also had nice lighting 

Heres a pic of one of the smaller rooms they have. 

They also offered water served in nice glasses and were very helpful and honest letting me know what to expect and limitations of wearing each dress. They were upfront with cost and gave the designers name and style number. They followed up with a hand written letter and called when a trunk show was in town that showcased a designer I liked. 

They really make you feel special from the time you walk in. They write your name on a “today’s brides” chalk board welcoming you. They take time to get a feel of what you want and talk about each designer they think you may like and why before letting you browse the dresses and select them yourself. 

After stores like this I feel down right abused and battered going other places. 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2015

I had a reltavely short (6 month) planning time AND wanted a tea length dress. Many places I went in to looked at me like I was crazy with that timeframe or didn’t have ANY short dresses. When I was shopping with Mother-In-Law for her dress at the same time, when the sales people discovered they had nothing I wanted, they didn’t even want to help her find a dress. It was pretty sad. 

David’s was my best experience. I ended up getting my dress there, even though I had intended to order a dress online. I was just too nervous for a custom dress to not fit, and I ended up LOVING my dress. I went back a few times before deciding, and they were really nice every time. They also pulled up online tea length dresses they could have sent in for me to try on, but none of them were exactly what I was looking for. My dress also came really quick 4-6 weeks, which was nice, since I needed it shortened a bit.

At Davids


Wedding photo


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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: September 2016

My second shopping trip I went with a specific dress in mind and It was absolutely perfect. I cried, mom cried, nana cried and then I  went back to the dressing room and the attendant was like “okay well I’ll go get the seamstress to take your measurements”. I explained to her that even though I loved the dress I needed to sleep on it to be reassured. She then got all perturbed and stormed out of the room and never came back! I hung the dress back on the hanger myself and wound up taking my business elsewhere. For the record, I went with that dress but I ordered it from the first store I had gone to. Since she normally carries the designer she was able to order it, she just didn’t have it in the store for me to try. The first store, a smaller local salon, was overwhelmingly helpful and kind And they deserved my business much more than the large store with the snooty attendant! 

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Blushing bee

Worst experience would be when I went to have my first alteration on my dress and found out they ordered the wrong dress. My whole dress ordeal was terrible, it didn’t come in until 7 days before my wedding and the final fitting was 2 days before. The ladies at the store were incredibly difficult to deal with and I basically couldnt get anything through to them unless I was a complete biotch to them. It wasn’t until I demanded my money back that my dress miraculously came in from Australia in a day… 


My best experience was the day before my dress came in when I was frantically running around town looking for a new dress and met so many helpful people. I didn’t end up needing to buy from them but I even had people on the local wedding forum offering their dresses for free just to help me out. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: March 2018

I’ve only done two so far. First was lovely, it was in my hometown and they really made me feel comfortable when trying on dresses.

Second was in FI’s hometown with Mother-In-Law – the shop went out of business about 6 weeks after our visit. The dresses weren’t very nice – slightly dated styles, the samples were very dirty (I know they get tried on a lot but surely once you have 10 different shades of foundation on the collars you get them dry-cleaned?) and there was very little choice.

The sales people weren’t pushy, but they had no flair – I had to ask to try on shoes with the dresses, asked if I could try on a veil etc. With the first shop I loved the second dress (Alfred Angelo’s Tiana 2015) – the moment it was obvious my Mum and I were in love the lady appeared with a veil, tiara etc and whipped them on so I could see the full effect. The sales lady also chatted to me generally about local venues etc which was helpful – I’ve not lived in my hometown for nearly 10 years so it was good to hear some recommendations. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back there and buy my gown.


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Blushing bee

My worst experience was a second visit to David’s Bridal. You could tell the girl helping me was new and she was so nervous. First she took my measurements while I had a bulky sweater on and then couldn’t figure out why everything was too big on me. When I asked to try on dresses in a smaller size she got really flustered. Then she told me the wrong timelines for how long it would take for a dress to come in. it was 6-8 weeks and she told me 6 months. She also needed help several times to figure out how to put me into the dresses. I felt for her, but at the same time it was really frustrating. 

My best experience was at a high end boutique. I went in kind of nervous that they would be really cold and pushy about my budget. The woman who helped me was so nice and patient. Unfortunately,  the only dress I liked was twice my budget. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: December 2017

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really have a bad experience. My first time, it was really nice but it felt kind of cold. My second time, it was amazing, at a different salon. The people were so NICE, they were funny and when we walked in, they asked if my mom and I wanted mimosa or champagne. Everything about the salon was stunning. It’s not a surprise that salon won a bunch of Knot awards. OH and they sent me a Christmas card! 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2016

I’ll add my name to the list of bad David’s Bridal experiences! Every employee I interacted with seemed like they could not have cared less about providing good service. The girl helping me actually counted down the number of dresses I was allowed to try on… they weren’t busy and I don’t think I was being excessive! I was still not sure about the dresses I was trying on, and she kept saying things like “Well, you only have time for three more dresses”, then “Okay, two more dresses…” However, I went separately for bridesmaids and had some very nice associates for those trips. 


Best experience was the only other salon I went to, but it was still very nice! Everyone was pleasant, and the girl helping me there was SO understanding! She listened to what I was saying about each dress and helped guide me through the process based on my thoughts about each dress. 

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Helper bee

My best and worst experience was at the same bridal salon, just with different associates.

The worst was the alterations manager “helping” me. He pulled all the wrong dresses, didn’t let me try on the dress that I had specifically gone there to try, was paying attention to anther bride most of the time and therefore was too busy to zip and clip me. Oh and he told me I’m too young to be getting married..(I’m 26, btw)

I ended up going back to that salon because it was the only shop within a reasonable distance that had the dress I wanted to try on, but I requested a different associate the second time. This girl was fantasic, so sweet and helpful, and let me try on more dresses than the store usually allows (which is 5). She had me try on my dream dress first, which I ended up hating on. Then she suggested some other dresses, one of which ended being my dress! She put me in a few accessories, did my hair, and let me take photos in the dress. AND she honoured the price of a different shop that had the same dress at a lower cost. AND she honoured the lower online price of a belt that was way pricier in store. 

This woman redeemed my view of the shop, and I will always recommend her specifically to any brides that are looking for a great experience with dress shopping. 

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